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  1. According to NiceHash's calculator, I see a 1080 ti's profitability is around $8 a day but after some reddit research I'm seeing the profitability consistently decline. While this is somewhat expected, I can't find actual numbers on what the profitability slid to and from in a given time period, say 2017. Anyone know those numbers, or better yet have a graph so we can *try* to estimate future profitability (with the caveat obviously being no one has any idea what cryptos will do)?
  2. Anyone put together a PCPartPicker link for my lazy ass?
  3. I know Linus mentioned the last uncensored F bomb on the WAN show, so it seems to be an important issue for them. That and "sh!t" and even another F bomb are censored later in the same video makes the think this was simply another editing issue. Need a QA person? I'll watch some videos before they go up!