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  1. Since i am coming from prime 95, how do i stress test on a64, what do i check and uncheck, also should i do small test like 15 minutes so that i can increase clocks and the final test be an hour to see if its fully stable
  2. So i did tests on prime95 1.28v at 4.7ghz is stable. Tried 4.8 at 3.1v, was almost stable :(, dont wanna incr ase volts anymore since using a air cooler. But did heard that if i stress test it on aida64 i can easily get 5ghz because prime95 more intense but will aida64 be a good test for stable clocks?
  3. Do you know what settings i should change in the bios or a reliable video to start this overclocking?
  4. the psu is 2 months old and is a tier 2 psu Antec Earthwatts Gold Pro Series 650 watts
  5. o I thought people use cinebench to test if its stable. For the frequency and core voltage, how do i adjust it? Also for the voltage, since your saying 0.25v, are you saying from like 1.25 to like 1.50v?
  6. Hey guys! Today I plan to overclock my cpu which is a 8700k. I do not know what to do and how to start. I know that I should download cpu benchmarks programs to test stability. The only thing I have downloaded is a HWmonitor Which programs should I download? Maybe you guys can suggest me a reliable video since this might be a lot of explaining. Specs 8700k z390 phantom gaming 6 antec earthwatts 650w
  7. Jeffa

    Ducky or Anne

    Which keyboard should i get? Ducky one 2 mini or Anne pro 2? I know anne pro 2 can be wireless but I don't care about that option. Who should I go for?
  8. Macho Rev.B vs FUMA Rev.B They are both the same price.
  9. Heyy, Sorry to bother you again but I was wondering why you chose the z390 extreme4 and not the z370 extreme4 where it is cheaper. I was also wondering if I should get this board instead, the z390 gaming x for $109