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  1. All the rebates I've ever dealt with have come in like a charm.
  2. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/nWyC3F I didn't even look closely for the best deals and he could pick some stuff up used to lower the cost even further.
  3. I would say go for a Ryzen 3 1300x over the G4560. Even though it's a great budget chip, the extra cores in the Ryzen would be super helpful.
  4. Steer clear of the last-gen AMD processors, they're pretty awful. Get a Ryzen 3 or 5, and maybe bump up from a 1050 to a 1050ti. The inclusion of a SSD would also make the system much faster, and there are a ton of Cyber Monday deals going around on them right now.
  5. Some people will try to sell you on getting an iFixit kit or a ModMat or something, but all you really need is a screwdriver.
  6. If you're going to buy an Intel CPU on a budget, don't buy an i3. Look into the G4560, which is the ultimate budget CPU right now.
  7. Overwatch is the only game I've tried at 60 FPS. Had to tear down my 3 day-old rig to RMA the motherboard and never had a GPU so I couldn't give you more info.
  8. Should I be able to find the range in the monitor specs or is it universal across Free/G-sync?
  9. Right now I have a Dell P2417H, thinking of replacing it with the Dell SE2717Hx.
  10. Suffering from bad-ish tearing on my new monitor, but it has excellent colors. Considering returning it to get a similarly priced Freesync one. For anyone with Freesync experience, how much of a difference does it make?
  11. Uninstalled it twice, just pops back up again on restart.