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  1. In my engineering class, we have to come up with a "Great Idea." We have to think of something that is realistic and can be done as if you graduated tomorrow, and had a well funded group. The idea must be one that could result in a business, instead of a one-time project. This is like an "engineering/entrepreneurial" project. I am completely lost and can not think of anything At first I thought of making affordable Transparent OLED screens in mirrors and bedroom windows, but I can't anyone in the market for selling T-OLEDs. If the idea is something that's already patented or has market competition, then the idea has to have a competitive advantage.
  2. Cody A

    Silent fans

    Guys! Thank you so much, I'll do some research on all of the suggested fans. Sorry this reply was so late, I've been busy with midterms and I never got Chrome notifications!
  3. Cody A

    Silent fans

    I need some help buying quiet fans for my radiator. Anyone know any reliable silent 120mm static pressure fan that I can buy off Amazon with Prime? If there isn't any good ones on Amazon, then I'll be open to other websites such as Newegg.
  4. I'm currently using a hand-me-down PC from my dad, with an i7 3930K, 32 GB of DDR3 RAM, and an AMD HD7970 card. Sure, it's not the worst, but I would like to update my card. I'm spoiled playing on Ultra/Very High graphics in games, but my card is not handling the current games very well. For example, it can reach between 90-100 degrees C when playing GTA V. Plus, I encounter many FPS drops in games such as Fallout 4 and Witcher 3.
  5. Thanks guys! I've always thought that a solid white build would look super clean. Plus RGB lighting would look amazing in it
  6. Just like what the titles says. I have seen white connectors sold separately, for DIY sleeving. But are there any pre-sleeved cables that have them?
  7. So an update, audio comes through the speakers when I'm in BIOS. It beeps when I press a key that doesn't have function in BIOS. And the beep doesn't come from some kind of motherboard speaker. It comes from the right laptop speaker.
  8. Yeah Shadow, troubleshooter automatically runs when I even left click the audio mixer. It tells me that "No audio device is detected"... However, Windows still detects when I plug things in into the mic and headphone ports, but still shows the red X and doesn't play audio. I honestly came to the conclusion that it was my registry, because windows was cleaning up files in the registry. I think some files are missing. I'm gonna try what 2Fast2Quik suggested. Thanks Quik, I'm going to try this. Sorry man, I'm not using a PC. If this was on PC, I'd totally buy an additional PCIe sound card. This problem is on my fairly outdated laptop. A Dell XPS 15 L502x
  9. So my main issue is that my laptop doesn't detect any audio devices. This problem arose after I ran Windows Disk Cleanup and Disk Optimization. After running those programs, I realized my laptop had no audio playback (Through any speaker in the system. Stock speakers and plugged in speakers). In the bottom right hand corner, in the volume mixer, there is a red circle with an "x" in it. While hovering over it, Windows states "No Audio Output Device is Installed" Before people start asking this, I'll give the answer. YES, I have "Show Disabled Devices" and "Show Disconnected Devices" checked. After those two are checked, the Sound panel still states "No audio devices are installed." Naturally, I decided to check the Windows Audio service. The service was running properly. Restarting the service did nothing. After that first failure, I went over to Realtek and downloaded and installed the latest drivers. Still had no change. I went to my laptop's support website, and downloaded and installed the drivers specific for the motherboard and windows OS. Again, still the same. Again after having no luck with the drivers, I started thinking that the laptop's audio card had to be reseated, but that did not need to happen, because windows detects the audio card anyways. When I plugged in a pair of headphones, windows detects it. Stating "You just plugged in a device into the audio jack" After thinking that it was my audio card causing SOME kind of problem, I decided to try a completely separate audio device. I tried using my Logitech wireless headset, since it transmits using a USB receiver. Still no luck. Windows still has the red "x" in the volume mixer. After trying almost everything I know, I still have no luck. So I'm asking the online community. How do I fix this annoying problem?