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    Former Computer Hardware and Networking Sales Consultant, With a Love for PC's and PC Gaming, also I do youtube and twitch sometimes.
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    Front End Leader/Customer Service Manager - BigBox Retail - not telling which one ;)


  • CPU
    I7 6700k
  • Motherboard
    Gigabyte GA-Z170X Gaming 7
  • RAM
    32GB G.Skill Ripjaws
  • GPU
    GTX 1080 FE
  • Case
    Corsair Carbide 600C
  • Storage
    256GB Samsung 950 Pro + 1TB Samsung 850 EVO + 1TB WD Black
  • PSU
    Corsair CM1000i
  • Display(s)
    Triple 27" Dell s2716dg
  • Cooling
    Corsair H110i
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Straif RGB w/ Cherry MX Silents
  • Mouse
    Logitech G403
  • Sound
    Bose Companion 20 speakers + Bose QC35 Headphones + Yeti Microphone
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro

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  1. Legeis

    Audio Mixer Help

    Here this image sort of shows why even though there are other ways to do this it would be cleaner and easier if something like this existed, and why im looking for it.
  2. Legeis

    Audio Mixer Help

    Like what? Link? as for what I'm doing with it....well that's a bit of a bit long to explain, there are other ways to do what I want but if i could find a product like this it would make life a lot simpler and severely reduce the amount of cords I needed.
  3. Legeis

    Audio Mixer Help

    is there a small audio mixer that can take 2 inputs (one 3.5mm + one 3.5mm or SPDIF optical) and has at least one (preferably two) 3.5mm outputs for the mixed sound, but also has a 3.5mm output as a direct passthrough for at least 1 of the original sources? If anyone has ever seen anything like this or has used anything like this it would be helpful. Thanks!
  4. Legeis

    As comfy as the Bose ?

    Honestly I use Bose QC35 with my pc for this very reason. I have also thought about getting a pair of Bowers and Wilkins P9s for my pc but I can't justify the cost....but the P9s and P7s are maybe the only headsets ive ever tried that are comfier than my bose
  5. So I have thought about this... and its a possibility but I was just trying to eliminate as many pieces as possible to make the setup as clean as possible while still achieving what I want functionally. To be honest my 100% ideal solution would take 2 sources in and 2 outputs with 1 output outputting both sources mixed and the second output only putting out 1 of the sources. + the bluetooth functionality i described b4. but I figured that may be a little too specific to really expect to find. Essentially I have a computer and a microphone. Also I have bookshelf style speakers and noise canceling headphones. the headphones can connect with either a 3.5mm or bluetooth the speakers only use wired. the computer can output 3.5mm or SPDIF optical and the mic has 2 outputs 1 usb to attach to the computer for recording sound and 1 3.5mm output for low latency monitoring so you can hear yourself as you talk without it sounding like an echo. So what I'm trying to archive is this. I want to hear both the computer sound and the live feed from the mic through the headphones, but only hear the computer sound out of the bookshelf speakers to prevent feedback if i have the volume turned up. and preferably since my headphones have bluetooth id like to minimize the # of wires.
  6. Hi thanks in advance for your time. I am looking to get a device that I can connect at least 2 audio sources to (at least 1 3.5mm and the 2nd either 3.5mm or SPDIF optical) and out put at least 1 3.5mm (preferably 2) and also connect to a pair of bluetooth headphones. Any suggestions?
  7. Corsair Void Wireless (Value Option) https://www.bestbuy.com/site/corsair-void-pro-rgb-se-wireless-dolby-7-1-channel-surround-sound-gaming-headset-for-pc-yellow/6006502.p?skuId=6006502 Logitech G933 Wireless (Logitech Makes Astros, and this is their equivalent? slightly better model. and cheaper because branding...) https://www.bestbuy.com/site/logitech-g933-artemis-spectrum-snow-wireless-7-1-gaming-headset-for-pc-ps4-xbox-one-white/5592427.p?skuId=5592427 Or just get a Mod MIC and a decent pair of Headphones (this option isn't Wireless) https://antlionaudio.com/products/modmic-5 Also Comparison Chart for the Wireless headsets I mentioned and the Astros, (mod mic not included on chart) https://www.bestbuy.com/site/compare?skus=5592427,5368400,6006502&productString=**&url=%2Fsite%2Fsearchpage.jsp%3Fcp%3D1%26searchType%3Dsearch%26st%3D7.1%20channel%20headset%26_dyncharset%3DUTF-8%26id%3Dpcat17071%26type%3Dpage%26sc%3DGlobal%26nrp%3D%26sp%3D%26list%3Dn%26af%3Dtrue%26iht%3Dy%26usc%3DAll%20Categories%26ks%3D960%26keys%3Dkeys
  8. Legeis

