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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but that's what I ended up doing to get around the issue xd. One question though, is there a cmd to flush the server cache or something? Sometimes I'll update the workspace folder (add/ change a png or update the code) and I'm still being fed old file stuff. Like if I changed an apple png to an orange, my web page would still display an apple image.
  2. I see. Can't say I've heard or used nginx so I'll look into it in more detail. But quickly looking at it, the short answer seems to be I'm just gonna have to host the files somewhere or CORS won't leave me alone.
  3. For a course I'm taking, we use self made html pages to share our homework. Because of this, everything is supposed to be local files so web page urls look like "W://studentId/courseNum/index.html" and all the files follow the same format "W://studentId/courseNum/data.csv". For our next homework, we were given a series of latitudes and longitudes in data.csv and our goal is to display the markers with google maps implemented into our html page. The question is, is there anyway for me to locally import it? Every method I've tried with ajax and jQuery all result in a "file has been blocked by CORS policy..." I get that it's a safety concern but does that mean there is absolutely zero way for me to somehow read my json or csv file into an array then locally? Am I just gonna have to copy and paste the content of the json/ csv into a large array in my javascript code? Idk, it just doesn't seem really ideal to have such a large array located locally in your javascript code. //javascript file: crimes = [ {lat: a, lng: b}, {lat: c, lng: d}, {etc...} ] function (){ //read crimes }
  4. Yes, this code is for learning. We're supposed to use HTML in a class so I thought I'd familiarize myself with it. This code is a bit outdated. I could have sworn I had replaced all my hard dimensions with percents or vh/ vw, but I guess I never copied the new code and just ended up pasting the old one. Here is the updated the code. I was able to get it to format I wanted with the help of a template online. However, I was wondering if there is a more exact way to get the ratio for .img1 and .img2. There's like a 2 pixel gap or something between the height of the images. Probably not that noticeable, but a little annoying. Any other important changes, notes, etc. I should think about/ make for better design? <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title>Index</title> </head> <style> body { background-image: url("unicorn.png"); background-repeat: repeat; background-size: 10%; } .container { background: #008080; margin-top: 10%; margin-right: 10%; margin-left: 10%; text-align: center; } img { width: 100%; height: auto; } .picsRow { display: flex; } .img1 { flex: 1.38955823293; } .img2 { flex: 1; } </style> < <body> <div class='container'> <marquee><h1><big>Welcome to my meme page.</big></h1></marquee> <h2>This is where I post random stuff.</h2> <div class='picsRow'> <div class='img1'> <img src="sonyLogo.png"> </div> <div class='img2'> <img src="vaporwave.gif"> </div> <div class='img1'> <img src="sonyLogo.png"> </div> <div class='img2'> <img src="vaporwave.gif"> </div> <div class='img1'> <img src="sonyLogo.png"> </div> </div> </div> </body> </html>
  5. Thank you for the suggestion. I modified it so the code now just looks like: img { height: 15vh; } This has made it so that the images are the same height, however, they are no longer responsive. Of course, that's because I don't have a width statement in that code. But adding a width doesn't solve my issue either. img { height: 15vh; width: 15vw; } Maximized vs Minimized You'll notice that in the two images, the heights are changing responsively which is good, but this leads to unequal stretching between the two images. I'm trying to get it so the height is the same, but the image ratio stays the same. I'm also hoping to fit those 5 images on the same row. I've been trying to mess around with containers and flex, but for some reason, the spacing between each image is so far away, that with 5 images, they have shrunk down to the point where you can't even see them. Not really sure how to get flex working at this rate.
  6. Trying to learn html and making a test website. Was wondering how can I have a row of images to be both responsive and have the same height. As of right now, I have two images (different sizes) in the patter "a, b, a, b, a." Right now, I've just set a hard limit under the img tag for a width and height of 15%. That gives me a responsive image, but obviously won't return the same height for the two images. If I remove that block of code img{}, then I'll get the same height, but the images won't be responsive since I've hard set the size in the div. How can I have both responsive and the same height? Tried some stuff online but the images were just displaying vertically. I don't have any of the code I tried since I deleted it so here's the base code I'm working with. How could I make it so that the 2 images have the same height while also being responsive? <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en" xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"> <head> <meta charset="utf-8" /> <title>Index</title> </head> <style> img { height: 15%; width: 15%; } body { background-image: url("unicorn.gif"); background-size: 10%; background-repeat: repeat; } div { background-color: #008080; opacity: 1; position: center; margin-top: 76px; margin-right: 96px; margin-left: 96px; text-align: center; } </style> <body> <div> <h1>Welcome to my meme page.</h1> <h2>This is where I post random stuff.</h2> <img src="a.png" width="192" height="138"> <img src="b.png" width="138" height="138"> <img src="a.png" width="192" height="138"> <img src="b.png" width="138" height="138"> <img src="a.png" width="192" height="138"> </div> </body> </html>
  7. Idk, maybe something isn't right like you said. I don't remember if I checked off set PATH for all users (I would have assumed I did) but it's possible I didn't. If I were to type pip install redis directly into cmd, it will say "pip is not a recognized command." Again, it is possible because the PATH isn't correctly configured. I will give a look into venv in the future. Just curious, why is it better to create a venv than using cmd to install modules? UPDATE: I just reinstalled/ modified python and "pip install <package>" is now working fine in the cmd. Thanks for the help.
