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  1. Hello!


    I would like to walk around my flat with headphones on and listen to music.


    Currently I have wireless headphones, but they don't reach very far (dongle on PC)

    My PC is on one side of the flat and my living room on the other...

    Sometimes, if I turn my head correctly, they do work... 


    I have excellent WiFi coverage.


    Are there some kind of WiFi connected headphones (so via TCP/IP or whatever ^^ and not a dongle)??

    Or anything similar, so I can listen to music anywhere in my flat from my PC (or home server)??


    Thanks in advance!!


  2. Hello!


    So currently I got the "SanDisk Extreme 64 GB USB (SDCZ80-064G-FFP)".

    I carry it around on my keys for 3 years now and it works fine, recently it had some "hiccups" so I might need to replace it.


    I don't know what's different about it BUT:

    I got a lot of folders on it with some big and a lot of small files. (programs I need for work and so on)

    When I need to format it, I do a backup and after I am done doing what I was doing, I copy all my precious files back onto it.


    This takes under 1 Minute!


    I tested some new drives lately which boast "WOW much times more speed - 300 MB/s or even more!", but it takes like 10 minutes to copy my files....

    I know that these speeds can be achieved when you have to copy one large file, but that wouldn't be my use-case.


    Is there any USB flash drive (64GB or more) that is fast in transferring small files?

    A portable SSD should work fine, but they are mostly too big, since I would carry it on my keys in my pocket.

  3. On 1/1/2019 at 11:38 PM, Marko Rogulja said:

    I have just installed 1u synology rs818+ with 4x 10TB and so far installation and implementation with active directory was seamless.

    I can recommend it.


    I am thinking of getting the RS818+ too.


    Do you use it for media streaming too?

    How does it fair?


    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hello Everybody!


    So, I need to help a friend get a 1U 19" Rackmount NAS.


    It should be as cheap as possible, but with sufficient (maybe a bit more) performance.


    In the beginning there will be 2 drives (6TB) and there should be a possibility to expand > 4 drive bays would be good


    He / his family, will almost exclusively use the NAS for media streaming. (~ 5 concurrent streams maximum, I would guess).


    Which NAS would you recommend?


    Thank you in advance!

  5. Hello everyone!


    So my Co-worker built a house and asked me if I could help him with Networking (hardware and software).


    He wants a NAS for media streaming with a maximum of 4 or 5 Clients (TV / Phone / PC, NB).


    I built my own NAS, but I am not that confident to build him a custom one.


    So I am searching for a reliable, good, but also good price/performance, 2 or 4 bay Rackmount NAS. 

    So far I was thinking about "NETGEAR ReadyNAS RN3138-100NES".


    Do you have any suggestions??


    Thank you very much in advance!

  6. 20 minutes ago, gnomik said:

    Your switch maybe? Or whatever you are plugged into.


    4 minutes ago, jj9987 said:

    What are you connecting your PC to?

    Some switches have STP (Spanning-Tree Protocol) enabled, which means they make sure that there won't be any loops in your network. Once they detect, that cable has been connected, then they run necessary checks and if there are no loops, then packets will be allowed through.

    I connect to a switch, which hasn't changed since I installed my NIC and it worked fine for a few weeks.

    The switch is also unmanaged (Asus XG-U2008) 

    4 minutes ago, Denned said:

    Yea just uninstall and reinstall again afterwards. Still needed it for Wireshark / nmap :)

    Okay thanks, but there is still a small delay, I will reboot a few times and check ^^.

  7. Hello!


    So a few weeks ago the problem started, I think as I installed "Firefox" for a short time but I am unsure.


    When I boot my PC, my Adapters show that the network cable is unplugged and after ~1 min, they show up as working normal.


    The Problem occurs on the onboard LAN, as well as a 10G NIC (but same cable).


    Do you have any suggestions what could cause the problem?

    Thanks in advance!

  8. 2 hours ago, Abdul201588 said:

    Never ever do raid on your boot drives. If the raid fails or even one drive fails, you're screwed. 

    I actually have 2 x 960 Pro 1TB in RAID 0 (what you meant) in my gamig rig. If you don't keep any important data on there why not? the performance is incredible!

    Daily backups are enough security for me ^^ (on the gaming rig)

    53 minutes ago, Electronics Wizardy said:

    Did you read the above, they want raid 1, so any drive can fail and you can keep going.



    For windows, you need hardware/firmware raid to have bootable raid. SO setup raid in the bios and your good.


    But id personally not do this as the chance of a ssd failure is lower, and backups are they in that case. And using raid for boot often disables some features like trim. Just get a single good ssd(like a 860 evo).


    Thank you!

    I will probably only use one SSD now.