    Triple Monitor's Tightening the Air Gaps

    Its fine. What is "expensive" is all relative. I'm always surprised when people complain that they have to spend $100 for the case to protect their $1000 phone. Im like well if your really that accident prone and you cant afford a $100 case you probably cant afford to replace your $1000 phone! But yeah $1500 in monitors ($1800 full price, I got them on sale) on a $160 stand sitting on a few $100 bucks of ikea desk pieces. powered by a $3000ish PC (I don't know exactly it was originally about $1500, but then I got a 1080FE when it came out, and ive upgraded some drives and stuff since). $30 in tape is not a deal breaker.
  9. Well that's a tough question. I'm always a fan of building it yourself. I think it feels.....more special. But with the market the way it is now it might be a tiny bit cheaper to buy a pre-built if your going for value. But prices have stabilized a bit so you should be able to be fairly close either way. If you do decide to build it yourself a few suggestions. #1 if your running short on cash you can always add the cablemod cables in later. no need to do it right away its an ascetic upgrade that can always be added. and #2 just skip the astros they are overrated. you can get a way better headset for the same price or one of similar quality for cheaper.
  10. Legeis

    Triple Monitor's Tightening the Air Gaps

    they are plump (for the most part) and there isn't much of a gap the problem is my goal is 0 gap...... I'm picky like that.... so Gaffers tape huh. Doesn't leave residue behind even if left on for long periods of time, including temperature fluctuations hot summers cold winters ect...?
  11. what wifi adapter do you have lets start there. then we probably also need to know. #2 what router/wifi setup you have at home #3 where you are in relation to your routher #4 what troubleshooting steps you have taken #5 your http://www.speedtest.net/ results #6 in what situations do you have the problem (all/some/certain ones)? #7 your build, cpu ram, everything as detailed as possible, #8 what software you have installed #9 possible if the problem lies in none of the previous driver and bios version windows build ect... #10 actually windows build info should be higher on this list
  12. Legeis

    I'd Like Advice on Mice.

    Rocket Jump Ninja has a pretty comprehensive list of mice he's reviewed complete with hand size charts and what grip styles the mouse is good for. I find his reviews to be pretty spot on. http://www.rocketjumpninja.com/mouse-reviews/ I used his hand size charts when picking my mouse as apparently my hands are on the larger size and not many mice are designed for someone with my hand size to use a "palm grip" and I don't like using a "claw grip" it worked out perfectly for me.
  13. Legeis

    Triple Monitor's Tightening the Air Gaps

    No I will find a way to do both!!! or neither or whatever the proper way to word that is... But yeah if i have to order something custom it's gonna be a minute. I have higher things on my priorities list for the time being, and I've recently spent too much money on other stuff.
  14. Legeis

    Triple Monitor's Tightening the Air Gaps

    diy is an option as a lot of the stuff for my setup i ended up DIYing to get the look I wanted. but I wouldn't use cardboard if i did it. I would want to do it right. Id probably order a custom 3D printed insert. But custom stuff takes a lot more planing and longer to get, in addition its more expensive. So I like to avoid it when possible. Also replacing custom stuff is more annoying if you ever need to replace it.
  15. Legeis

    Triple Monitor's Tightening the Air Gaps

    I've thought about that and I've even used electrical tape for this kind of stuff b4. But a few things are holding me back. #1 is I think the electrical tape would be pretty noticeable on the screen and may look uglier than the air gaps (maybe). and #2 is electrical tape leaves this sticky black textured residue behind when you remove it after long periods of time which you cant clean off, And this is about $1500 (USD) worth of monitors. So i am hesitant to treat them as disposable. Do you know if there is anything like a black plastic T shaped insert I could potentially stick between them?