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  1. I would say, one of my professors had me write a program that generated data when I was the paid tutor at my college. (When I wasn't tutoring I was working on this) I picked JavaFX before I knew anything about either JavaFX or Swing and when I told him I was using JavaFX he said "Good, swing is a nightmare to use." He's a guy that loves Java and would rather work in Java or C# over any other language. Just my $0.02, but I'd steer clear of it. For JavaFX there is a GUI editor that's really drag and drop stuff. It's not the best, but it'll do okay. It's called [Scene Builder]. It'll help.
  2. The biggest problem with C/C++ is working with pointers. Most of the problems you run into with the language is dealing with pointers, not how the code actually works. When Sun started Java they basically said, "That's the biggest problem so we're going to get rid of it!" C# was supposed to be Microsoft's answer to Java so I don't think you can do any of the memory access in that language either, but I'd admit I'm not as experienced with C# as I am with C/C++, Java/Kotlin and Obj-C/Swift... I've never written a program that was so vital that I had to really worry about it. You really just need to keep a heads up for what's called retain cycles in Obj-c/Swift. It's where two object point to each other and you "Delete" them but since they hold references to each other they're not actually deleted, just release so you can't control them anymore, but the are still using memory, i.e. a memory leak.
  3. As someone else who works in the field, I would also suggest not starting with UE. Although C++ would be a go place to start. Python would also be a good one. The reason I say C++ is because once you learn one of the C languages, i.e. C/C++, C#, and Java. It's really easy to switch to another one. The syntax on them is pretty much the same with some subtle differences. I've found that programming is learning one language really well and then googling how to do one thing in another language.
  4. Don't forget swift will natively compile down to either 32-bit or 64-bit depending on the architecture of the machine. An Int in swift will be whatever size the PC can hold. If you NEED one or the other you have to use Int32/Int64.
  5. Remember, macOS is still Unix certified with a fair bit of what's under the hood being POSIX certified and using a lot of FreeBSD. It's only the UI that's really "Apple's"
  6. iOS Dev on a Mac is a SIMULATOR not an EMULATOR. They are different. The Simulator for iOS is really stripped down to the point of really only running your apps and a few Apple apps. Android runs an Emulator, which is a complete version of android basically running on a VM. The Simulator takes a lot less power, the Emulator is a lot more featured.
  7. My rule of thumb is try to write code that doesn't need comments. The function names should be as explanatory as possible. Along with that, if you ever write the same code twice it should be a function. The only exception I have to that is if the thing I'm writing is 1 line, I don't want to replace one line of code with one line of a function call, unless I need to call it outside of the file it's in.
  8. Well, for the Java scanner you need to wrap it in an try/catch block, but I would make a boolean flag of "validData" or something like that, then I'd loop on if that true, then inside the loop at the end check again, i.e. word.compareToIgnoreCase("") == 0 || word.compareToIgnoreCase(-1) == 0. You can't use == for comparing Strings in Java, because EVERYTHING is an OBJECT (except the primitive types like, int, double, boolean, but there are Object wrappers for thos) and if you try to use == on an Object then it doesn't compare the value of the Object, it checks to see if they are two references pointing to the same spot on the heap. Therefore you have to have use either compareTo() or compareToIngoreCase() on the String object which returns a 0 if they are equal and some number if they are not, (I think it's -1 if the original word is "greater" and 1 if the word passed in the function is "greater", either way if it's not 0 it's not equal. The difference in the methods is pretty obvious, the first one would be false for word.compareTo(Word) and the second one would be true for the same comparison. This should help explain what I mean a little better... public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner scanner = new Scanner(System.in); boolean validData = true; String word = ""; while (validData) { System.out.print("Please enter a word, enter -1 when done: "); try { word = scanner.next(); }catch (InputMismatchException ex){ System.out.println(ex.getMessage()); } if(word.compareToIgnoreCase( " ") == 0 || word.compareToIgnoreCase("-1") == 0){ validData = false; }else{ System.out.printf("Your word was %s%n", word); } } } Which gives this on the console... Please enter a word, enter -1 when done: bingo Your word was bingo Please enter a word, enter -1 when done: shirt Your word was shirt Please enter a word, enter -1 when done: -1 Process finished with exit code 0
  9. Swift is open source and can be used in linux for servers also, but other than that, yes it's pretty much iOS macOS apps. As a side note I love Swift.
  10. So my birthday is on the 1st of October and we had the party last night. She got me "The Art of Computer Programming" by Donald E. Knuth which is one of the best books for the theory of why computers do what they do. She also got me a dasKeyboard pro 4 for Mac. She loves me.
  11. My wife got me a thing for my birthday, my wife is awesome! This is my first mechnical and I got the blue switches. (there the Greetech Cherry knock-off's, which up till last year the dasKeyboards for Mac had Cherrys in them...
  12. I don't care if I use something everyday, as soon as it auto updates without my knowledge it gets deleted. I would also advise going with the notify option, and have a way in you program to check either every day, week, or whatever depending on what the user wants.
  13. Kids have ideas and things they like, why not teach them to program based on what they like, which is what the video I posted was about.
  14. Disclaimer: never used it before. I don't think you can, I think you upload the file and it decompiles it for you and then emails you the files.