  8. Again, it just keeps giving me a syntax error with install. You're right, I really shouldn't be using the bash files, but I just haven't been able to get the pip cmd lines working properly. edit* I should note that the previous statement "python -m pip install redis" does work. Not sure why I can't use "pip install"
  9. Two questions here regarding installing modules and using python in command prompt. I've linked up python to cmd, so when I type in python, it lets me do python code in the cmd module. I thought after that, all you'd have to do is import pip, then type -m pip install <module>, however, I keep running into the error "pip" is invalid syntax. I'm able to get modules to install with pip just fine if I create a cmd with "pip install redis," but I just can't get it to work through cmd. What am I forgetting? The other question was regarding the tensorflow install. I took a look at their website, but I must have forgotten something? Again, I tried to use pip ("pip install tensorflow" as well as "pip --upgrade tensorflow") with a cmd file. It runs but some error pops up. I can't really tell you what the error is because the cmd prompt closes instantly after the error, but I'm sure it's probably because I'm forgetting something. Thanks.
  10. I just wanted to double check something about python referencing. I was trying to create a 2d list using a tempList and a finalList, but noticed that by doing tempList.clear(), it would delete all the contents in finalList as well. However, if I were to just do tempList = [], the contents would be saved in finalList. Does this happen because in the former example, the finalList is still referencing tempList, so all the contents are just linked up? Whereas in the latter example, tempList = [] is creating a new object, thus allowing for the old contents to be kept vs being destroyed? Code and outputs: tempList = [] finalList = [] for i in range(3): for j in range (4): tempList.append(j) finalList.append(tempList) tempList.clear() print (finalList) #Output: [[], [], []] ############################################## finalList = [] for i in range(3): tempList = [] for j in range (4): tempList.append(j) finalList.append(tempList) print (finalList) #Output: [[0, 1, 2, 3], [0, 1, 2, 3], [0, 1, 2, 3]]
  11. https://www.howtogeek.com/401624/what-is-nvidia-dlss-and-how-will-it-make-ray-tracing-faster/ This article should give you some more info regarding DLSS. DLSS is essentially a form of "efficient" super sampling, allowing the gpu to render games at a higher resolution so that when downscaled to native resolution, the images look good and sharp. Any game that currently supports rtx will also support DLSS (Battlefield 5, Atomic Heart <- not out yet, etc). But yeah, the whole point of the AI learning is that it figures out the most efficient way to render an image vs the traditional way where everything upscaled is rendered the same way, regardless of how efficient it is or isn't per scene. Regarding performance gains, yes, I would assume every driver update would help improve this. I mean, how fast can this ai learn? I can't answer that. Just keep in mind that there have been nvidia techs out there (ex: phyx) that are couple years old but still kill fps like no other. Nvidia will have their "server" and RTX cards that will be running different games none stop and have the ai learn about efficient ways. According the article I posted earlier, local files will be created that contains information regarding the games you play that support DLSS, so I would assume with every driver update, updates to the file (like more efficient methods for upscale rendering) would be applied and used. It probably could. Again, my understanding is that DLSS is essentially just another form of rendering images. So yeah, it's just another graphic setting.
  12. I have the Sennheiser 6xx and I've been thinking about getting the massdrop CTH + sDac for it. Currently have a simple uDac but people say the 6xx sound much better with a more powerful and better amp. Was about to order it but I noticed that my iem's (currently RHA ma750) outer rubber layer by the earpiece had ripped open a little. The iem still works fine, however, I feel that a week or so, the whole area might end up breaking. Either way, I was thinking about getting some iems with detachable cables as broken cables are my main cause of losing iems and I heard a lot of good things about the Campfire Audio Orions. Should I go with those? Or should I get the CTH for the 6xx and in general usage and get a cheaper pair of iems like the shure se215? Trying to see what's worth it and what's not. Update: I just found the Campfire Nova's for $300, which would put them in the same price range as the Orions and the CTH. Hmm.... Wonder if the Nova's or the Orion are worth it compared to something like the se215 or some equivalently priced iem.
  13. That would be up to the OP to decide then if he/she wants to go with a standard dac + amp, dac amp combo, or go with a soundcard option.
  14. Why wouldn't an external dac be good for gaming? It's the setup I use and I've never felt that I was at a disadvantage. Tbh, I think it was better because usually the software that comes with drivers always add on "annoying" effects like their game awareness, bass boosted, etc. And even with them turned off, I still felt that the external dac amp was just slightly better. Of course, I would like to try this with a better unit than the one I am currently using, but I guess in other words, there's nothing wrong with using an external dac. But like you said, in the OP's case, the dac should be the last one purchased. 1,000 mW x 2 at 32 ohms, 125 mW x 2 at 300 ohmsX3 Pro. Taking the numbers from massdrop: "1,000 mW x 2 at 32 ohms, 125 mW x 2 at 300 ohms" I believe you'll be fine and should have no issues with it. Seems to have good reviews as well.