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  1. Thank you all for replying, for those who suggested that I wait until the AMD announcement that is happening soon I will most certainly do so I didn't realise how soon that was happening. Jay, I would respectfully disagree with you, I believe that these flaws must be considered as when they fix them using microcode updates there will most likely be some sort of performance impact on the CPUs which must be considered, however I do agree that it shouldn't be the only consideration but due to its nature I believe it has to be thrown in with the rest.
  2. Hi, I am currently considering an upgrade from Intel 5820K and am wondering if with all the flaws such as Zombieland and the impact the possible fixes will have on performance is it now time to join team AMD. I am doing this as I have been for a while doing virtualisation and want to give myself a bit more breathing room when it comes to the number of VMs that I can run at once, I also game and some video editing. I have been considering the i9 9920X/9960X and threadripper 2950X (I do realise there is a difference in cores with the 9920X) but my biggest concern is what kind of perfomance impact the fixes will have, I know Intel tends to be better for gaming but with the hit to performance will it be? Any advice or information would be grearly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Dibble93

    HDD enclosure for Raspberry Pi

    Probably 2 or 4 to give me a little room to grow
  4. Hi Everyone,, I'm wanting to use my Pi 3 as a NAS/Plex server (yes i am aware that it is not very powerful however I have tested it using a flash drive and for now it is an appropriate solution for streaming around my household), and I've been trying to find a multi bay hard drive enclosure but I can't seem to find one that is compatible with it. I'm planning on using this method as I already have HDDs and don't want to purchase USB drive to use. Has anyone had any experience with this if so do they have any suggestions on a product or a manufacturer to look at? Any advice is much appreciated Thanks
  5. Dibble93

    D5 Revo pwm isaue

    I'm just trying flushing the system now I've flushed the system completely and it looks like it may have sorted it but it's hard to tell with clear fluid but I'll post once I've tried refilling it with my coolant Hey guys it seems to have worked the fluids coming through thanks a lot
  6. Dibble93

    D5 Revo pwm isaue

    I've gone and tried filling it up upside down and no luck and I ordered the pump online from overclockers so I'm not sure if it is the new revision or not
  7. Dibble93

    D5 Revo pwm isaue

    I don't have that one cause the pump res had a 140 res and I upgraded to the 200 the one I have is really short and if aloe Vera solution works will it cause an issue with temps as the fluid is struggling to get round
  8. Dibble93

    D5 Revo pwm isaue

    I will give it a try tomorrow and will let you guys know and thanks for the help
  9. Dibble93

    D5 Revo pwm isaue

    This one is better cause the system has been running for a minute
  10. Dibble93

    D5 Revo pwm isaue

    Yeah I do have a drain port and yeah I can but if I tried filling it upside down wouldn't cause issues with my pump as it will be on top of my res
  11. Dibble93

    D5 Revo pwm isaue

    Yeah and the res starts to fill up even though there no fluid coming in from the top. I've tilted it shook it and the only time it makes a difference is I'd I told it back and the tube fills up but as soon as I level it out again the tube empties
  12. Dibble93

    D5 Revo pwm isaue

    Hey guys I have a 9am D5 rwvo pwm and recently changed my graphics card in the loop. Now when I changed the card and started filling the system it won't bleed but I also noticed that there seems to be an issue of the fluid coming out the top radiator to the point where the tube from the radiator to the reservoir is empty and I can't see any fluid going into the res. Is this a pump issue or could there be a block in the radiator? Thanks
  13. I didn't think it would but I would rather ask and know for a fact. They're not big ones just two minor ones and I did use an insert and cause the bends were fairly horrible to do I used the best ones I did and unfortunately they had flat spots. Thanks for the replies.
  14. Hi I know this may sound stupid bit I've recently done a water cooled build and when bending the tubes I have noticed I've ended up having a few flats spots on some of the bendsame how badly can this affect the cooling perslfornance of the system?
  15. Dibble93

    Cleaning new EK radiators

    He has I think but in one of his tech talks he said it's still a good idea but it's which ones worth doing