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    i5 Quad Core Processor i5-6600K
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    8GB HyperX FURY DDR4 2666MHz
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    120GB KINGSTON + 2TB SATA-III 3.5" HDD, 6GB/s, 7200RPM
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    Corsair H60 Hydro
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    ASUS Cerberus Keyboard
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    ASUS Cerberus Mouse
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    Windows 10

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  1. Right so if I am going to go ahead then 3080 would be fine for now and it'll future proof it for the cpu upgrade later on... Is that a good summary?
  2. See im thinking a 3070 at my resolution would be better.. Just wanted advice if I'd be foolish pairing it with an i5 6600k.
  3. Hi, So I currently have a i5 6600k and I'm overall happy with my system and don't really want to replace the whole pc.. But I'm still using a gtx 1070 fe. I'm wondering what would be the best card I could go for to replace this with without having to replace the cpu. I will do that at some point.. But probably not for another year or 2. Im currently using an asus PG279QE, so it's being used for 1440p at 165hz. Would I be able to use the new 3080 or is that too much and if so could I get away with the 3070? Thanks
  4. yea..go with the 2070 super....its as good as the 2080
  5. So it's not clear cut then..? If the answer isn't clear... As Ive had 2 exact opposite responses, surely upgrading both would be the safest option?
  6. Thanks..... But that doesn't really answer my question.
  7. So I currently have a i5-6600K paired with a 1070 and I was going to replace my system with a i7 9700k and a 2070 super. But I have been told that this isn't needed at the mo and I can save money just by upgrading the gpu to the 2070 super. I am worried about bottlenecking from the cpu though. I currently use an Asus PG279QE at 1440p Would I be more advised to change the cpu as well (which would require changing the mobo as well) or could I get away with just changing the gpu as above? Thanks
  8. Afternoon peeps, Just a quick question, what, if any is the best software to automatically scan and download/install drivers on a PC.
  9. i can get it to load fine when grabbing the driver direct from nvideas website and then installing it after using DDU, its just annoying as Geforce was a quick and easy way to update. So i guess if i cant figure it out or they dont fix whatever is wrong with the auto install on Geforce, i'm going to uninstall it and do it manually. A bit long winded compared to using Geforce but at least it works !!
  10. So everything's been fine with my pc -its about 4 months old and all up to date, but about 3 updates ago i started having issues with geforce updating the drivers. Every time geforce say's there is a new driver available i go to install and it goes fine until it stars to uninstall the various components and then starts to install the new driver, then it fails. I then have to run DDU and download it from nvidea's website and install it then at which point it works. This has happened for the last 3 updates. I'm not sure why. Windows is up to date, geforce is reinstalled after each new manual update and everything else looks fine. I'm running Win 10 anniversary with a gtx 1070 on a I5 6600k if that helps at all Just cant figure out why its stared doing this all of a sudden. any ideas thanks
  11. so currently i'm running a shiny new gtx 1070, this was my first pc...and it was custom built. I have now decided that i'm going to build a pc and already started to gather the bits...and since i have a Nvidia based pc, for my first home build i thought id go with AMD ..so this is the reason i'd like to win one of the new cards
  12. Has anyone got any experience with this. Very new to the pc scene and I've never done any overclocking, so I know that Asus has this utility for people who aren't experienced at oc'ing. Is it any good?
  13. i'm wondering this as well. is it any good ?
  14. no it doesn't , its the consumers that lose. but this is what we are stuck with atm
  15. lol....im just way way too impatient ...