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  1. After a bit more research all I could find was the tail end of 2016, so it may be a little while still.
  2. Budget is no problem, I was considering the ncase, but still would like to know some other alternatives.
  3. I'm looking for the smallest possible case that can fit a full size GPU, nothing else really matters. It is a mitx mobo of course and SFX PSU. I saw the DanCase A4-SFX, but it isn't currently avaliable and I couldn't find a straight answer to when it would be made available. I was also looking at the ncase m1, but am still wondering if these are the best options, or if there is something smaller. Thanks!
  4. This one seems pretty large to me, but is it smaller than it looks? (I cant visualize very well, even with the dimensions)
  5. I'm considering this one. http://www.silverstonetek.com/product.php?pid=233&area=en
  6. I have got my current computer in a Corsair 350D, and I'm going off to college in a few weeks and wanted something smaller and easier to transport. Is there any case that is fairly small, (like small enough to be taken in a large backpack) that supports a mATX motherboard and a 1070 founders? I can get a new smaller psu if needed and such. Thanks!
  7. Full custom, gpu and cpu
  8. Removing the card for sure. What about the pump/res and drives? I dont know how aggressive UPS will be haha.
  9. So, I'm moving across the country in about a month for college, and I've got my computer I want to take with me. But the problem is transportation and how to deal with the water cooling nubbins. How exactly should I go about shipping it? (transporting it myself isn't an option) Thanks!
  10. I am wondering what the absolute best laptop on the market is today, in terms of specs of course, it can be as huge and ugly as it wants.
  11. I have an msi z170m motherboard, and the fan CPU fan speed won't go below maximum. I updated the bios and all that jazz. The system fans work properly. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Thank you!
  12. Okay, I posted this thread earlier and after updating the bios, the cpu fan still won't slow down. Please help me, it sounds like a jet engine....
  13. Ah, I completly forgot about a bios update. Thanks