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  1. I'm sure i have an account their but can't recall the last time I logged in. Mainly lurked around alltrac.net and gt4oc. Its a JDM st205, also still have a JDM st185 that I don't really drive anymore as it needs valve seals after putting 300k on it. Also have a JDM sw20. Luv me some 3sgte. I had to google where IL was, I don't know how thats considered "west" and is a 27 hour drive one way so probably not going to happen.
  2. don't think i'm in a big rush to get them mounted.... Especially since they have bald summer tires mounted atm. Come spring I need to redo the OZ chronos that are on the car, the clearcoat is peeling/yellowing on them. I bought firetruck red paint for them over a year ago but now I'm having second thoughts and may just redo them in white. I feel so bad for not driving a caged 300+hp 4wd w/ studded tires this winter...
  3. Decided to try my hand at refinishing rims. I've had these Volk te37 for a long time but they where in rough shape from the previous owner. Lots of curb rash, peeling stickers, cracking paint, and super dirty. Just painted the one rim so far, still prepping the others. Wasn't sure how much I would like the new colour but seeing them in person now I think it will go good on a black car.
  4. I would suggest you look into the v6 2011-2014 s197s. just as fast if not faster than the older GT's. My first mustang was a 12 V6 and I just loved it but it got written off by another driver and I found a good deal on a 14 5.0 track pack. You can really tell the weight difference between the two. The power numbers are also closer than they seem. They rate the cyclone v6 at 305 horsepower but that's using 87 octane while the 5.0 coyotes is rated at 415 on 91. The cars have adaptive knock and the 3.7 will take advantage of the higher octane fuel. The v6s really wake up with a tune. The sound of the 60° v6 with an exhaust is amazing. So many gurgles and pops. I would get a so many compliments while driving it. I don't think I've gotten one on the coyote yet, with the exact same exhaust system... Also with the V6 it leave a lot of room in the engine bay that makes working on it much easier than working around the shoehorn fitted coyote. v6 5.0 written off
  5. anyone come across a battery with a sensor like this? Took it to two different battery shops and they were baffled. (sorry for the crap photos) It had a single conductor wire that attached in the middle that I ripped off when I removed the battery from the frunk. Car is a 92 Japanese market MR2. I've worked on 2 other MR2's; a 93 NA non turbo and a 91 JDM turbo and neither had this system present. I posted on the MR2 boards and no one seems to have it on their cars. Also no reference to it in the Factory service manuals I have. Since breaking the wire I now get a yellow battery light illuminated on the cluster that no other MR2 owners seem to have. They all have the Red battery indicator that indicates a fault in the charging system. If i do a bulb test on the cluster I also have the red battery indicator as well as the yellow one. looking in the hole you can see the plates and the liquid of one cell. There are no moving parts on the sensor itself so I don't think its a level switch.(and it only has one wire unlike the other toyota fluid sensors I'm accustomed to that use 2 wires, Intercooler coolant, brake fluid, ect) Other than the yellow light in the cluster illuminated there doesn't seem to be any issues. I've long since replaced the battery with a optima and just insulated the loose wire. Its don't believe it to be an original factory battery. I would like to get the light to turn off but I am at a loss on what the sensor is actually doing. Does it need the sensor, Does it need to see +12v? Does it need to be grounded? or Does it need to see the voltage of a single battery cell ~1.5v? I'm not up for experimenting with my personal car to find out so hopefully someone has ran across it before.
  6. I don't think there are any true standards but in my experience it's more of a nominal value. As in it will produce that much while driving. It will in most cases be significantly lower at idle. Also remember the vehicle has loads that take up some of that capacity as well.
  7. I picked up one of these makes life a million times easier.
  8. should be in the nvidia control panel. I've had to do it for several games.
  9. Fords TSB are a joke. Reminds me of my first First mustang (2012) TSB came out for a leaking rear axle from the vent. Mine leaked onto the garage floor after almost every drive. After about a year I decided I better check the fluid level. Pull the fill plug and oil comes pouring out... Factory spec should be 5mm below fill hole... Ended up being a pretty big thread about it on the mustang forums and seems everyone that had 3.31 or 3.73 gears was overfilled. Fords solution was to install the turkey baster bastard to act as a reservoir and called to drain it at every service...
  10. Washed my truck that was way overdue for a cleaning. Snapped a couple pics and this one turned out pretty crazy for not being photoshopped in anyway.
  11. JokerProduction

