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  1. oh, at that price point is will be better to offload work to home server and render there
  2. Highest spec product isn't priced... waiting reviews, this is pointless right now
  3. Apple. pls, give me more reason to ignore you
  4. RDR2 have same engine or just updated one, just PC became faster that why cap easier to reach and that why high end PC lags
  5. so, same or just same year after?
  6. Best prediction is AMD getting 5% of market to end of 2020
  7. main Intel source of income are servers and laptops, so, I guess, intel will just wait and give desktop and HEDT markets to AMD P.S. Person how made Zen and 2gen Intel desktop CPU is back in Intel, after he made Apples SoC dominated on market. So, we basically waiting his departure from Intel, that means gen lip will be soon.... but he is in Intel since 2017 and there wasn't big news yet... so yea
  8. Controversially Scores 8563 Points In Cinebench R20, 2.6% Less Than The 9980XE A review of the upcoming Intel 10980XE processor has leaked out from the guys over at Lab501 but it would appear that something is missing from the picture because the 10980XE actually appears to regress in some major test results. This would indicate either an issue with the exact sample they have (engineering sample/not final clocks etc) or Intel actually deciding to launch a product that regresses in performance (which I would consider being unlikely in the extrem wccftech source