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  1. ParticlePhysicist

    1080ti issues

    darn, i live and work in china so i guess ill have to find the nearest service center then? its annoying but so long as i get another one im fine haha thanks for the quick reply!
  2. ParticlePhysicist

    1080ti issues

    So just recently i have been having issues with my top gpu, its been randomly (upon start up sometimes) displaying a messed up screen. i have tried reinstalling latest drivers and it worked but just now it started doing it again..i also notice random spikes in my cpu that causes everything to momentarily "freeze" for like a second then resume...this system is a year old. any help is appreciated.
  3. Hey I'm hoping to get some helpful advice on what parts to use for my custom LL that i want o build. I already have the computer built im just in the phase of searching for the right parts to suit the aesthetics but also have excellent performance. I'm using the Phanteks 515ETG (Evolve ATX tempered glass) right now with a i7-7700k 32gb of gskill rgb ram, kracken x62 AIO, two 1080ti Poseidon's. i will be switching out my cpu and mobo for the asus rog maximus formula and the 8700k. I want to OC my cpu to at least 5ghz and of course my gpus well OC'd. But my issue is the size of the case. what thickness of a rad should i get (front mount) that would give adequate performance in cooling but also not take up so much space as to leave room for the pump and res. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks (pics of my system and some parts i would like to use but unsure of what rad is best. ofc if you have better suggestions for parts please feel free to tell me)
  4. i want to run Inventor as well a CAD and MAYBE for some physics calculations and software for when and if i need to do some work on the road without access to my home comp. and of course gaming for when i want to relax on the road. budget around...i would say 3-4k. I mostly use laptops in hotels or on the plane if i can...or the he train. (long distance train)
  5. yeah what i thought as well..i told him i want the asus g800vi as my workstation laptop and gor gaming..i feel its a good choice for powerful rendering both in 3d and for certain calculations and auto cad etc..but i also may be wrong. If you've other suggestions that would be cool.
  6. Sorry for me this is simple more power means faster rendering times means better productivity but i recently got into a heated debate about this with an acquaintance of mine. Maybe I'm wrong maybe a thin laptop can be used to edit 4k video or auto CAD inventor in decent time. Please help me out haha
  7. ParticlePhysicist

    Please help me decide Scientific and gaming build

    Hey sorry for the late reply yes i use most of the same software as you also ROOT and others. In terms of budget limitations i just got some investors to help me fund my project so as of now I'm looking at 15-20k. Though i will need a lot of memory space for collision data etc..i would go with the E7 series BUT i was told that they require LOTS of RAM to be efficient..as RAM anywhere above 256Gb is VERY EXPENSIVE i doubt i could afford 1TB or maybe even 512GB. (i could be wrong about the E7 line up) as of now i bought two E5 2699v4 i'm thinking should be good enough to render or calculate in decent time.
  8. ParticlePhysicist

    Please help me decide Scientific and gaming build

    ahh i guess this is what he says. " just install the quadro driver over the geforce one and both types of cards will be available for use at any given time. for me, i have the display hooked up to the 980 ti, and have all the workloads go through the quadro. you can set this up in either program configuration files and/or the nvidia control panel. although you can make it easier on yourself by having a monitor with multiple inputs (mine only has a single displayport input thanks to it being an early Gsync monitor). that way you can have one input set to the quadro, the other to the geforce. and it's as simple as changing the input source on the monitor when you need to do work or have some free time to game. although i haven't tested this method. but i believe that's how it would work. if you do get a 970, let me know how it goes. i'd like to know for future reference."
  9. ParticlePhysicist

    Please help me decide Scientific and gaming build

    Ok yeah, im looking around doing some research into which GPU i should get, i do see some people having different GPUS in their systems. such as a guy on youtube that has a M4000 and two 980 in sli. Is it possible to have one for my rendering and computations and another for gaming?
  10. ParticlePhysicist

    Please help me decide Scientific and gaming build

    ahh that's true...and yes i do follow LTT i forgot to call it XP ha! damn yes i just looked again im sorry for my mistake i did mean the Z10 not the Z9. : ( Now another question would two Quadros instead of the two Titans be much different in terms of gaming? If i remember correctly from watching LTT that i CAN game on workstation GPUS...i dont clearly remember what draw backs there were..i will find the vid again.
  11. ParticlePhysicist

    Please help me decide Scientific and gaming build

    you are right a TESLA or other GPU would be better as they do have double precision. I'm hoping that the new Titans will also have double just as the last Gen models had as well. Keep in mind my computations are not as heavy as the ones i do at work or over at CERN. When i work there i always use their systems OBV. This system is purely for my own work toward my own hypothesis about Hadronization. I understand that my home system wont be able to render or maybe compute as fast as my work super comps do but again..i don't mind waiting a few days to get results on my home comp as again its my own work. haha yes i hope it will be a kick ass machine, i'm actually unsure which raid config i should go with i'm thinking Raid 1. The exasct Intel SSDs are the Intel 750 Series HHHL (CEM2.0) 1.2TB PCIe NVMe 3.0 x4 MLC. (from newegg)
  12. ParticlePhysicist

    Please help me decide Scientific and gaming build

    Actually I'm building my own system for my own research into Hadronization. As i am currently working with a Team here in China i would like to build a computer for home use to cycle through some data and simulation, as well as real time collisions. But thanks for being a supportive member and checking to see if i was a legit Scientist wanting advice for a home build. Obviously my work system is way better than this system i wish to build. Yes i have seen Cray systems comps, but as its for my personal use for research and leisure i would like to keep the cost a bit lower. So to reiterate my own work on Hadronization is separate from the work I'm currently doing on Neutrinos here in China. Thanks.