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  1. How about a video series or run of Tech Quickies about start up business technology suggestions. Pros and cons of buying vs leasing and picking hardware that has a decent upgrade path if you expand. As a company that has done this, going from house to multi unit industrial space what would you change to have saved time and money etc.
  2. What about a video about some of the reasons internet connection cuts out at times other than for scheduled maintenance.
  3. I think it would be cool after seeing the sponsored review video for the Toyota prius, that Linus review the new Tesla model S or model 3. Would be cool if they could put the auto pilot and phone app through the paces to see how well it performs, and talk about the future of the technology.
  4. I have an idea where they start with full system of parts, and have to trade or sell their parts in the first half. Then the second half they use the money they made selling old parts to buy new ones.
  5. After spending a better part of my night looking through Nvidia press releases and the like about the 1080, I was unable to find out what I was looking for. Since the 1080 has double floating point precision like the titan X, but seems to be better than the titan x in many ways, I was thinking of upgrading. What would you say the likeliness of Nvidia and graphic processing programs supporting the product line for gpu accelerated tasks? While I know geforce cards are not workstation or server quality, I am looking for something for my home rig for when I work at home. Other than memory, the 1080 cards seem to mostly be better performers than Tesla cards. The 1080 cards also have better bandwidth, lower power consumption, and can be replaced multiple times before equaling one Tesla card. An example of use will be running Navier Stokes solver in ANSYS Fluent. This software will allow the setup of GPU acceleration with any cuda core card, but will not actually utilize them unless they have been supported by ANSYS / Nvidia (sometimes "tested" cards work I have been told).