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  1. Is the LG the best looking IPS panel in 2020 as well?
  2. Gotcha, and I assume 4k 144hz is pretty expensive since it's new tech?
  3. Do you have any suggestions for a 144hz monitor at 1440p or 4k?
  4. Oh, I have a discount for the monitor that puts it at the price above.
  5. Hello, I am looking to get a nice monitor that I can watch movies on, game on, and do my work on. I am eyeing the https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/alienware-27-gaming-monitor-aw2720hf/apd/210-ATWF/ which would cost me $380. This monitor has a IPS display and at least 144 hz. My question is, are there better monitors for the price point or cheaper for the same quality? Can I get a 2k monitor that I can game on w/ at least 144 hz frames? Thank you.
  6. It's set to Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (OpenCL) Cuda is for NVIDIA right?
  7. Hello Liam, The settings that are being used right now for format is H.264 with the preset set to High Quality 2160p 4K. Thank you
  8. Hello, The PC that is being used to render has the following specs: Ryzen 9 3700X 32 gbs of ram clocked at 3200mhz AMD 5700XT 1 TB Evo Whenever I attempt to render a 30 second 4k video using OpenCL (set inside of the settings) 99% of the CPU becomes used and 0% of the GPU is being used. How do I fix this? It takes 3 hours to render a 30 second 4k video with the specs above which I feel like is not the norm. Thank you.
  9. Hello, Both BIOS systems are quite old and have not been updated. I attempted to update the BIOS through Dell's website, but the BIOS was not recognizing my USB device. The USB device is a USB 2.0 interface formatted as exFat. Additionally, I was unable to read the USB as a bootable drive in the BIOS which prompted me to attempt to update the BIOS. What steps can I take for my USB device to show up and allow me to update my BIOS on both servers. Thank you.
  10. Hello, I am currently using a 2019 MacBook Pro 15" with a Razer Core V2 and a GTX 1080 FE inside. The eGPU enclosure is all set up and works with other games, with Apex there AREN'T any frame drops, so I don't think it has to deal with the eGPU enclosure. What I am experiencing is a massive stutter where the game practically freezes and then continues a few seconds later, sometimes sooner. I am running the game off of my Portable HDD which I plugged into the back of the Razer Core V2 via the USB 3.0 slot. The eGPU is connected via Thunderbolt 3 and I ensured that the eGPU was being used via GeForce Now. I ran some tests from the discord and they all seemed to be okay, so that's why I came to the infamous forums for help :D Tests Done - https://gyazo.com/0bca0046e34f1b73de429dc57819e3a6 Apex Legend setting tinkering Ping is about 31 - 49 Thank you, D3monw3st
  11. As I stated in the title I will be using Bootcamp to go onto Windows. Mac OS doesn't support Nvidia due to Apple's prior disputes w/ Nvidia... Anyway, I have an offer for a brand new Razer Core V2 for $300 but the warranty is about to run out, or a used HP Omen Accelerator for $160. Form factor is something I need to consider as I will be traveling and storing it in luggage and putting it in my dorm.
  12. Looking to game w/ it. I'm headed off for college and can't bring my tower w/ me; however, I have a 1080 FE in there and with an eGPU could link them up. I will lose about 30% performance if I feedback into the internal display, but the 1080 should be able to handle that loss. I am looking to purchase a Razer Core V2 for $320, but I'm not sure if that's entirely worth it.
  13. Hello, I am looking to fit an Nvidia GTX 1080 FE to pair w/ my MacBook (bootcamp). I have a Razer Core V2 for $320 and was wondering if there were any other good options?
  14. Updated the thread. Can I route my eGPU back into my internal display on Windows w/ Nvidia 1080?
  15. Are there any workarounds? Also, I'm thinking of dual booting to run on Bootcamp w/ Windows.
  16. Hello, I am currently looking for the most cost-effective eGPU that would be able to fit my GTX 1080 FE. I'm looking to pair this up with my 2017 MacBook Pro 15 inch. Is it possible to route my Nvidia GPU back through my internal display? Thank you, D3monw3st
  17. Oh, I see. I know that in the current office computers they seem to have some sort of shroud around it, just wanted to ask
  18. Ah, I see. I currently use a higher end EVGA PSU and it has given me no troubles which is why I assumed that would be a better switch.
  19. Oh dang, this case is really cost effective. No PSU shroud, but does that matter? Also, I really like the SSD: O
  20. Yeah, that's what I'm currently using.
  21. Right, I think one of the programs would require a bit on the heavy side for the CPU which is why I threw in dual channel.
  22. Yeah, okay. Does Ryzen pride off of dual channel or does it not matter. Also thanks for keeping that in mind.
  23. Right, they wouldn't. However, one of the programs that they'll be running would be a bit heavy on the CPU - potentially a dual monitor for some as well.