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  1. @goodtofufriday, thanks, I updated the original comment @pwn_intended, thanks for the information, but I changed it directly after the BIOS update was finished
  2. Dear LTT cummunity! I hope you can help me with this one. A few minutes ago I updated my bios and that made my RAID 0 array fail. As in the attached picture, there is 1 drive missing but an "additional" drive down below which should correctly be the "missing" disk! It should be mentioned, that it's not a boot drive, but the storage array with all my games and documents (I can't remember if all my data on that storage array is backed up on my NAS) Additional note, everything was running fine for months, just after the (successful) BIOS update the raid array broke, everything else still runs fine. Hardware: i7-6700K at 4,8GHz 32gb of some Gskill RAM at 3200 MHz Asus Maximus VIII Formula Samsung 950 512gb (Boot drive) Samsung 850 Pro x 2 (should be Raid 0) GTX 1080 FE at ~1900MHz Custom Watercooling (EKWB) Has anyone any ideas? Thank you very much in advance! Best regards TomSerious
  3. Thank you!! To clarify, I got a very nice desktop at home (i7 6700k 4,7ghz/gtx 1080/950pro/custom water cooling and so on ^^), I would just need the laptop on business trips to play in the evening or when I am at my gf and would do my on trip office work on it.
  4. Hello everybody. Got any recommendations on a good gaming (and office...) notebook? Preferably Asus and the price doesn't matter really, let's say a max of € 3000 or so. Thank you very much in advance! Best regards Thomas
  5. haha, yeah that is the only thing about the K95, it could use 10 less macro buttons. But regarding the mouse, I am so used to my 12 buttons on the Naga, I don't really wanna miss them (keys like: Enter, Esc, B, M)
  6. I have mine now for a while. At first I wanted to send it back, but after fiddling around with it and playing more games, I will never use my xbox controller again. Racing games need a bit to set up but, in my opinion, feel and play much better with the steam controller (over xbox).
  7. Hello everybody! So my current keyboard is the "G910 Orion Spark" and the mouse "Naga Epic Chroma". Now one key broke on my Naga and I was thinking about getting a new keyboard anyways. About the G910, it's okay to type but after setting up my old G710 (MX Brown) the G910 feels kinda "mushy?" and the non RGB media keys are annoying. About the mouse, I would need a few macro buttons (minimum of 2 extra) on it, about the size of the Naga and RGB. Budget is not a factor! I was glancing at Corsair now for a while (thanks Linus) and preferably I would like to get the keyboard and mouse from the same manufacturer (one software). How about those: Corsair K95 RGB - MX Brown Corsair Scimitar RGB Do you have any other suggestions? Thank you very much in advance!
  8. I guess I am ready ^^ Specs: CPU: i7-6700K at 4,7GHz GPU: Asus GF GTX 1080 F.E. at 2GHz RAM: Gskill F4-3200C16Q-32GVK (32GB at 3,2 GHz) Score: 11 Custom Watercooling (CPU+MB+GPU)
  9. Hello! What would get me better cooling performance? A 420 rad with 3 x 140 Fans or a 480 rad with 4 x 120 Fans? Thank you very much in advance! Regards TomSerious
  10. Hello everyone! So I have 2 Samsung 850 pro 1TB SSDs in my rig (and some other smaller SSDs). I am sure this question has been asked 1000s of times, but: Is it better to have them separate or in a RAID config? (Currently separate) Backups aren't a problem and reinstalling windows is (believe it or not) kinda fun for me to do (in case of a hw failure in RAID) The config should be for "extreme" use, since I sit on my pc all day long (after work :P). I don't do anything special atm (Gaming, surfing,...), but want to be prepared if I do. Now, would it bring me any significant improvement to run them in RAID? If so, which kind of RAID? (Not really familiar with storage stuff atm) I guess 0? Thank you very much in advance Best regards TomSerious
  11. Since he tagged me in this thread, I guess he meant me to follow it too and see the replies ;D Now, I found some devices from linksys but those are more for small enterprise use (pretty pricey). I guess I will search more tomorrow, good night everybody.
  12. That's sad to read, but I would have the capabilities to change it in my home here (budget and so on) :x. Could you recommend me any device, with 2 WAN ports or something, so I might have more options?
  13. Thank you so much for helping! I will test it further. Unfortunately it is ISP equipment and the settings tab is very limited.
  14. I am from Austria. I just found out, that my LTE router has a "LAN1/WAN" port! I just plugged my DSL router in there.
  15. My routers don't support that option unfortunately, do you have any recommendations? Thank you so much btw for your help! Additionally what I found out was that a lot of routers don't work well with both of my providers since there is a daily reset of the connection.
  16. How well would the load balance work out? A moderately fast and stable connection would be optimal, but as I heard from other sources that's not really possible. Or is it? LTE as the primary and DSL as a failover sounds like a good deal too, I am fairly new to networking and don't really have a clue (yet) how to combine those things or what would be better in terms of stability increase with minimal speed decrease.
  17. Hello everybody! So I have: 1 Router with a very slow but stable Internet connection (DSL) 1 Router with a fast but not that stable Internet connection (4G/LTE) 1 (my) main PC (Win 10) 1 PC for my girlfriend who is visiting sometimes (Win 10) Now my questions are: Is it better to use a switch and connect everything to there or is it better to connect the routers directly to the 2 PCs individually and then the 2 PCs together too?? (file transfer) Are there any other (better) options? For the routers: Would it be better (or even work) if I connect them with 2 cables to the same network(s)? Since the ports on the routers only have 100mbit. Costs aren't really a problem, and I have to buy everything new either way(networking cards / switch / whateverelse), since atm there are just the 2 PCs and one of them is connected to the routers (maybe a NAS will be added). Thank you very much in advance for any replies! If further Information is needed please ask. Best regards TomSerious