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    Intel Core i3-7100T
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    Dell Optiplex 3050 Micro
  • RAM
    4Gx2 2400+2133 DDR4
  • GPU
    Intel HD 630
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    Dell Optiplex 3050 Micro
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    Samsung SM961 128G
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    19V laptop adaptor
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    OEM Dell DELTA fan
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    iKBC F105
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    Logitech G102
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    Dell USB Soundbar AC511
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    Windows 10 CU x64

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  1. Using Long HDMI Cable and Wireless Keyboard Mouse Using HDMI to 2x CAT6 Extender if you had direct link from your PC to TV and Wireless Keyboard Mouse Using HDMI to Single CAT6 Encoder/Decoder, increase latency and reduce image quality, but it works if you have one network cable connected directly and Wireless Keyboard Mouse Using NVIDIA / Steam In Home Streaming on Second Low Power PC / Raspberry Pi in your TV/AV Receiver, RDP or VNC if your want to control your PC The best is still ofcourse Thunderbolt 2 cable and hub that Linus uses, would be so expensive tho. I don't think it is worth it at all if you only need < 20 meters, as HDMI/DP and USB cable easily reach that distance (hit and miss). Personally I would just try to run HDMI and USB cable, but I know it is just impossible for some people. If that is the case, then streaming would be the next best choice.
  2. Just recently got my first AMD system. Ryzen 5 1600. Somehow I feel many application cannot use all core on AMD side. Some compressing/decompressing techniques doesn't work well at AMD side, only using 1 core, not even 100% of single core. Whereas on Intel system I can easily uses 4 core 100%. Not impressed with the performance. I think it is on par with my i3-7100 rather than i5-7500. I also feel my Intel i5 7500 have better fps than my Ryzen. It also has low NVME SSD read/write, 25% lower than Intel system. The cooling fan is really good though. So much better than Intel boxed fan. Probably my last AMD stuffs, as this processor is as expensive as my i5 7500.
  3. Just providing updates to this post. I settled for Dell XPS 13 9360 i5-7200U 8GB RAM 128GB SSD FHD (certified refurbished, not a new laptop). Found a decent price for it (USD 800, keep in mind that I am not at US, I am buying this on China, literally on of the most expensive place to buy a laptop), so I decided to get it since the Xiaomi laptop is hard to get when new and I need XPS 13 battery life more. The laptop itself is fine, however, being a CR unit, it clearly have scratch in few areas indicating it is being used. There are big laser engraved text of "CERTIFIED REFURBISHED" on the bottom panel, but it is fine for me since I kinda expect it and they send me sticker to cover it. Not much coil whine on my unit, and there are no dead pixels. If anyone interested and I can provide short review on the problems of this laptop. Thank you anyone helping me deciding what laptop to buy.
  4. Here is the shop on Taobao. The XPS 13 9360 i5-7200 8G 128G SSD with QHD Touchscreen is very tempting though. However, after doing some research on XPS 13, it also has problem such as the infamous coil whine, shitty thermal, and dead pixel. I do really love the 12 hrs battery life of that laptop. I think I will just wait MX150 on Lenovo 小新。I am not buying problem infested product for nearly $800 to $900. Edit: I just noticed a very beautiful HP laptop, however I can't find any review on it, only product showcase on some computer Expo on youtube. Similar price with Mi laptop, just minus the graphic card and fingerprint scanner.
  5. Wow. It seems I will just pass on this laptop. Having good battery life is very important for me, and I am not shelling around CNY 150 for another battery at Taobao every year. How do you think about XPS 13? Seems I can get China CR version for the same price, although without any discrete graphics card and half the disk.
  6. Yes. The laptops does exclusively use Type-C to charge. However, since every Type-C charger and port is different, I really doubt it will works just fine using USB Type-A to Type-C cable connected to power banks. I does check the Dell Inspiron line up, seems have similar price range with worse specification and the body is still plastic. I will probably will wait until MX150 available on other brands before buying this laptop. Thank you for your reply. After doing short google search and looking around Xiaomi english and chinese forums, seems many users have a bad fans after few month. How long does your laptop fan fails after purchasing? Any other problems? Seems the spare part for this laptop is so hard to get, even in Taobao, which is unreasonable since this is Chinese brand and also quite popular. I do visit China few times a year, but not having parts available after the warranty ends is quite unsettling. This morning I was trying to get the sale at 8AM local China timie on Taobao, but it goes out of stock in few secs. Seems I will not get this laptop anytime soon, since I practically needs to have better internet speed than Chinese buyer. So, I think I will hold out until another laptop shows up with MX150 chip. The 小新Air 13 Pro seems a good laptop, with parts readily available on Taobao, similar specification, just different in ports. Any other alternative?
