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  1. DemiSLayer

    Z390 x16/x16 options

    I really only game with the rig. is the asus ROG strix z-390-e any good? or is the the maximus xi hero better ?
  2. Im looking to upgrade my system and am looking at getting a 9900k. I currently am running a 2080ti though will want to add a second one. What motherboard options for the z390 currently offer x16/x16 I know the msi godlike does but not sure I really want to purchase another 600$ motherboard again like my asus rampage v extreme. Thanks.
  3. DemiSLayer

    RGB controller recommendations

    Hi, I have an EK RGB water block and RGB light strip with RGB headers howerever my motherboard (asus rampage v extreme) does not have an RGB header option. I am looking at the Thermaltake TT Sync Controller TT Premium Edition but not sure that will work. Is there any recommendations? Am also looking for a fan controller. Thanks.
  4. DemiSLayer

    Freenas VS Unraid

    not sure I need to transcode but might in future. Is zfs supported in anything other than freenas?
  5. DemiSLayer

    Freenas VS Unraid

    16gb 667 memory i have another set of 16gb 800mhz memory thought they wont work together.
  6. DemiSLayer

    Freenas VS Unraid

    Am running an older dual 3.4ghz (8core total) xeon hpxw8600 workstation with 8x 3tb drives.
  7. DemiSLayer

    Freenas VS Unraid

    Ive been using freenas for my home kodi/plex server. however im having to wipe and start again. I have no experience with unraid. Anyone using unraid for media server ? I would like to stream 4k content at some point as well.
  8. DemiSLayer

    Worth upgrade from Titan xp to RTX ?

    I currently have the EKWB 360 extreme kit im thinking of adding a 280mm in the mix and putting both titan Xp under water (after of course i accuire a replacement Xp.)
  9. DemiSLayer

    Worth upgrade from Titan xp to RTX ?

    I also think im going to put these titan xp cards on water. I hear they perform best with water cooling
  10. DemiSLayer

    Worth upgrade from Titan xp to RTX ?

    Ya im just going to buy my card back so to speak. Sli ran great on my 3440x1440p at 120hz
  11. DemiSLayer

    Worth upgrade from Titan xp to RTX ?

    well at least i didnt sell the jedi order one. lol
  12. DemiSLayer

    Worth upgrade from Titan xp to RTX ?

    I really think i shouldn't of sold my gallactic empire card. just got trigger happy
  13. I have had 2 Titan Xp (star wars edition) cards. I sold one in hopes of purchasing 2 RTX 2080 Ti. I am debating just buying a second Titan Xp again to replace the one i sold. I am not seeing ray tracing as being anything of value to purchase as in its totally worthless in fps. Has anyone bench-marked 2080 ti in sli vs Titan Xp sli ? just trying to justify such a price for a Ti card.
  14. DemiSLayer

    Upgrading to 9900k Mobo advice

    ASUS has been solid in past. Im not opposed to trying a new company. I here the asrock taichi one is solid.