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    R5 1600 @ 3.80GHz
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    MSI X370 Gaming Titanium
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    Corsair Dominator 4X4GB DDR4 3000MHz C15
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    MSI GTX 1070 8GB
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    Phanteks P400S Tempered Glass Mid Tower Case
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    Toshiba 2.5 HDD 500GB 5400RPM; Samsung 840 250GB SSD
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    Super Flower Leadex 750W 80 Plus Gold Fully Modular
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    Benq GW2270 1080p
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    DeepCool Gammaxx 400, 2x Phanteks 120mm case fan, 3x Cooler Master Silencio FP120 PWM case fans
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    Corsair K70 w/ Chery-MX Red Switches
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    A4tech X7 7-Button
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    Ozone Rage 7HX
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    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Would adding an ssd speed up this computer?

    If he uses DDR3 (Some 775 motherboards use DDR3), he can always use it when he upgrades to something newer, like a core i5 2500. I wouldn't really buy a new system with DDR4 with this prices.
  2. Can I play pubg on low settings with 60fps

    It's hard to tell. The game is a lot better now in terms of optimization, so...maybe it will run fine. As @HOOTSMON said above, buy the game and try it out, if it doesn't run very well, just refund it. You can refund a game on steam if you bought it less than 48 hours ago and have less than 2 hours of gameplay.
  3. Old Used GPU

    Well, that's true, but still, it will be WAY cheaper to get a decent used graphics card than a decent new card (if you can find them at a good price). But yeah, I get your point.
  4. When and where did you buy the RAM kit?
  5. Have you got the latest BIOS? I couldn't go above 2133 (I think) on my 3000MHz Corsair Dominator Platinum kit, until I updated the BIOS and it then allowed me to go to 2933MHz.
  6. Old Used GPU

    Well, miners don't buy old used GPU's as they are not very power-efficient, which means their prices shouldn't be inflated. Also, even when graphics cards are at their normal prices, used still offers the best bang for the buck. There is the fact that they're used, however, performance degradation is not really a thing, the card either works or not, however if the card stops working, you will have no warranty. Although, you may overcome the fact that there's no warranty by buying with paypal, which offers a 6-month money back guarantee. Even without any warranty at all, I'd still buy it, as PC parts tend to be very durable.
  7. AMD Ryzen 2600 Eng Sample leak

    That's right, I totally messed up the model names. As for the next generations, we'll see, even if AMD still supports AM4 at that time, who knows what intel has to offer? I guess we'll have to wait.
  8. AMD Ryzen 2600 Eng Sample leak

    Wouldn't be worth it as they will be likely more expensive than the current gen and on top of that, I'd have to pay for shipping to return my R5 1600, and that's if it was still on the 30-day return policy, if it's not, I'd have to sell mu CPU at a cheaper price. You get the point, wouldn't really be worth it.
  9. Thanks a lot for the input. I will see if I can push it to 3.9 with a slight voltage increase so that the CPU cooler can handle it. I would need something more powerful for 4.0GHz, which I don't think would be worth to spend the extra cash for a 100MHz boost.
  10. I also use HWMonitor. I have a screenshot of the max voltage it ran at during the 1-hour stress test. I'm sure it was about 1.27 something, 1.276 maybe. I will try Prime95 later tonight. Thanks
  11. Hey, guys, I recently built myself a RYZEN system and I'd like to learn more about RAM timings and profiles, as well as overclocking. Basically, my RAM Kit is a 4x4 GB 3000MHz Corsair C15 kit, although, it runs at 2666MHz until I set it to Profile 2 on the A-XMP memory setting. it also sets the timings to the advertised 15-17-17-35, however, it sets it to 1.376V (I think) at 2933MHz, and as I can see in the Corsair website, the RAM is rated for 1.35. Why does A-XMP set it to 1.376? Does it affect lifespan? Also, I was able to reach 3.80GHz on my RYZEN 5 1600 without changing the voltage and it sits comfortably at 70C in Aida64, I tried 3.90GHz and even 3.85GHz without touching the voltage but it simply won't work and it crashes as soon as I start an Aida64 Stress Test, which leads me to my next question: Will increasing the voltage to achieve 3.9GHz (I don't think my Gammaxx 400 cooler will cool it at 4.00GHz) be worth it? Also, would increased voltage noticeably reduce the CPU's lifespan? Many thanks, Bruno.
  12. AMD Ryzen 2600 Eng Sample leak

    I just built myself a new RYZEN system with an R5 1600 and I must say I'm quite happy with it, although, I should also say my previous Core i5 2500 at 4.1GHz had a slightly higher single-core performance against my current R5 1600 at stock speeds, which is why I think it would be great to see a clock speed improvement to boost the single-core performance. But still, it performs great in gaming and I don't see the need for a better CPU at the moment. My initial plan was to buy a RYZEN+ CPU when they came out as I already had RAM and MB ready for the upgrade, however, I didn't have a current RYZEN CPU to do the BIOS upgrade, so I guess I'll have to wait for RYZEN 2 in 2019? or is it 2020?
  13. Hey, guys, I had a core i5 2500 at 4.1GHz and it wasn't doing as good as I'd like it to, so I thought about getting a 2600K, however I decided to go with new and bought myself a RYZEN 5 1600 as I had bought a 16GB 3000MHz Corsair Dominator for £80 and got a good deal on a X370 board. I'm very happy with the system, the R5 1600 performs very good at gaming even though it's not as good as Coffee Lake, however, I'm a bit disappointed with the stock Wraith Spire cooler as I was getting 73°C on Aida64 at stock speeds (the room temperature was a bit warm though, as I had the heating turned on) and I heard about people getting to 3.8GHz with the cooler with reasonable temps, however when I overclocked it to 3.8GHz, the temperatures reached 93°C on Aida64 on the first couple minutes at 1.35V. Did I get unlucky with my chip or is the voltage too high? I couldn't really play around with it any more as I finished my build quite late. Also, setting it to 3.7GHz without touching the voltage, which was my first OC attempt, ended up in the PC not booting and I had to clear the CMOS. With all that said, what am I missing and what should I know about overclocking RYZEN? Also, should I look into memory timings? Here's my RAM kit: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/dominator-platinum-series-16gb-4-x-4gb-ddr4-dram-3000mhz-c15-memory-kit-cmd16gx4m4b3000c15. Many thanks, Bruno.
  14. Hey guys, I've been mining Ethereum on nanopool.org with my GTX 1070 for a couple weeks now when I'm not using my computer, and so far I made 25$, which is not too bad. The thing is, over the past two weeks, I've been leaving it on for quite a few hours, sometimes 9-10 hours straight and it would reach anywhere from 63ºC-68ºC even with the fan at 100%, how could this contribute to performance degradation? As in, what components get stressed in mining workloads. Also, I found out that I could simply reduce the Core Clock to the minimum on MSI Afterburner (-400 MHz) and reduce the Power Limit all the way to 50% and not only the card would run a lot less hot (currently at 54ºC) which gives me some headroom to overclock the VRAM, but, should I even consider that? I can overclock my VRAM 800MHz (didn't try more than that) and the temperatures didn't increase at all and my hashrate went from about 26.4 to 28.6 on 50% Power limit, in fact, they actually go down 1ºC after I do so (WTF?), but again, will that degrade my card over time? Also, I'll be looking for another coin to mine after I reach the payout limit on nanopool.org, any suggestions? So far I've been suggested ZCASH. Many thanks, Bruno.
  15. 8350 for 50$ ?

    Now that's a great way to describe a bottleneck. Is this copyright free?