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  1. What I don't understand is, if a thread gets locked or deleted, you aren't in trouble generally. Why people complain about it is beyond me. If it's against the CoC they will delete/lock it and move on, be glad you don't get disciplined over it.
  2. If you're going to have stability issues, voltage spikes, heat issues or a bad chip, it won't take more than 8 hours to find out. As for getting the thermal paste worked in, it really does not take that long at all. Out of the hundreds and hundreds of PC's I've built, I think the longest I've tested even OC's were 12 hours. I hate to give credit to someone here, but it's like @Ghost who says it's NOT correct to leak test a PC for 24 hours as you can burn things up that way. Stressing your CPU for long periods of times in ways that synthetics do is a BAD idea. Not even folding stresses it to those levels.
  3. Run Intel Burn tests 2-3 times, then leave Aida64 running overnight. Honestly, anything past 8-12 hours is pointless, if it's going to error out, it will within 8 hours. Also stressing a CPU like that for long periods of time isn't smart. Even folding doesn't stress an entire chip like synthetics do.
  4. This is the worst graph I've ever seen. Xfire HD 7790's with 1GB of total Vram can render textures better and faster than an HD 7950 with 3GB of Vram? At 1680x1050 you're going to be using 1.2-1.4GB of Vram on Max Settings even with x1 AA. So where-ever you got these graphs from please tell them to try this test again. Here is the latest Crysis 3 graph from all the current GPU's, as you can see the GTX 760 even is behind the HD 7950:
  5. Just sent a PM to a MOD to see what we should do able me xD

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      Maybe they ban you and un ban BCPS. ;)

  6. They are worse with insurance claims than UPS...
  7. A few things to note. The FX-8(1/2)xx series CPU's are really bleh. The design is horrible, IPC's were the lowest we've seen since 2005, the execution phase was a joke etc. An FX-8350 in some area's boasted up to 25% more performance over an 8150. But don't buy an 8320/8350 expecting to OC it much. Any chip capable of 4.7-5.0GHz are binned as 9370's and 9590's. An 8320 will probably get 4.2-4.3 and an 8350 will get 4.4-4.6 but that's about it. Older 8350's and 8320's could OC pretty well if you got a decent bin.
  8. So rumor has it that I may have been unmasked. This is 100% hearsay!!!

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      Everyone thinks they figured me out, but alas they have no idea xD

  9. So I have a CM GX 650W PSU. HWMonitor and OCCT read the 12V rail as 8.148V. Now the Bios reads it at 12.03V, and I ran 2 HD 7950's in Xfire for a few months at one point. I've also changed motherboards and it does this in both Win 7 and Win 8. It's done this since I got it in 2011, strange huh?
  10. They destroyed a PC and refused to pay despite it being insured and I had to come up with like 600 dollars to fix it. FedEx paid up when they destroyed a PC on me.
  11. No it's just annoying that I can never get an accurate calculation to figure out what to charge people for shipping.
  12. So since I ship on average 1 item/week I opened a FedEx account and it's saved me quite a bit of money. Shipping a PC from PA to New Mexico insured for 1300 dollars cost me 42 dollars. Well I shipped my GTX 480 awhile ago to Indiana for $21.31 insured for 200. I just shipped my HD 7950 to Illinois (further distance) for $14.16 also insured for 200. I found out there is literally no rhyme or reason for their charges. It has to do with gas prices, distance between main hub and destination, how much truck travel vs train etc. Flordia is often very cheap to ship to because there are so many distribution centers that the distance between residents and centers is small.