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    Intel Skylake i5-6600K
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    Asus Z170-K
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    Corsair Vengence LPX 2 X 8GB DDR4 2300MHz
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    Asus Turbo GTX 970 GDDR4GB OC
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    Cooler Master Master Case Pro 5
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    Samsung EVO 120GB SSD + WD Black 7200 RPM 1 TB
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    Cooler Master G650M
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    Philips 234E
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    Maelstrom Single 120mm AIO Liquid Cooler
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    Logitech K120
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    Powerlogic X-Craft Trek 1000
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    Windows 8.1

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  1. At the moment i use multiple computers so i don't think it's ideal. It's not a perfect solution yet. At the moment i just found a quick fix call QuickTextPaste. There's a portable alternative included that i can put in my USB and bring with me instead of a mouse or keyboard. http://www.softwareok.com/?Download=QuickTextPaste
  2. I have about 30 plus custom text that i use. I dont think windows 10 manage that amount. Then also i can't rename the custom text as a genre/name so i dont have to read through the paragraphs to ensure it's the right one
  3. https://apps.apple.com/us/app/cheatsheet-widget/id914665829 Above is a similar idea i have in mind. I need a program or website that stores all my custom texts. I want to save a paragraph of text that i use often and copy paste that around. I need to call up a bunch of different paragraphs. So based on the situation, i may need a certain paragraph to send and don't want to ctrl-f under Microsoft Word and select the entire paragraph, ctrl-c and ctrl-v. Hopefully minimise time typing and doing the cursor hunt to highlight the paragraph that i need.
  4. There's an app on iOS called cheatsheet where i can tap and add a chunk of text into my messaging app. It can help me repeatedly use the the same text that i set and maybe i edit off the template. I am wondering is there a good offline alternative on PC? Link to aforementioned cheatsheet app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cheatsheet-widget/id914665829?mt=8
  5. I wanna reformat my old pc. Windows 8. Don’t know where the product key is. Do i need it to reformat my pc? How do i do it? Where can i get a comprehensive guide?
  6. Uhm lol. Windows just activated when i press enter key without typing any key in. So thanks guys. I don't know what to say so...... Thanks again
  7. dreamspark. our school waive charges for us for 1 time windows activation. lost contact from dreamspark ever since. never had a problem
  8. At the moment the watermark is gone but both pc settings and control panel still recognises it as not activated.
  9. What's a good way? The virtual agent just directs me back to pc settings and activate windows but it says "Windows can't activate right now. Try activating later. If that doesn't work, contact your system administrator" So who do i call? GHOSTBUSTER?
  10. "Can't activate Windows by Phone. Contact your system administrator for more info" Sounds like windows bullshitting on us lol
  11. I've had a digital copy of my windows for years now. Since 2016. I turned on my computer this morning and was perfectly fine but then in the evening when I came back and turned it on, it told me that my windows is not activated. When i click on activate windows, it just say cannot activate windows now. try again later. It's so frustrating. No error codes of sorts. Windows 8.1 Pro. Nearest error code I had was 0x8007007b I've tried slmgr -ipk code to command prompt it says it's activated but then the watermark is still there and wont go away. Under systems, windows deems it not activated. HALP!!
  12. I just got my second hand dry cabinet last night and i've set my dial to the blue zone. After 8 hours it's still at 72% and not any lower. Is there something wrong? Shouldn't it be going down further?
  13. I do know about the price. We're doing freelance work so I'm hoping to keep our budget low. If really worse come to worse we'll have to use it.
  14. sadly no. it's video files. 4K. High bitrates. Some files individually are already about 2GB