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  1. 1 hour ago, genexis_x said:

    Which country? Any links of online stores?


    Also, any preferences on weight and battery life?

    Austria, but I can order from Germany as well. 


    It doesn't have to be a lightweight and battery life should be average I guess ^^.


    What's with a Dell XPS 13 with:


    8GB RAM

    512GB M.2 SSD


    Would that be sufficient for her use case?


    Edit: https://geizhals.at/dell-xps-13-7390-2019-frost-xw1tw-a2132853.html like this one

  2. 3 hours ago, genexis_x said:

    Give a range on budget. Are you buying in US? Not many 13 inch laptops that are with HDD, fine without HDD?

    Budget is about 1500 Euro (+/- 200 Euro), I am buying in Europe 😅 


    The HDD is not necessary, a 512GB SSD will be sufficent! (was just my old thinking 😅).

  3. 7 minutes ago, Spakes said:

    Well, first of all, what is your budget? Second, what size does your sister prefer? Third, what about expected storage and battery life?

    Sorry, yeah:

    - open Budget, but still good "value" 

    - 13" Laptop

    - 256 or 512GB SSD and an additional HDD with higher storage volume (like 1 or 2 TB).



  4. Hello!


    So I want to find a new Home Setup for my sister.

    She mainly needs it for "Office" work (MS Word, Excel and so on) and occasionally she wants to play "Sims".


    This should be a "normal" Laptop (no 2in1 or touch) and some kind of docking station with 2 monitors (23"). (Laptop itself has to be under the table)


    Now I am not very familiar with prebuilt systems, let alone Laptops.

    She would prefer Dell stuff, since she has good experience with that at work.


    What would be your suggestions regarding Laptops ?? Maybe also what would you recommend for Monitors (23")?


    Thank you in advance!

  5. On 1/14/2020 at 3:25 PM, Stu_Bear said:

    It can cause you are sharing all your limited IOPS with essentially 3 manchines...Win 2012 & 2 VMs.  In a perfect world you'd have 3 disks...one for each.  Me...I'd keep Win 2012 on a completely seperate raid from my VMs...just as a safety measure, but I'm sure you are backing stuff up a lot where as I am not.  Maybe keeping your old HDD raid1 and leaving Win 2012 on it...then migrate your VMs to the new SSD raid1 ?  I doubt Win 2012 is consuming many IOPS for itself, but rather for the VMs.  If you aren't rebooting Win 2012 often...leaving it on HDD raid1 shouldn't cause much, if any, performance issues.  Don't think it would cost you any headaches nor extra money to test it out.

    Thanks for your input! 

  6. Thank you all!


    Does it matter if the OS (Windows Server 2012 R2) is still on the Raid1 HDD array?


    14 hours ago, Slayerking92 said:

    how much RAM and CPU are allocated to each VM?


    We have allocated 2 cores and 4GB of RAM per VM!


    16 hours ago, Stu_Bear said:

    Have you over-provisioned the CPU on both VMs?  I would myself...and 2 SSD in raid1...if not worried about HP warranty I'd go with Samsung 860 Pro...I've used a single 850 Pro (over-priced) and it works like a dream compared to my 2 HDD in raid1...made it feel like a brand new machine, but it's a gen 7.  Think the increase in IOPS, not bandwidth, is what makes all the difference.  Also, are you monitoring ram usage from inside the VMs?  Might be they are trying to cache to the page file a lot...hence eating up all your IOPS?  In that case maybe increasing ram allocation might help?  

    With over-provisioned > you mean i.e. 4 cores per VM even though the Server only has 4 cores?

    We will most definately get the HP drive since we need to have the Warranty and stuff.

    RAM is not maxed out and they are not using "dynamic" RAM if that'S what you mean.


    Following a Picture of the Taskmanager inside one of the VMs while starting MS Word, which takes about 10 seconds (the average response time maxed out at about 400ms):



  7. 1 minute ago, The Benjamins said:

    Your whole issue is that you are using HDDs, SSDs would help a lot.

    Your next bottlenech would be CPU, 4c4t is not a lot for 2 VMs.


    But SSDs should be a night and day difference 

    Thanks that's what I thought too! 

    Our "IT consultant" said SSDs would make no difference 😅😓😓😓


    We think about upgrading in the near future anyways but to add a SSD which can be transfered to a new machine anyways can't hurt.

  8. Hello!


    We have a small HP server (ProLiant ML310e Gen8) in our office which is running 2 VMs (besides some other stuff).


    Those VMs are very slow > the server only has

    - old HDDs (2 x 2 TB in Raid 1) 

    - Xeon E3-1220 V2

    - 24 GB RAM (1600 MHz ?)


    I upgraded one VM to Windows 10 some time ago, today I am upgrading the second VM from Win 7 to Win 10.


    If I start Word i.e. in Task Manager under the Performance tier I can see:

    CPU ~ 40%

    RAM not max

    Disk ! : pinned at 100% / average response time all over the place from 30ms to over 4 seconds


    Anyone know how to improve the performance? Would a SSD upgrade help?


    If you need more information, let me know.


    Thank you!




  9. 4 hours ago, huilun02 said:

    Most oled screen phones have an AOD feature...

    Consider the Xiaomi Mi 9T (also known as K20) if you want a great all-round phone at great price

    or the Pro version if you want a flagship chipset

    or the Oneplus 7 Pro if you want flagship chipset, curved screen, 90Hz screen, and more bells and whistles

    or just get one of these

    Thanks, I think I'll get the Oneplus 7 Pro !

