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  1. Well, to be honest, never done that when changing hardware. I did when I placed the new cpu and ram but was using a GTX1070strix at that moment. Now I just removed the drivers (ddu) and the 1070 and plugged the 1080ti in. Reboot and cleaninstall nvidiadrivers. But I'm making a backup now so I can reinstall windows again. Hope it gives me some improvement.
  2. There was and still is an X560 Seasonic ;-) As for what I can calculate I think my cpu would be sufficient for this build. It's true that what's needed from him/her is pretty demanding but I cannot believe that the PSU is the cause of my driver failure. It says that the driver stopped responding and has been repaired. If I would like to keep things a bit efficient I rather go with a 650 to 700Watts +gold psu, right? Would be the best investment anyhow. CPU and GPU are pretty hungry.
  3. That is the only thing I didn't. Would it matter? it could but I rather spare me all the work if it would be necessary. I make it a last way out. If nothing else helps I think that would be the last thing to do.
  4. Hi guys, I would like to get some advice about my recent build. Specs: -Asus z170 ProGaming -I7 7700K -2 * 8gb Corsair vengeance DDR4 @3000mhz -1080Ti Strix OC 11Gb -Kraken X62 -Samsung SSD 500GB evo 840 -2 HDD's (2 & 3 TB green WD's) -Seasonic X560 -3*140mm fan + 1 120mm fan So, I renewed all except for the MOBO, RAM and PSU. Now I've encounter some issues which might happening because of the PSU. Especially GPU driver failures. So, before buying a new one, what wattage would you guys rate my system? I see a max powerdraw out of the wallsocket of 510watt and an average, while gaming 1440P AAA titles 400-450watts. I know it is a bit on the high side for the Seasonic X560 but I think it can handle those amps without a problem. So, question is: what wattage would you rate my system and what powersupply (wattage - brand - why) would you advice? If I must buy a new one I lean towards Seasonic again. thanks
  5. The tapejob was the first thing I did. It just relocates the issue. Would changing the topfilter from exhaust to intake do a good job for this issue?
  6. Hi All, I run the following configuration in a NZXT S340Elite case. I7 7700K Kraken X62 Asus GTX1080Ti OC Samsung Evo 850 500GB 2*HDD WD 3TB I use the original fans from the Kraken as intake in the front, a Corsair ML 140mm as top exhaust and Corsair Silent 120mm as rear exhaust. What I noticed using some smoke is that when the GPU is working harder like Gaming or Graphical editing, the fans of the GPU start to spin and they begin to suck air through the rear of the case. Dust (smoke) enters the case through the small holes from the perforated backside. What I would like to do is getting more Positive airpressure by using the topfan as intake also. But missing a filter in the top makes this a big nono. Also wander if there are other people who have this issue and how they deal with this. thanks.
  7. I am aware of the bads in TN panels but I think that the IPS panels are a bit overpriced. I did took the MG279Q in consideration but because of Quality issues for the same panel in another monitor, I'm holding it off for a while.
  8. To much money for a product with good specs on paper but to much bads and cons on every forum.
  9. Hi guys, I would like to jump on the 1440P train. Running my stuff on a Dell U2312HM for quite some time, I think it's time to get me something new. Situation: I used to do a lot of photoshopping and some video editing. Therefore I bought me an IPS screen (the Dell U2312HM) For me it looked perfect and my work was looking the same. Now, many years later, the only photoshop I do is remove some redeyes from a picture or put some text on it. Video editing became more of putting under-titles on a movie and I start to game again. I'm starting to use my pc for amusement. FPS, racers, action... All looking well on my screen until I gamed once on a friend's pc. He had a Benq XL2411Z monitor. That thing had a terrible screen but gaming on it was a new sensation. Fast, smooth, no stutter (for what I could notice), only terrible colors. So I did some research and I think I wanna go for a fat TN screen. The more expensive IPS gaming monitor have got to much hassle around them and I don't wanna pay €800,- for a game of lotto. With my budget (around €500,-) I would like to see 144hz, 8bit, 24 inch or 27 inch. 1080P is still the standard according Steam but the extra real-estate of a 1440P would be nice. I guess, owning a GTX970 (until 1070 becomes payable), I will have to slide some eyecandy down to keep the frames high enough. I don't know what it looks like playing 1080P on a 1440P screen, but maybe it helps. Actually only a few monitors comes in that range (budget vs wishlist) and one of them is the Benq XL2730Z. Reading some good and some bad en a lot of stuff I don't understand... simple question: Is it worth €499,-? Will it serve my needs? Would my card keep up with the extra pixels for some time? According Linus, it has some good color characteristics, what about it? Any other suggestion? Many thanks