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    Intel Core i7-6700
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    16 GB Corsair Dominator 3000mhz
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    Gigabyte GTX 1080 G1 Gaming
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    Coolermaster H500P
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    960GB Kingston ssd
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    Corsair RM 750x 80+ Gold
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    BenQ XL2430T 24"@144hz and AOC 2250W 21.5"@60hz
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    Corsair H100i v2
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    Razer Blackwidow Chroma
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    Razer DeathAdder Chroma
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    HyperX Cloud 2
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    Windows 10 - 64-bit

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  1. How much tubing?

    just buy 2 sets. that should be enough. even if you do some fails. its 2 meters of petg
  2. costume gpu backplates

    yup thats them. thanks
  3. costume gpu backplates

    hey, i am building a pc for my gf. she wants black and white build. we found a white gpu but is does not have a backplate. i once found a site where you could buy some but forgot the name. can anybody link some sites for gpu backplates Thanks:)
  4. when does gpu prices fall?

    oh okay
  5. when does gpu prices fall?

    thats amd right?
  6. when does gpu prices fall?

    when does the gpu prices fall. i know that they are going to fall just not when, my gf wants a gaming pc but the budget is not that big. i was looking at a 1060 6gb but i then cut down on some other stuff. so when do they fall and how many% or maybe they already released prices?? Thanks
  7. Can i turn my pump side ways?

    Okay thank you!
  8. Can i turn my pump side ways?

    So I could just do it sideways and do it the way i wrote(makes it waaay easier for me)
  9. Can i turn my pump side ways?

    Oh my bad. Painted it Wrong. Its res>pump>280>gpu>360>mobo>cpu And then back to res
  10. Can i turn my pump side ways?

    my res is above the pump and then the tube going straight down to the pump. the little red box by the drainport is the pump
  11. Can i turn my pump side ways?

    okay thanks. can i somehow test that before i do my build?
  12. Can i turn my pump side ways?

    what exactly is the "wet seal"?
  13. Can i turn my pump side ways?

    well the res is right over it and the tube is going straight down to it and then doing a 90degree fitting into the pump. then the outlet is going into my first rad
  14. Can i turn my pump side ways?

    okay thanks. then i dont need to go trough many small bends
  15. pretty simpel quastion. can i turn my pump sideways. its the ekxtop d5 and it only says i cant place it upside down. but nothing about sideways