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  1. jfc people here fall hard for clickbait
  2. verytiny

    200mm Fan Options

    unfortunately i am an illiterate peon
  3. verytiny

    200mm Fan Options

    keep in mind that the noctua 200mm is thicker than the others, so it might not fit. since your case is compatible with 2x120mm and 2x140mm there isn't a reason to go with 200mm anyway
  4. verytiny

    Need help with air flow

    this site is a religious cult that worships the gods of positive pressure but it's not like your genitals will fall off if you have 3 exhaust fans
  5. verytiny

    Mini ITX case.

    fractal design node 304 isn't too big and it can fit hyper 212 evo
  6. i believe ty-147a should fit https://www.amazon.com/Thermalright-TY-147A-140-noise-emission/dp/B00S84ACJO
  7. verytiny

    Best case fans?

    if noise doesn't matter then by all means get the ippc version. there's a 3000rpm version by the way https://www.amazon.com/Bearing-Cooling-NF-A14-iPPC-3000-PWM/dp/B00KFCRF1A
  8. verytiny

    Best case fans?

    the ippc version is meant for industrial applications where jet engine sounds are a non-issue. ippc fans run at higher minimum and maximum speeds than their standard counterparts. nf-a14 ippc can be quiet if you run it at ~500rpm, but it won't be able to spin as slowly as the regular a14, which can go down to ~300rpm
  9. verytiny

    Best case fans?

    a14 performs a little better in terms of cooling and noise (in terms of db) than the p14. however, the sound that the a14 makes isn't as smooth as the p14 imo. you probably won't notice any of this ultimately, the only differences that matter are the color and the pricing. when you pay the premium price for the standard fans, you receive screws, anti-vibration mounts, silicone pegs, cable extension, y splitter, and low-noise adapter along with the fan. the redux line only gives you the fan and 4 screws
  10. verytiny

    Best case fans?

    https://www.amazon.com/Bearing-Cooling-NF-S12B-redux-1200-PWM/dp/B00KF7PPY4 https://www.amazon.com/Bearing-Cooling-NF-P14s-redux-1500-PWM/dp/B00KF7O58G
  11. verytiny

    Best case fans?

    what about the redux fans
  12. verytiny

    TKL keyboard worth it?

    with tenkeyless keyboards you can have your mouse closer to your body. you can buy a standalone numpad if you need one
  13. verytiny

    Fastest and quietest fan available?

    https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835213001 connect it to your psu vroom vroom
  14. scythe is a reputable company that makes quality cooling solutions for those who want to make their computers look like Japanese samurai ninja fighter robots
  15. verytiny

    Overclocking Fan recommendations

    if you're talking about those bare green ram modules you should have no problem fitting any cooler 160mm or lower