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About bruny06

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    I Like Cheap Stuff
  • Birthday 1998-09-24

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    IT, Computers, Servers...
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    Studying IT


  • CPU
    R5 1600 @ 3.80GHz
  • Motherboard
    MSI X370 Gaming Titanium
  • RAM
    Corsair Dominator 4X4GB DDR4 3000MHz C15
  • GPU
    MSI GTX 1070 8GB
  • Case
    Phanteks P400S Tempered Glass Mid Tower Case
  • Storage
    Toshiba 2.5 HDD 500GB 5400RPM; Samsung 840 250GB SSD
  • PSU
    Super Flower Leadex 750W 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular
  • Display(s)
    Benq GW2270 1080p
  • Cooling
    DeepCool Gammaxx 400, 2x Phanteks 120mm case fan, 3x Cooler Master Silencio FP120 PWM case fans
  • Keyboard
    Corsair K70 w/ Chery-MX Red Switches
  • Mouse
    A4tech X7 7-Button
  • Sound
    Ozone Rage 7HX
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. bruny06

    GPU Upgrade and prices

    If Newegg ships internationally, my problem may be solved. I'm not specifically looking for a 2070, although, I'd rather buy it as it's newer.
  2. bruny06

    GPU Upgrade and prices

    I went and did a quick research on that and found out it's quite easy to use, however, very little choice when it comes to graphics cards. And no RTX 2070 cards show up in the search results.
  3. bruny06

    GPU Upgrade and prices

    I intend to, however, I need to find a shop in the US that's willing to ship overseas.
  4. bruny06

    GPU Upgrade and prices

    Sorry, I forgot to mention that I do not pay import fees where I live, as we are VAT-free.
  5. bruny06

    GPU Upgrade and prices

    Hello guys, long time no see. I've been thinking of upgrading my GPU to either an RTX 2070 or a GTX 1080Ti. I'd rather buy a founder's edition card as they look quite good, Pascal better than Turing, though, in my opinion, however, Nvidia prices are ridiculous in the UK. For example, an RTX 2070 costs 599$ for pre-order in the US, whereas in the UK, the exact same RTX 2070 costs £569, which in dollars, is 748$ (almost 150$ more). Given that prices in the US are a lot more appealing, I would like to know if there are any online shops in the US willing to ship a graphics card overseas, to the UK, as even paying for shipping, it will still be cheaper than buying from the UK. Waiting is not an issue. Thank you, Bruno. EDIT: Also, I live in Guernsey and we are VAT-free, meaning we do not pay import/customs fees.
  6. bruny06

    OpenVPN Server

    The changes above didn't change anything. The webpages still won't load
  7. bruny06

    OpenVPN Server

    I can indeed access the router's settings. As for the VPN subnet, what exactely do you mean by " or similar"? I changed it to, I'll export the file to my phone and test it now.
  8. bruny06

    OpenVPN Server

    My VPN subnet is and my LAN subnet is If this was a stupid answer, please forgive me, networking isn't my strongest subject.
  9. bruny06

    OpenVPN Server

    I can't check that as webpages won't load, however, in the VPN settings, the VPN server shows up as my home IP. As for the default gateway, as I'm using LTE, I can't check that. As for reaching the default gateway, I'm not quite sure what you mean .
  10. bruny06

    OpenVPN Server

    Hello everyone, long time no see. I recently bought an ASUS DSL-AC55U router as I was switching form ADSL to VDSL and my router didn't support VDSL. According to ASUS, this router can host a VPN server, which can be a PPTP VPN or an OpenVPN VPN. As I'm an iPhone user, and iOS does not support PPTP, I went with an OpenVPN server. I enabled it, used settings I got from tutorials, used the default settings and the results are all the same: I can connect to the VPN, but webpages won't load. These are my current settings. Can anyone figure out why the webpages won't load? I've been googling it for days now. Many thanks, Bruno.
  11. bruny06

    Spending my Ethereum

    That would work. You know any easy service I could use? I remember I googled it after I got the ethereum in my wallet and I couldn't get coineasy, which seemed like a good service, to work in my location. Didn't try a VPN, though. EDIT: the website's name is coindesk, not coineasy. EDIT 2: nevermind, I can't remember the website EDIT 3: COINBASE, that's the one!
  12. bruny06

    Spending my Ethereum

    A few months ago I mined Ethereum on my GTX 1070 when I wasn't using it and made around 80$ in not too long. I didn't spend it at the time hoping it could go up, however, it is now worth 34$ and I think it's probably best spending it now than waiting. I would like to buy a UK steam gift card or an Amazon UK gift card. How exactly can I do this? Many thanks, Bruno.
  13. bruny06

    Would adding an ssd speed up this computer?

    If he uses DDR3 (Some 775 motherboards use DDR3), he can always use it when he upgrades to something newer, like a core i5 2500. I wouldn't really buy a new system with DDR4 with this prices.
  14. bruny06

    Can I play pubg on low settings with 60fps

    It's hard to tell. The game is a lot better now in terms of optimization, so...maybe it will run fine. As @HOOTSMON said above, buy the game and try it out, if it doesn't run very well, just refund it. You can refund a game on steam if you bought it less than 48 hours ago and have less than 2 hours of gameplay.
  15. bruny06

    Old Used GPU

    Well, that's true, but still, it will be WAY cheaper to get a decent used graphics card than a decent new card (if you can find them at a good price). But yeah, I get your point.