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  1. Also something to be noted is that I have tried using my phone hotspot and the issue still pesists. Before I was able to use my phone hotpot and get good ping around 30ms constantly. Defiantly a problem with my PC
  2. @U.Ho I'm running windows 10, whats the 'event viewer logs' where can I find this to look at the activity? thanks again. really appreciate all your help!
  3. @tt2468 ive been using wifi in this same room with the same privider for 2 years and havn't had any issues, my brothers also use wifi, and have no issues I don't think its a problem with the wifi but some sort of issue with my computer. So its just so unusual. Like I said I can't run ethernet cable into my pc due to routers positioning. I also can't use powerline connection because my router and pc arn't using the same powerline.
  4. @Freezanator hahaha, not really because my router is located in an inconvenient place for me to position my pc with it. check out my neweer post, I have learnt more about my problem and it summaries where im at
  5. @U.Ho unfortunately I tried this today and it didn't change at all, even being in the same room as the router still saw the issue persisting
  6. @U.Ho nothing new is in my room, since posting this I have made a new post which I have since discovered a lot of new things about my issue. The new post link is here. thanks for help so far this is really frustrating how would I change the channel? would it be in my network gateway? I am the only person experiencing this issue in my house so I dont think it would be a fault in the network but rather in my pc or so.
  7. @Beeeyeee @Droidbot check my edit on the post, I looks like it is now no longer pointing the the direction of a faulty adapter
  8. @Droidbot I really hope not, its just so bizarre because web browsing, speed tests, and downloading works great. I really hope not because it was expensive and only got it under 6 months ago
  9. @Mike Soda I have quit skype, chrome, steam and any other influences and the problem still persists. I am also the only one using the internet at this moment. @Freezanator ok I will try this I just connected it and it stopped spiking , ping is low and consistent I've tried: rebooting router connecting pc to Ethernet cable (this fixed the ping problem while I was connected, I experienced zero spikes or high ping) (could there be a problem with my wifi adapter??) changing channel contacted network provider (they said that everything looked fine on their end) Please help me, any help appreciated! UPDATE: I have just tried my brothers wifi adapter and the issue still persists even with his adapter which he gets good/normal ping on his PC with. This most likely means it is not a problem with my adapter.
  10. @U.Ho i'm using wifi, and the problem seems to stop when i connect with Ethernet cable the problem only appears to happen of one computer , does this mean its a problem with my network adapter?? i hope not its only new and was expensive!
  11. @U.Ho Hi, Its also in other games, I have pinged my router and still get the spikes in the pinging, rebooted router heaps of times.
  12. Hey all, I am a gamer and have recently experienced ping spikes when playing. My internet is good and fast, im on a wifi connection. ping is usually about 18-22ms then can spike up to 250 ms please help its awful.
  13. I have high speed internet and when it works, it works well. Recently the internet will cut out and will require a reset (power in and out) to fix. I think it only happens when i'm gaming on my computer. Oh and ive tried contacting the providing company and they are useless and wanting me to monitor the connection with a ethernet cable to entire day to see if they should "book and enginer" I don't have time for that! Any help or if you have experienced a similiar problem please help me
  15. thanks, craigslist isn't in Australia but we have similar sorts of sites. I've heard bad things about second hand mechanical keyboards but if I could get a second hand one for cheap I'll probably jump at that.