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  1. Mihle

    A slew of AMD X570 boards are leaked

    In some companies minds, may and august could be considered middle of the year too btw.
  2. Mihle

    A slew of AMD X570 boards are leaked

    Apart from PCIe 4.0, the main thing I have heard will be better with x570 is that they should be rated for higher power.
  3. Mihle

    Norwegian phones sent personal information to China

    The article says this: So I bet it's a requirement in China.
  4. Mihle

    Norwegian phones sent personal information to China

    From my understanding, the spesific code it's about is not Nokia/ HMD Global code, it is Qualcomm created code. (That all manufacturers can choose to use or not) I bet that code is required thing on phones in China. Wasn't it a similar thing that happened with OnePlus?
  5. Mihle

    Norwegian phones sent personal information to China

    HMD is a finish company, but they seem to have China as the market they focus most on.
  6. We have known this have been in works for a long time, it has nothing to do with EGS.
  7. Did they even say if it's only Epic store sales or if other sales count as well?
  8. It it's most likely bigger than having a poster outside of GameStop as GameStop wasn't big in the way that they weren't big worldwide.
  9. Well, in that example, the device would have to go to steam, but I guess if it's not guaranteed, they wouldn't because then Epic might take away their offer and they sit with nothing...
  10. I want to see numbers on how many get it when it comes to steam in 11 months.
  11. Well, probably not, but 70% was just an example and they didn't have to do it every time.
  12. No it's not. When EU does what it does it looks at the situation in EU, not worldwide. EU doesn't care what Google does in US. As it should. If Google want EU citizens to use it services, it has to follow EU law, that's how it works. EU antitrust laws have nothing to do with a company actually being a monopoly or not, it's about if a company takes advantage of it being much bigger than the competition to push the competition down.
  13. Google is bigger in Europe http://gs.statcounter.com/search-engine-market-share/all/europe
  14. If Valve wanted to seem more like the good guy, they would come out saying something like if a company shows them the ammount of money Epic wants to pay then for exclusivity, Valve would pay them 70% or something of that to make them not be exclusive. It's just an idea....
  15. No, it would not. In 2016, European truck producers got hit by a 2,93 billion € fine for colluding on truck prices. Daimler got the largest part with 1,008 billion €. In 2008 m, car glass manufacturers got a 1,35 billion € fine for illegal market sharing and exchanging commercially sensitive information. French firm Saint-Gobain got the largest fine of 880 million €.