  10. Hello!


    I currently have an OnePlus 6T and after a few months of "heavy use" it's time for me to change again 😅


    A feature I wish I had back is an Always on Display or an indicator LED.


    The fingerprint reader has to be under the screen and there has to be a 256 GB or bigger version (or expandable storage).


    I don't need a headphone jack or even a "selfie cam"... but I don't care ^^

    I don't really care about the price as well, but under € 1.000,00 would be nice though.



    What phone would you recommend that's NOT Samsung or a Pixel ?



    Thanks in advance 😁

  11. On 8/25/2019 at 2:58 PM, Joluch said:

    Did you try the procedures from this article?



    I had the same issue when I switched from HTC to the Pixel. Google Calendar App doesn't like Outlook.com. I gave in and just installed the Outlook App. But that article did mention (article's method 3) if you have an Exchange service email for work, it is possible to use that as a medium and sync your personal outlook.com calendar to it as long as work's IT is ok. And then you'd be able to access your outlook.com's calendar as if it's one of your work account's calendar. I don't have exchange for work so I couldn't try it. Otherwise you could try (article's method 1) publishing your Outlook.com calendar to Google calendar, but unless you have the paid office 365 for your personal account, you can only read the Outlook.com calendar but you can't write to it using the Google Calendar App.


    Good luck, would love to know if you did find an app or solution that works.

    Hey, thank you for your suggestions! 


    I finally found an app that works with my personal outlook / Hotmail account! 


    It's called "OneCalendar" and it does everything I want from a calendar app 👍


  12. 18 hours ago, jstudrawa said:

    Most 3200MHz RAM is CL16 that I have seen.

    exactly! Thats why I overlooked it... it was like 5 euros cheaper and I though "whatever"...


    18 hours ago, porina said:

    I wouldn't worry about it. Any difference in real world tests will be really tiny and not worth worrying over.

    Thanks, that's what I figured too!

  13. Hello!
    I ordered a lot of parts for a new gaming pc for my brother.


    Somehow I overlooked it and the RAM that I ordered has a CAS latency of 18 (so CL 18).


    Will this be a problem for his setup?

    Will CL18 - 3200 RAM be a bottleneck in Gaming Performance?


    I have no idea, thank you guys in advance! 



    RAM: HyperX FURY Black 16GB Kit (2x8GB) DDR4-3200 CL18 DIMM RAM


    CPU: I-5 9600K

    GPU: RTX 2070

    MB: MSI Z390-A Pro

    Boot SSD: Samsung 970 Evo 500GB

  14. Hello!


    I inserted my flash drive (SanDisk Extreme Pro 256GB USB3.1) but it's volumes are gone and the LED is a solid blue color...


    I can find the device in the device manager and according to the device status it's working fine...


    The device can't be found in diskpart or Disk Management (DM actually won't load at all if the flash drive is plugged in for ~ 5minutes)


    Is the drive dead or can I fix it somehow?


    Thanks in advance!



    Following a screenshot of the volumes tab in the device properties:




  15. Hello!


    I would like to walk around my flat with headphones on and listen to music.


    Currently I have wireless headphones, but they don't reach very far (dongle on PC)

    My PC is on one side of the flat and my living room on the other...

    Sometimes, if I turn my head correctly, they do work... 


    I have excellent WiFi coverage.


    Are there some kind of WiFi connected headphones (so via TCP/IP or whatever ^^ and not a dongle)??

    Or anything similar, so I can listen to music anywhere in my flat from my PC (or home server)??


    Thanks in advance!!


  16. Hello!


    So currently I got the "SanDisk Extreme 64 GB USB (SDCZ80-064G-FFP)".

    I carry it around on my keys for 3 years now and it works fine, recently it had some "hiccups" so I might need to replace it.


    I don't know what's different about it BUT:

    I got a lot of folders on it with some big and a lot of small files. (programs I need for work and so on)

    When I need to format it, I do a backup and after I am done doing what I was doing, I copy all my precious files back onto it.


    This takes under 1 Minute!


    I tested some new drives lately which boast "WOW much times more speed - 300 MB/s or even more!", but it takes like 10 minutes to copy my files....

    I know that these speeds can be achieved when you have to copy one large file, but that wouldn't be my use-case.


    Is there any USB flash drive (64GB or more) that is fast in transferring small files?

    A portable SSD should work fine, but they are mostly too big, since I would carry it on my keys in my pocket.

  17. Hello Everybody!


    So, I need to help a friend get a 1U 19" Rackmount NAS.


    It should be as cheap as possible, but with sufficient (maybe a bit more) performance.


    In the beginning there will be 2 drives (6TB) and there should be a possibility to expand > 4 drive bays would be good


    He / his family, will almost exclusively use the NAS for media streaming. (~ 5 concurrent streams maximum, I would guess).


    Which NAS would you recommend?


    Thank you in advance!

  18. Hello everyone!


    So my Co-worker built a house and asked me if I could help him with Networking (hardware and software).


    He wants a NAS for media streaming with a maximum of 4 or 5 Clients (TV / Phone / PC, NB).


    I built my own NAS, but I am not that confident to build him a custom one.


    So I am searching for a reliable, good, but also good price/performance, 2 or 4 bay Rackmount NAS. 

    So far I was thinking about "NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN3138-100NES".


    Do you have any suggestions??


    Thank you very much in advance!