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  1. Don't know anything about infiniband, but: unRAID does not do "RAID", Well, you can do it with RAID cards, but not software wise in OS, at least by standard. What unRAID does by standard is JBOD+Parity.
  2. With Unraid you don't even have to plug them in to something with Unraid, because no file is striped. You don't get more speed tho....
  3. Not sure if I want to wait for that or if I should just get Ryzen 3000 now... I have i5 3570k now.
  4. Another thing, if you use incandescent bulbs in your home, changing them all to LEDs will save you more than any change to a computer will. Same with cooling of your home if you have that (AC for example). (You don't need heating in Egypt right), better insulation (can be walls, but easier to change, new windows), let the cooling work less (let your home be hotter on hot days), and so on will reduce the electricity usage more than any change to your computer will.
  5. There is no magic thing you can do to lower power usage. People have really said the things you can do that I remember. Only other thing I can think of is if power cost change based on the time of day, you could play on another time of day or buy a big battery (charge when cheaper, use when more expensive).
  6. SSD uses less power than HDDs, but it's not really that much. Do not overclock/turn it off Includes turning off boosting on all cores. Undervolt/underclock your CPU/GPU. Higher end CPU/GPU that is Undervolted/underclocked to the same power draw as a weaker part, will still perform better than it.
  7. Features like adding lens flare that is locked to the paid version, I have never wanted to use. Only feature I have wanted to use sometimes that is paid is noise reduction
  8. I can see individual pixels at 1080p at 24".... Sometimes I wonder if I have above average eyesight.... That said, what OP asks, will happen, but I think it will take quite a few years..... Btw, I personally just bought a 4K 60hz monitor instead of a 1440p 1440hz one. I mostly play singleplayer games and do some photography as a hobby... I wanted a bigger monitor and didn't think 1440p would be as sharp as I wanted/and be as big as I wanted.
  9. You would notice both the difference between 1080p and 4k and 60hz and 144hz. What of them to prioritize is just up to the person getting it, what the person, in this case you, wants. Well, there is some 4k 144hz, but those are expensive.
  10. If you get a NAS, just know you don't need the speed of for example ZFS unless you have multiple people streaming at the same time (I don't know the number of streams before it's needed tho, but it's def mere than two). Benefit of Unraid with parity is that if you are unlucky and parity drives plus one more fail, you only lose the data on that one. The data on the rest is ok and do not need possessing as nothing is striped as it is in Raid.
  11. I personally got Lian Li PC-Q25 but it's not produced anymore. I was just lucky that one Norwegian store still had it in stock.