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  1. Funny moment... When I got GTX 1650 OC'd in any way by NVidia Inspector, all WUs automatically fail for some reason... All I did at first was OC my memory from 8 GHz to 9. And it all had begone in pieces... So just a warning. If your WUs constantly fail, try to reset your OC.
  2. Unless you really need an update, leave it as is... If it works, don't touch it.
  3. What about power plan? And what background processes are running?
  4. How big is your apartment, exactly? Like are there many walls between where you can place Wi-Fi Router (do note that I said "place", not leave near fibre modem)? If not, I'd say go for Wi-Fi if you have something that works like a charm (like Intel 8265/9260/AX200, for example) and has some good antennas. Also, how old is your building where you live? If it's not new, I'd say Power Line isn't a great option...
  5. Actually, they are planning on bringing reworked chiller with Threadripper, afaik, so...
  6. Check Viewport settings, might be that something is turned off. Same can be said about cube properties (like not visible in editor). Just guessin', I'm more into Unreal.
  7. 7920x would be an equivalent. Also, did you think of Titan V? It is the best GPU for DL rn.
  8. Being long-time subscriber since the days when Dennis wasn't working at LTT yet, I forgot that there was a footage with Linus on YouTube wearing sneakers. And not any sneakers, but RGB!!! P. S. Don't mind me, just wanted to share something at 3 AM in my city for some reason...
  9. If you mount your CPU cooler like most of the people do, that will mean that fans will blow the hot air at the back. Plus if you do only bottom-to-top airflow, your CPU cooler might catch a bit warmer air than what's possible with side vents. Not that it would benefit much, but PBO on Ryzens does require as much cooling capability as possible for maximum perfomance (CPU will overclock itself, which will result in better perfomance, though not by a huge margin).
  10. AOC I2790VQ/BT is what I would suggest in 200$ range. Looks gorgeous and has decent color accuracy with 100% sRGB coverage, not to mention 90% NTCS. That is if you can find one as it's not new, really. And it does require calibration (as any budget monitor does).
  11. Well, brass is harder than nylon, plus (IMO) it's easier to work with. Wait, 4 for the bottom and 4 for the top? That will be way more than sufficient, to be fair... Though, I would do 3 on the bottom (PSU + intake), 2 on the front (intake), 2 on the top and 1 on the back (exhaust). Though, you can do 2 on the bottom and 2 on the front as an intake and 3 on the top and 1 on the back as exhaust. Because if you do the kind of airflow that comes from bottom to the top, that might reduce cooling capability of CPU cooler. Not that it would matter too much, but just something to keep in mind if you decide that OCing the shit out of your hardware is what you're gonna do.
  12. Okay, I see your point about SU800s, maybe I'll suggest retesting newer model to them (with 64L). But in any way, sudden deaths that are hard to trace aren't welcome in any way (which was my primary point). That is what I call "all of a sudden". That is, of course, if they live through guaranteed amount of data rewritten onto them.
  13. Well, you can use fans thatfocus more on pressure than speed and CFM, can't recommend any since I'm not really into fans and stuff. Well, you can see how Fractal Design Meshify C is constructed, so the only problem with wood would be if something shortcurcuits, it might start a fire, so some coating will be needed. Also you'll need some exhaust holes, at least one on the back (that can be lightly filtered), plus one for PSU on the bottom. I would also suggest one or two fan holes (also filtered) on the bottom and one or two on the top of the case... Otherwise, airflow might be insufficient, IMO. To be fair, unless everything is crammed together tightly, going as compact as possible ain't that bad. Too small, though, won't be enough. Same with going too big, except it's not a good idea because there's no usefulness unless you have EATX board or two systems in one tower. If you mount it in top position, then it will be fine since it's gonna use insides of the case for cooling, but I would suggest mounting on the bottom with separate dust filter that is in between light filtering and hard af that you plan. Just my opinion, though.
  14. Does flashbios option exist on this motherboard? IF yes, try to flash it via USB w/o loading into BIOS.
  15. No, I don't think so... Maybe something else is trying to set up another fan curve that you don't know about.
  16. Did you run more than one program at once that can control GPU clocks and fan speeds?... If yes, those might have caused a conflict for having a control over your GPU...
  17. Exactly how flawed are their methods? I'm not sure you captured every detail of their methodology while translating to your language.
  18. Well, there are constant changes in frequency most likely. Plus all the background stuff, as Chen said. 10 degrees is a fine margin, nothing to worry about. Plus your temps can stabilise under load, which is a sign of a nice contact of CPU with cooler.
  19. Duration-wise - yes, multiplier-wise - no. Well done, that's quite a decent bump in score.
  20. Usually there is, but only to related part. Also, make sure you don't mix metals within one loop, otherwise it's gonna get gross... Depends on complexity of the build and your experience. Sure, just don't forget to carefully plug fans back on (as well as all LED stuff if present, and maybe fan controller like on RTX reference line-up), reapply some good thermal paste, and save or put new thermal pads at the same places they were when you disassembled your GPU. Something like MX-4 and Arctic Cooling Pads are gonna be nice things to use as a replacements for stock thermal paste and pads.
  21. They die all of a sudden (which is way too unexpecting for an SSD from a reputable brand), and their Blue line up with 3D NAND? Doesn't even reach its stated resource before dying. WD greens are ain't that bad, but they die suddently, too... Can't say anything about blacks, though... Source: https://3dnews.ru/938764/page-3.html#Western%20Digital%20Blue%20SSD