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  1. my all time fav mouse was also a logitech piece, a MX610L the micro switches died and I still haven't found a good replacement
  2. from what was said on WAN show, the livestream will be a floatplane exclusive, with edited highlights on youtube
  3. Will the floatplane stream also be a VOD or do I just have to settle with the edited Youtube?
  4. that's getting a little less prevalent these days as ebay now charge final fees based on price and P+P combined
  5. To play devil's advocate here, the title of "...USB 2.0 Type C to RJ45 10GBps Network..." is descriptive of compatibility, not performance. All you are getting is a thing that works on anything from 10gig or less into a type C USB2.0 I suppose there could be some obscure scenario where you need that wired network connection but only have type C, and usb 2 is cheaper than 3 (or whatever it gets called these days) But really, it's a con, and they seem to rely on the fact it isn't worth you returning the item and just writing off the 4 bucks. PS. that blender is the same sorta thing, nothing incorrect in the title. But misleading
  6. i guess, although a little planning and a phone call or two would of allowed it to be a literal football field
  7. Other than for comedic effect, what was the reason for uncoiling that full drum of cable? especially since someone now has to re-roll it Also, is it possible to pass other graphics through to this magic card?
  8. Oddly enough, I very recently changed my 960 4GB for a used 1080ti, paid 450GBP for it, Google says that is about 585USD. I wanted the bigger horse power and seriously considered the 2080, but didn't see the point in RTX, for now. I wouldn't of considered the 1660Ti, like I said, I wanted the horse power. But my main Pc currently has a 750Ti, I wonder if nVidia are considering a 1650Ti or something?
  9. Ohh, I remember those, I got one free when I signed up for a credit card at freshers week. Would of been beginning of October '98
  10. In the past, you've sold floatplane as somewhere to upload whatever you want with no supervision. With article 13 where does that leave you?
  11. Is anyone in the office lefthanded? specialist mice and keyboards are a thing
  12. over the years, I've owned several logitech mice, a few old random ones, a couple of MXanywhere's my current 560 and my personal favourite, an MX610. However I would never buy this since as Linus points out, this is a very right handed mouse and I am not. Also, 7:49 "mertical"?
  13. I would suggest watching the video above, it has an incredible depth of information in there. The TL:DR version starts at about 22:00, but basically it's a tie. Points to bear in mind, although the ryzen can be overclocked you need additional hardware, ie higher spec board and cooler, also the ryzen chips require faster, more expensive memory to function effectively. You'll also want to think about whether you plan on upgrading the system a year or two down the line. I would say to not be too obsessed with the results for one particular game title as who knows what future gaming will be optimised for. In conclusion, I would price up both systems and compare. Then double your budget and revise, but only changing the chip and coolers to give an idea of what upgrades are available for future. PcPartPicker is great for this
  14. OK, in that case 450W should be sufficient. I'd suggest running some test programs on it, OCCT and memtest86 are good places to start. Only thing is, they really need to run for several hours to be effective. You may be right with your original suspicion of the motherboard
  15. Actually, do you have any way to measure power load from the wall? With a big overclock you may be exceeding the power supply