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  1. Hi! I need a new mouse but I don't have the money for a G502; what would you pick up between the G402 and the Sabre Gen 2?
  2. I've simply done a W10 clean install, everything went fine. Finally. And it accepted the key anyway. Thanks for your help.
  3. It worked. I even had a Windows 7 Pro key but it has accepted anyway for Windows 10.
  4. Another thing, can I use WIndows 10 NOT PRO with a Windows 7 PRO key? Can't find anywhere the W10 Pro ISO
  5. So can I make a clean W10 install without the passage from W7 to get a key?? I've done a clean W7 install just to avoid these bloatware. Be aware that I have an OEM Windows 7 Professional (so, do I have to install Windows 10 Pro aswell?) It's taking so damn long to search the updates, not to install or download them!
  6. Do you mean that you would use the laptop key for your new build? Nope, you can't. The key is tied to the motherboard if it's OEM.
  7. I ran the MediaCreationTool because the Upgrade Assistant was stuck at 99% and didn't move. And now, after downloading the OS, it's stuck at searching the updates. I tried to manually disable Windows Update via cmd, but nothing is happening. Can somebody help me please?
  8. Yosyp00C

    670 or 750

    Why would you get such old cards? Maybe, if you can find a used 670 for 120$, but... even if it's way more powerful than a GTX 750, it's old, it sucks a lot of power, and drivers support may cease after some time compared to modern solution. Wait for the upcoming AMD RX 470-460 or get a 480 for >200 bucks.
  9. Hi guys! I'm totally sick of trying to upgrade my PC to Windows 10 because WIndows Update doesn't find anything, I managed to download manually the update that lets me run the assistant for W10, and then it remains stuck at 99%... I tried this on a clean W7 install, but nothing. Then, I ran the MediaCreationTool but now it's freaking stuck searching for Updates after downloading and "installing" W10 but I think it's the same problem as the WIndows Update one: infinite search. There was written that I could use a clean install to update even from old systems, is it true? Can I only make a clean WIndows 10 format and then have all activated? Please help me, I only have 1 day left as the 29th I won't be able to upgrade anymore. Thank you.
  10. He formatted and now it's all fine, case closed. Thanks for your help (BTW the hosts file was clear).
  11. I'm using a GTX 750ti but now I'm very frustrated from this card, in the past it gave me many problems, it has been actually repaired from ASUS because it broke lol My dream's card would be a custom RX 480 but... Who cares if I get the reference one
  12. It doens't work changing the DNS. We are in Italy, he has "Wind" as the ISP, he sustains that it's itss fault because he hadn't got any problem before switching operator. I'll make him check out the hosts file.
  13. He double checked the proxy settings, it's all OK. No proxy activeted. And he doesn't use any of these softwares. The router is fine, no parental controll, no firewall.
  14. Hi! My friend has a big, big problem: he can't access to some websites from his main computer. On other terminals (like his WIFi connected laptop) and the phone there are not problems, but the main PC refuses to communicate to some websites (like Twich, The Elder Scrolls Online), including launcher games like Planetside 2 (but only some times,) and The Elder Scrolls Online one itself. He's very pi**ed off about this, it's frustrating. It may not be the ISP because the other computer works, and it's not any router function as he formatted it, no firewall involved (he deactivated it multiple times), no antivirus (he hasn't got one). One thing that he noticed is that Chrome is using some proxy settings although he checked but there is any active proxy setting (BTW he tried on Firefox and Internet Explorer). On IE the The Elder Scrolls Online page loaded one single time (although it was really slow) but after that, nothing. When he tries to ping test the site, he cannot receive any packet (connection expired [please, take note that I'm translating from my language and it may not be exact]. What's the problem? Can anyone help him? Thanks.