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    Corsair Dominator 4X4GB DDR4 3000MHz C15
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    Phanteks P400S Tempered Glass Mid Tower Case
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    Corsair K70 w/ Chery-MX Red Switches
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    A4tech X7 7-Button
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  1. Hey, guys, I had a core i5 2500 at 4.1GHz and it wasn't doing as good as I'd like it to, so I thought about getting a 2600K, however I decided to go with new and bought myself a RYZEN 5 1600 as I had bought a 16GB 3000MHz Corsair Dominator for £80 and got a good deal on a X370 board. I'm very happy with the system, the R5 1600 performs very good at gaming even though it's not as good as Coffee Lake, however, I'm a bit disappointed with the stock Wraith Spire cooler as I was getting 73°C on Aida64 at stock speeds (the room temperature was a bit warm though, as I had the heating turned on) and I heard about people getting to 3.8GHz with the cooler with reasonable temps, however when I overclocked it to 3.8GHz, the temperatures reached 93°C on Aida64 on the first couple minutes at 1.35V. Did I get unlucky with my chip or is the voltage too high? I couldn't really play around with it any more as I finished my build quite late. Also, setting it to 3.7GHz without touching the voltage, which was my first OC attempt, ended up in the PC not booting and I had to clear the CMOS. With all that said, what am I missing and what should I know about overclocking RYZEN? Also, should I look into memory timings? Here's my RAM kit: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/dominator-platinum-series-16gb-4-x-4gb-ddr4-dram-3000mhz-c15-memory-kit-cmd16gx4m4b3000c15. Many thanks, Bruno.
  2. Hey guys, I've been mining Ethereum on nanopool.org with my GTX 1070 for a couple weeks now when I'm not using my computer, and so far I made 25$, which is not too bad. The thing is, over the past two weeks, I've been leaving it on for quite a few hours, sometimes 9-10 hours straight and it would reach anywhere from 63ºC-68ºC even with the fan at 100%, how could this contribute to performance degradation? As in, what components get stressed in mining workloads. Also, I found out that I could simply reduce the Core Clock to the minimum on MSI Afterburner (-400 MHz) and reduce the Power Limit all the way to 50% and not only the card would run a lot less hot (currently at 54ºC) which gives me some headroom to overclock the VRAM, but, should I even consider that? I can overclock my VRAM 800MHz (didn't try more than that) and the temperatures didn't increase at all and my hashrate went from about 26.4 to 28.6 on 50% Power limit, in fact, they actually go down 1ºC after I do so (WTF?), but again, will that degrade my card over time? Also, I'll be looking for another coin to mine after I reach the payout limit on nanopool.org, any suggestions? So far I've been suggested ZCASH. Many thanks, Bruno.
  3. 8350 for 50$ ?

    Now that's a great way to describe a bottleneck. Is this copyright free?
  4. New PC - Need help

    Also, didn't even noticed you had a Noctua CPU cooler on the list, and in that case, I'd advise you to stick with the stock cooler as it does just fine cooling the CPU at stock speeds and use that cash to help you get a GTX 1070. Also, as @Flavortown2k16 said above, it might be worth it to pick a more expensive, better case. I speak from experience, my first PC had a cheap 26€ case which I later upgraded to a cheap (but better) £23 case. On Christmas I decided to buy myself a nice Phanteks P400S with tempered glass for £80 and ohh boy...I'm probably not buying a cheap case again, the quality is just much much better than cheap cases, not to mention the cable management and looks.
  5. New PC - Need help

    It's not about dual-channel or quad-channel configuration, it's just that you'd see a much better improvement in games if you go with a GTX 1070 with only 8GB of RAM rather than a GTX 1060 with 16GB of RAM. Even more worth it to pay the extra for the 1070 as you're going with the less budget-friendly 6GB variant of the GTX 1060.
  6. New PC - Need help

    And third, what the hell is this?! How dare you?!
  7. New PC - Need help

    Hi Gustavo, first of all, welcome to the forum, second, I'd go for a Coffee Lake i5 8400 with a Z370 (or wait for the H and B chipsets as they are coming out soon) and maybe a better PSU. Also, I noticed you're going with 16GB of RAM, and for gaming, it would be better to go with only 8GB as RAM prices are crazy high right now, and maybe pay a little extra for a GTX 1070.
  8. Weeks ago, I bought 16GB of Corsair Dominator DDR4 3000 RAM, then I bought an MSI X370 Gaming Titanium so that I could buy a new RYZEN CPU when the RYZEN Refresh comes out. Then it hit me, how am I going to use a new RYZEN CPU if I don't have an "old" one to update my BIOS? -.- 

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    2. bruny06


      Well, those still cost £50 :S it's quite a lot for a BIOS update. I guess I could return it, but that's kinda dickish as it reduces the value of the CPU once returned.

    3. silentprototipe


      Well sadly thats the cheapest route to even get that mobo working :( 

    4. bruny06


      I'm thinking of skipping all the wait and buy a new R5 and upgrade when RYZEN 2 comes out with the 7nm lithography...

  9. Cryptocurrency Mining

    I'll look into cryptonator. Creating the .bat should be easy, but if I need help, I'll let you know. Thanks a lot for your input!
  10. Cryptocurrency Mining

    What wallet are you using for your Zcash?
  11. Trust eBay cables?

    Sorry, I didn't click the link as I didn't see it. The quality is quite good. They look very clean and come with two cable combs that make them look better.
  12. Trust eBay cables?

    What country do you live? Here, in the UK, there are cable extensions from Shakmods that are pretty cheap. I paid about £40 for an 8-pin EPS, an 8-pin PCI-e and a 24-pin EPS sleeved extensions. EDIT: Noticed you're from Denmark. Look up Shakmods on ebay.co.uk
  13. Overpriced? it's at £102
  14. Hey, guys, I noticed that the X370 XPOWER TITANIUM form MSI was for sale on overclockers.co.uk for £140 (50% discount), which I found to be an awesome deal and now I noticed it's on sale on amazon.co.uk for £125 (it would cost £102 for me as Amazon removes the VAT on this order for me). I intend to upgrade to RYZEN 2 when it comes out, and as far as I know, the AM4 socket will support newer RYZEN CPU's that are to come, and this board seems to be a very high-quality board. Should I buy this board? I mean, how does such a board go for such a cheap price? Also, this board uses an 8-pin and a 4-pin CPU connector and my PSU only has an 8-pin CPU connector. What could I do if I bought this board? Is there any molex to 4-pin CPU connector? Many thanks, Bruno
  15. CPU Upgrade

    How about the Molex to EPS adapters?