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    AMD A10 7870k
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    Gigabye GA-F2A88X-D3HP
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    8gb Corsair 1600mhz
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    XFX R9 390
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    Corsair Spec-01
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    1tb Toshiba Hard Drive / 124gb Toshiba SSD
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    29" 2560x1080 ultrawide (Non-Curved)
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    Cryorig H7
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    Mad Catz 3? (Forgot the exact name)
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    G930 Headset and Water Dancing Speakers
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    Windows 10 Pro
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  1. Wow I went on microcenter website and see an open box Rx 580 8gb and jump to reserve and legit I clicked the button and it said"no longer available" these miners are crazy

    1. DocSwag


      If only you got it...


      You could've bought it and then sold it for $100-$200 more. Ez profit.

    2. Abyss Gaming

      Abyss Gaming

      That's what I was planning on

  2. I don't think he would... But if you really are hopeful @LinusTech
  3. It really couldn't be done unless you wanted to code your own os and games
  4. S8 really isn't half bad as touch wiz had gotten much better. Still would prefer stock but, it's really not bad. It was quite different from my Droid turbo tho
  5. Still don't have enough for ryzen lol. I'm like 100 short.
  6. I feel bad for you Canadians. If I won the lottery I'd probably give away something to a random Canadian on the forum
  7. I think he means the battery case takes more time than the normal charger to charge
  8. That part I did know. I guess we won't know until the op enlightens us lol btw unrelated 1070 and monitor never answered rip
  9. Yea when it's in my cart it says mail in rebate. Pic attached. I have to show you with the more expensive ftw as I reserved the sc.
  10. Oh I didn't know that.
  11. Lol you gonna steal it from me? The Westbury one. I already reserved it tho so you won't be able to find it. Unless you mean which card, in which it's a sc acx 2.0 evga open box
  12. I don't think they'd accept an RMA, and the title says mini 4
  13. You'd need a new lcd to fix it sadly (atleast I'm 99 percent sure, could be a lose connection, you could check if you're comfortable)
  14. Microcenter
  15. Alright thanks, I guess I'll go for it