  7. After doing some research about thunderbolt, seems it is not so useful for me. External GPU is useless since it is so expensive, I better buy another PC for gaming if I really want to use GTX 1070 or 1080 power. Yes, as all Chinese brands are trying hard to imitate Apple product in a way. It is full aluminum build. I am just worried on next 3-4 years 8GB will not be a standard anymore. Even my PC currently struggling with 8GB using Google Chrome. I plan to use this laptop for 5-6 years. I am even still using my nearly 8 years Core 2 Duo Macbook (it is slow, but still usable with 8GB RAM upgrade and SSD). Average laptop battery life nowadays is 8-9 hours. That's why 5-6 hours battery life is kinda half of the average. Yes, this is strictly for productivity use. I only plan to play light games at most, such as Minecraft, LOL, or CS GO, which most can be played using Intel iGPU just fine. Well, considering most laptop now can easily reach 8 - 9 hours easily (which is laptop average battery life now). I am just wondering is there better options at similar price point than this laptop. Battery life kinda important for me, although 6 hours is actually fine with me, also considering it has fast charging to charge 50% 30 mins and small charger. I probably even can buy external battery bank??.
  8. I am interested to the new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 13 with the new NVIDIA MX150 graphics chip inside. The one I am planning to get is with i5-7200U, 8GB DDR4 RAM and 256GB NVME SSD (around USD 800, I am visiting China soon). The only bad things I noticed so far: There is only one USB Type-C (for charging, data, and power), although it has another two USB type-A and HDMI. There are also no thunderbolt. The case gets too hot when gaming. Outer top case nearly 45C and palm rest area is 42C. RAM is soldered. I am stuck with 8GB. Battery life is only 5-6 hours on basic Internet usage (39Wh battery) There are fast charging mechanism (BC 1.2), 50% in 30 mins, full in 70 mins. I am worried this will affect the battery life in the future. This are the review in Chinese if anyone interested. You can just see the picture, especially on page 3 to 5. Any other laptop with better value than this one?
  9. The only way probably just replace your motherboard with H110 chipset (although you need new revision or a way to upgrade the chipset BIOS).
  10. I would go with the SSD. Motherboard doesn't really give any performance boost than what SSD can offer you. (Unless there are specific things / feature that you need on the new motherboard).
  11. If you are using WD Green / Red, I believe it will automatically park to idle if not being used for 5 mins.
  12. I would still use it. Of course after some cleaning. I doubt it will affect your ports on either monitor and GPU.
  13. https://www.banggood.com/Chuwi-Hi13-64GB-Intel-Apollo-Lake-Celeron-N3450-Quad-Core-13_5-Inch-Windows-10-Tablet-PC-p-1127373.html?rmmds=search You would need to buy the stylus and the keyboard. There are also other brands such as CUBE Mix Plus with Kaby Lake processors. Check this site https://techtablets.com/ if you are interested in Chinese tablets.
  14. I would personally just buy servers from HP or DELL, something with redundant power supply if the budget allows.
  15. I actually can just buy 12v or even 5v relay for doing to the job, but it seems 24V is a standard for electrical works like this, so I just following the standards. If using 5v relay, I would just using optocoupler to activate the relay, just like those cheap relay boards on ebay. I would look into using normal transistor to activate the 24V relay. I guess relay doesn't use that much power, only 1W usually. How about using another relay to activate the 24v relay? I am guessing extra protection, as I have two isolation between the AC line with the arduino, not including optocoupler to control the small 5v relay. Latching relay is so expensive. I need to control 300 light group, need around 300 pieces relay, another 300 pieces of 220V AC relay to detect the state. One set of 24v omron relay and din rail mount is around USD 3.00, a latching relay easily goes up to USD 20.00 each. I need around 300 I/O minimum, at different location, using ready product (not DIY) is not feasible for me. However, I have plan to buy those RS485 DI/DO controller, I seen one locally for only USD 70.00 (32 inputs, 32 relay output, RS485 and RS232 communication). I am just worried about the durability of the product, and how exactly I can communicate with the device itself using RS485. As on Arduino currently, I just buy RS232 to RS485 converter at the host and RS485 to RS232 converter at the end.