    Frustrating Print Problem (amazon)

    Finally got it working. Oddly enough I had to remove the color cartridge. It would print its own test page just fine but when I used one from the internet it would have issues when printing the lighter gradients. Removing the color cartridge put it into single cartridge mode and would print properly.
  12. JokerProduction

    Frustrating Print Problem (amazon)

    I'm at wits end here I don't have any more ideas on what to do and probably wasted a half bundle of paper. I've previously returned multiple items from amazon with no issues. Ordered some items off amazon from a third party that was international. What I received was not what I ordered. Contacted the seller and he says keep them and I'll refund you 40$ (<20% of total price) or return for full refund. As the item is not something I could even use I said I would like a refund. Did the request a refund through the amazon website. 2days later i get the email from amazon that the label is available. Seems pretty standard click the button that says print button & instructions, look at the print preview and print. Everything prints properly Except for the text within the return label. In the print preview it looks fine but once printed out its completely faded and illegible. anything else i print out print perfectly fine. I've tried with no success. -Cranking up the dpi setting of the printer and turning it to best quality -Printing in greyscale -Using the snipping tool and printing from that. -Putting it into paint and enlarging it printing just part of it. -Tried a different printer Is this some new form of scam where you pay for something, then ship a much cheaper item and then give you a label that is unusable so you can't return it or it gets lost in transport and they don't have to refund you? Its so wierd that it shows up in print preview legible but once printed is next to impossible to read. Few other red flags that strike me. Is he put some random gmail address under my address in the shipper box of the form. The declared value is only marked as 58.99 yet paid almost 4x that. and nowhere does it say what shipping company I'm suppose to use to send it back. Also its suppose to be prepaid but their is a big box saying postage required. Heres a picture of what I get when i print directly from the amazon page. and heres the best attempt at getting it to print properly. and here is a screen capture from the print preview where it is completely legible. I've emailed him but don't expect an answer anytime soon. His English was horrendous when I first contacted him.
  13. TBH hes probably doing you a favor having them in reflector housings and wasting all those lumens by scattering it, probably blinding low flying aircraft. If he had the light properly focused it would still be shining into your mirrors because his lights are still mounted above the roof of your car. Solution of course is to get a giant wing to block out the light....
  14. JokerProduction

    Small enough drone with a grabber to use indoors

    I don't think you will find anything commercially available. Although possible its a pretty poor application of the technology and not really well suited for it and especially won't be cheap. Very few drones are based from PC or groundstation control. Most are designed for use with either a smartphone or a RC transmitter. Even with all the sensor that most of the high end (1000$+) won't have the precision to pick up small objects. Most drones nowadays use a variety of sensors, (GPS, Gyro, Accelarometer, barometer, Sonar, Optical) and those are just to control the drone itself. If its hard for you to grab something with a tool like Its going to be 10X harder for the drone to do so. Also when the drone inevitably crashes or run low on battery how do you plan on picking it up? A drone for your drone? (although "turtle mode" is a thing now with some.) If you don't have the dexterity to operate a grabber you defiantly don't have the motor skills needed to manually control a drone. Also sounds like it would be a good idea to get a restraint system for your wheelchair so you don't risk falling out of it. Also, stop storing things on shelves that make you have to do unsafe actions to reach it. A service dog sounds much more like what you require.
  15. Tons of cars have inspection plates/ports that make it a very simple job to check the clutch assembly. I know for sure Early Evos, DSMs, most early toyotas. Removing the starter and using a mirror is also a quick way on some vehicles to quickly check.