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  1. Yep, that's what I said I'm almost 40, and have been gainfully employed for over 20 years in an industry I like and don't intend to leave. I work with a lot of inflated egos, and most of those people shoot themselves in the foot because people generally don't like them. I might not be the smartest guy in this room, but people like me, and when they get new jobs, I get new job offers. When promotion opportunities arise, I get considered alot of times. Also, who wants to hang around with a big headed know it all.
  2. it's less about what you actually know, and more about what other people think of you. Don't be a dick
  3. you eat alot more funions. Also makes videogames fun
  4. Track 1 is Stinson approved Sounds like you need some montage music. Thunder in your Heart by John Farnham
  5. I don't think you were out of line, and yeah that first guy was being a dickhole. Paying customers deserve a reasonable degree of transparency and support. It doesn't matter how much the service costs. That said, I didn't dig too deep into how long your responses were delayed, so that isn't a dig at floatplane. 1 week is a reasonable amount of time for customer support to provide a transparent and non-BS answer, so hopefully that's what they did before you brought it to the messageboard.
  6. Spoilers ahead. I didn't read the entire thread, but here are my gripes and praises. My opinions only. 1. Princess Leia's superman in space force moment was just dumb. Flat out. I wanted a scene where we see her flex her force muscles, but it could have been handled less ridiculous. 2. - And this is a biggie - Space horsies, the casino, and the stuttering jackass. Why did all of that have to happen for like half an hour of screen time? They could have went to the planet, met that guy, and left. They get captured on the ship, get put in jail there, and then there is time for Finn and Captain Phasma to have dialog and that could built up to the fight. As it stands, her character is completely worthless. Those horses were one big Disney load that got blown all over Star Wars lol 3. I didn't mind Snoke. That part really moved Kylo Ren's character forward. He was the only really well done part of the movie. 4. Luke - EHHHH. That said, it's a worthy installment of the saga, but not by any means the best. Fifth best and that's being nice.
  7. Anytime I read an article about the RAM shortage, someone in the comments uses this phrase "it's simply supply and demand economics" my god, all the eyerolls.
  8. Im old too. RGB can make a nice build pop, so I'm all for that I'm interested in RGB RAM for some reason I can't quite explain. I feel like that's the exclamation point on a fully color coordinated build when you can't find a mobo that'll match. The computer I'm planning for 2018 will have RGB RAM and maybe strips around the inside of the case, but certainly not fans or under the outside of the case, and DEF not on my desk or computer chair lol, or my coaster (if you remember that prototype)
  9. Thanks for a the response. Yeah, I've watched a few videos on the subject, but have never seen specifics about which specific screwdrivers they used. I believe I heard Gamers Bexus say there were some hex screws under the backplate that hold the pcb to the cooler itself, but not sure
  10. I'm doing a Kraken G10 mod next week, and want to make sure I have everything I need. I can't find this information anywhere! Anyone know exactly which bits i'll need? I have a toolkit, but it's a cheaper ones and not sure it has everything in it. Thanks in advance
  11. I notice this post is a few months old now, but I hope you're still active on the site! I'm going to be doing this mod for the first time next week. I just ordered all the parts this morning. I also ordered a few different types of heatsinks for the VRM and GDDR5 memory. Are there any clearance issues when putting on the G10 mod? The tall blue heatsinks look to be a little tall and I'm worried about them not allowing the G10 and the AIO pump to sit correctly on the GPU itself. Is there a reason you didn't use the blue ones in that picture?
  12. My question was asking for an opinion/recommendation on which solutIon they liked better. This one particular person's take on the subject isn't in the top 5 results on google but he told me to check there anyway. He's just an asshole lol. I understand that asking someone which CPU fits which socket is something google can help me with
  13. Asking someone if they have a recommendation on something is kind of an opinion based question. Like I said, when I want to talk to google, I'll go on google.com. If I want to ask a person, I'll ask people. Usually 1 "google it" means I never want their opinion again though lol. This is, of course, speaking in terms of people I actually see face to face on a daily basis. I expect that kind of smug talk on the internet. I would post those nerds a box of tissues but they can GOOGLE IT got eeem!
  14. i've seen mom and pop stores that don't accept bills larger than a 20, but this is a retail chain. They will take a hundo