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  1. you're completely misinterpreting my argument. it was my explanation for why there is no such thing as void of freedom of speech, not my explanation to why you can legally use violence.
  2. its trading, there is no indication what it will do in the long term. we can speculate but nobody really knows.
  3. but freedom of speech is interchangeable with freedom of expression in this case. because that is what it means when you involve, written expression, art, dance, music, etc etc etc. even DDOS is considered a freedom of speech in some country's. violence can be considered a form of expression, and thus something that could fall under freedom of 'speech'.
  4. then drive cages will be fully obsolete for most builds. thats a pretty huge development in computing if you think about it.
  5. its not limited to speech. just because its called that doesn't mean that its an accurate name. we don't oppress mute people and written media under that same idea. speech is meant figurative for speaking out, not literally talking. i never said otherwise
  6. hopefully can replace it eventually, good luck trying to shut down/get the keys of a decentralized p2p onion-protocol chat.
  7. it literally is marked above it, it isn't just the username.
  8. on a low resolution its pretty obviously marked. its not that sneaky imo, even the user is named advertorial. the text they used to indicate its an advertisement is just their normal font size in bold.
  9. yes definitely. if you can sell it for quite a buck more than you bought it at than its worth it.
  10. its a slippery slope fallacy though.. just because free speech on social media is limited doesn't mean that free speech in general is limited nor that the person not caring about free speech on social media doesn't care about free speech in general. like i said, its a sliding scale not an absolute.
  11. im not saying i disagree with you, just that its not a good way to think about freedom.
  12. exactly my point. you're always going to infringe someones freedom to express themselves. and you're always going to infringe someone's right to live.
  13. i limit myself to the news section, notifications, and recent posts exactly because of this. its like clicking another youtube video.
  14. i don't think there is a real limit to free speech like many people like to suggest. in a way me killing someone can be seen as free speech, im expressing my opinion physically. free speech isn't a neatly defined range, its always there in various degrees no matter the platform. also the north korea argument is so defeatist and simplistic. its also a logical fallacy, ergo decedo.
  15. intel 600p is superior. much more gb writes per day within warranty and better read and write speeds all around. if you could i would even go dual 600p even for the warranty alone. according to my source intel has 315,6GB per day, samsung 850 evo 82,2GB. thats a massive difference. intel also has more than triple the sequential read speeds and 4k random 155.000IOPS vs the 98.000IOPS on samsung. i doubt you will notice it but it is quite a big statistical difference.