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  1. Can someone help me I've got a phlips fw-c120 I'm trying to add a bluetooth receiver(csr8645 with integrated b1203s DC/DC converter). I intended to add the bluetooth modules audio output to input side of the source selector but after adding it here on the seems to add a lot of background noise, I'm assuming this is due to both the DC/DC and the rest of the circuit sharing the same ground signal. I did find this C100 service manual which mine seems to be a cut down version of that shows the source selection circuit on page 71 https://www.vintageshifi.com/repertoire-pdf/pdf/telecharge.php?pdf=Philips-FWC-100-Service-Manual.pdf Any suggestions to sort the background noise please?
  2. While I dont agree with The Procrastinator 7715 he does have a point only no reference was made to your credentials only a quick mention half way through the video. Obviously this is a LTT problem having many writers, camera workers and editors only credited for a few frames after the sponsor spot when the video has ended. I decided to buy one of these but opted for the easythreed store on aliexpress to the uk as better price than your links. My issue is the video you wrote makes references to a part cooling fan multiple times and heated bed mod but doesnt actually test or provide links. The fan is only a £3 25mm fan and small print unless you order direct from easythreed. There's also reference to a heated bed mod in the video but no links or reference where to find details on this mod which could allow ABS printing.
  3. GTX 780 or 970 used. 780 is so common its definitely less powerful so I'd deffo get a 970 if you can pickup cheap. 980ti is overpriced when its easy to still pickup a 1070 for not much more, 780ti goes for too much against the 780
  4. You should upgrade the cpu gaming on anything under 4ghz is a bit rubbish nowadays
  5. I dont think either of these guys realise the res is part of the pump but also a reservoir isnt actually required so it wouldnt be added as extra in a budget loop. I was actually researching a replacment combined res/pump and found theres actually a few pumps made my syscooling as well as the sc-300t theres also a sc-60, sc-p60 and sc-300 but looking at how these models are configured it should be possible to use one of the ports as input/output with a drain attached. I was thinking about adding one of these but not happy as it means adding more potential failure points with extra joints. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/G1-4-Thread-3-Way-T-Shape-Fitting-Splitter-Adapter-for-PC-Water-Cooling-System-Water/32844683417.html
  6. So I bought a SC-300t and stuck what to do for a drain port like you.
  7. I think a overclocked 970 will beat a 580 in 1080p which is what the mainstream plays on. I've had 3 970s and all have overclocked to at least 1460mhz or higher (some being able to hit 1500+) and essentially overclocks to 980 performance at 1080p tested by digital foundry I've looked at plenty of 580 reviews and not one tested 980 performance and most only tested against a reference 970 model, I don't know anyone who owns a reference 970 so this doesn't seem very relevant. The one review I've found that supports my theory is on gamersnexus where it beats 580 performance slightly and even better a memory overclock should close the gap a little at 1440p.
  8. Hi guys I'm looking at buying a GTX 1080 soon and plan on fitting a AIO water cooler bracket like the NZXT Kraken G10(not sure this one will actually fit lol). As venders are bringing out there own non reference cards soon I intend on buying one of those with a second power connector for stable overclocking. Gamers nexus managed a overclock of 2164mhz by lowering the memory clock to steal voltage I intend on a similar clock but dont wish to end up bricking my card. I'm considering the MSI Armor or gaming X card but I need to know if there will be differences in the cards other than the coolers? BTW I'm aware there a MSI SEA Hawk card with a waterblock attached but I want a cheaper card especially since I already own a AIO watercooler.