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    Asus z97-k
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    16 gb ddr3
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    gtx 1070
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    thermaltake c21
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    1tb segate and 250 gb samsung ssd
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    500w evga
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    razer ornata chroma
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    razer deathadder chroma
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    sennheiser hd 598
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    windows 10 home

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  1. I dont really see the point of dual channel, all I do on my pc is 1080p gaming and 1080 video editing/ streaming (streaming will come in the summer when i have some time) plus I read online that there is a average of 15-20 percent difference
  2. I know that this sounds stupid, but I really dont want to spend $60 dollars on more ram is it possible to use one 8gb ddr3 1600 with two 4gb ddr3 1600? I think I know the answer to this but I want to know for sure
  3. Im happy I saved you some cash that can be put into other things, I know alot about going in deep with out doing research, I bought a 600$ pc from best buy and I built one for the same price that was 3 times better, and now I'm just slowly buying more stuff for mine.
  4. 32gb is recommended for 3-d rendering/ 4k editing 64 is getting server grade.
  5. I'd give you an answer but I dont have any apps that can open the file, my recommendation is you go to micro center and tr out the stuff there, just bring hand wipes some stuff gets really sticky.
  6. Just make sure that you open up the power supply and case first on a hard wood or tile/linoleum floor and get handsy with the metal parts and you should be just fine, happy building! and the glove are just common work gloves when I would file copper fittings at work my boss would hand me a pair exactly like Luke uses, so they dont have any anti static properties, they are just used to keep grubby fingerprints of everything.
  7. What is you intended use for the pc? no one needs 64 gigs of ram unless its running 4k video and photo rendering at the same time (little exaggeration) or its going to be a server
  8. I want a new mouse I love my razer death adder chroma, but I need to get a little more serious with the extra buttons, I play dirty bomb, cod and csgo mainly I use macros at every chance I get. I was thinking of the the new razer lancehead because of its extra 6 buttons that can be personalized, or maybe the naga hex V2. do you guys have any recommendations? I like ergonomics, have big hands and cant use a mouse without using palming it.
  9. sorry for the late reply i had to go out and get dinner, but here is the monitor https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N1J0B3Q/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1EG1PSPAL6ZIA
  10. I want a new monitor, I will be purchasing a gtx 1070 strix, I have 3 monitors, 1 old Samsung that only runs on vga (as you know 1070 has 3 dp 1 dvi and hdmi so I need a new monitor)two 60hz 1ms asus. I'm thinking about purchasing, either a 4K monitor on sale for 215$ usd or a 144hz 1ms 24inch Asus for 250$ usd. What should I get (I know the 1070 is more for 1440p). I plan to watch Netflix, play video games, I play csgo which I would gain from the 144hz but I also love the idea of 4K graphics (more for gta, and newer games that look great)
  11. thank you, i was starting to think i was crazy... everyone telling me that tailors actually aren't allowed to touch that.
  12. im just wondering, when i got mine done the guy measured it then grabbed it and moved it to the other side and then took the the other legs measurement, im wondering if that was normal? everyone I tell it to says thats not how they do pants
  13. I currently have a Intel i7 4790k in my mini itx build Iove the form factor but im ready to move on to bigger and better, I plan on in the near future to put my system in a nzxt s340 elite, i need a new motherboard I cant use the 2nd ram slot and the front io connectors have broken off(never buying asrock again, I want to over clock too i have a water cooler currently,( plan on a custom loop in the s340 in the future but my corsair h75 doesn't what its needs to do for now) another reason I want atx is that there are no mitx mobos that are new and that you can overclock on. now that you have some background info on my situation when should i switch to something newer because the i7 was a Christmas gift and i don't wanna drop another 300 for another, how long do you think the 90k has left?
  14. I want a gigabyte z97 gaming 5 itx it matches my build color scheme and was the abiltiy to overclock plus a bunch of other smaller things that I'm looking for but its refurb should I get it, its $159.