    It would be possible btw, to create a RAID array in command prompt at the installation of windows ^^

  9. Hello!


    So I will setup my home server soon, now I ask myself how to setup the Boot "RAID1 array" for the OS (Windows Server 2016).

    I have 2 SSDs with ~250GB, where I would like to install the OS onto.


    My motherboard supports BIOS/"firmware?" Raid (Intel RST enterprise SATA/SSATA option ROM Utility) (Board: Asus Z11PA-U12).


    Should I just setup the RAID1 in the BIOS/Firmware?

    Or is there a "better" way? (I know of other ways but not if they are better ^^)


    Thanks in advance!


  10. 3 hours ago, Dark said:

    R410 and R710 are ancient.  He also doesn't want to buy used.

    The Silver 4108 isn't bad but the base clock is slow (the 6700k offers higher compute capability).  Check out the Xeon-D 2100 series chips, may or may not be up your alley.


    *edit* the passmark score I looked at for the 4108 was referencing a dual socket setup, so I bolded my correction.


    9 hours ago, dionkoffie said:

    If money isn't that big of an issue, start looking at some professional servers. Maybe consider buying a PowerEdge R410 or an R710 if you're up for that. Space for a shitton of ram and storage devices. 


    The only downside would be the noise. Especially when it boots up. You can turn the fans down, but they will still make more noise than a regular desktop. 

    Thank you both for helping!

    I think I will go for the Xeon Silver 4110, since the D-2100 Series isn't available in my region now and the 4110 has a bit higher clock speeds at a small price increase.


  11. Hello!


    I am running Windows Server 2016 on my home server and currently there is a i7-6700K installed (on a B150 board),

    which is delidded and has liquid metal in it ( :S ), with only 16 GB of non ECC RAM.


    I think about upgrading to:

    Intel® Xeon® Silver 4108 Processor (~ € 415)

    Asus Z11PA-U12 (3 mini SAS connectors would be really nice to have, or 12 SATA Ports) (~ € 365)

    1 Stick of Kingston Premier DIMM 32GB, reg ECC (KSM26RD4/32HAI) for maybe future updates (~ € 370)


    Money wouldn't be the issue here, but do you have  any suggestions for a other config which would make more sense?

    Also those components would be easily available and I don't like to buy used stuff.


    Thanks in advance!

  12. 13 minutes ago, wojtepanik said:

    those ssd are on sata or NVMe?

    They are NVMe (M.2)


    14 minutes ago, joshfrog said:

    what motherboards do you have. if they can take a thunderbolt add-in card you will get much faster speeds from it. aslong as both boards support it, i have it on my gaming rig to my server but had lots of trouble setting it up to start with. once i got it working worked well however.


    if you want to go 10g you will also need a switch or router that can handle 10g 

    it wont be cheap if money is a concern and your motherboard s support it check thunderbolt out.

    I have a "Asus ROG Maximus X Hero", but wouldn't thunderbolt use PCIe lanes too?

    Money is no concern, I would rather to it with ethernet, but thanks!


    23 minutes ago, BubblyCharizard said:

    it will use the PCH lanes as only the 2x8 for your 1080ti's will come off the CPU, but you should be fine


    you will be sharing the lanes that come from the CPU to the PCH (IIRC its a x4)

    Thank you! 

    At the intel chipset spec site the max number of PCIe lanes is 24, so could it be a x8 link too? 

  13. Hello!


    I want to upgrade to 10GBit at home (well, the connection from Gaming Rig to NAS).

    The question now is, would I loose any performance on my Gaming Rig by doing so?


    I have:

    1x i7-8700K

    2 x 1080Ti

    2 x Samsung 960 Pro 1TB, in RAID0


    I want to add one 10G NIC (ROG AREION 10G ?)


    I kinda know that there is an "excess" of PCIe Lanes on the Z370 Chipset for the drives and other stuff.


    But will those be enough? Or will I loose any performance?


    Thanks in advance!


  14. 1 minute ago, CyberneticTitan said:

    I'm not sure what your use-case for your games are, but since you are backing up your steam library, which I assume are just game data and not saves, (Since save data is much smaller and not sensitive you can upload them virtually everywhere) so this data is infrequently accessed. Please correct me if I'm not understanding. This game data is also not super crucial in the fact that you can always re-download them.

    For these reasons I would recommend buying a $100 4TB hard drive, using Steam to backup the game data once, and then storing it away.

    You are right, its just the games, most save files are on the steam cloud anyway.


    I just like to have them backed up the games somewhere, since my RAID 0 array failed a few times (my own faults ^^).


    Since I download new games sometimes and sometimes there are big updates, I would like to back them up weekly and automatically (my NAS has a lot of unused space anyway).