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  1. How Can i Seperate my connection away from lagging? Because my Whole Family are using Youtube and it makes my Game Lag, When i play on Sea Server Games i have 50 Ping or lower(Only me connected), if they are connected, my ping goes up to 200+, How do i Fix this? is there a way? What Internet Cafe's do to avoid Lag in one Wifi? Is there an item i can buy to solve this?
  2. @soup @RadiatingLight Yes it shows a POST, everything is working i dont know why it boots, but maybe i cannot play games only use facebook for a while
  3. Can i play Games without Onboard Graphics/Graphics Card? When i run Counter Strike :Global Offensive it wont run, i dont know if its the Steam or because i dont have onboard graphics/gpu
  4. Can i Play Heavy games like Gta V in 1080p Med - High Settings? My Specs: P8H61 Motherboard i5 2500 non k Procie Gtx 750 ti Storm Dual x 8 Gb 1333mhz Ram 250 GB + 500 GB Hdd 400 Watts PSU Thanks for Replies
  5. What is the Best Gaming Graphics Card that can run any Games that doesnt need 4/6 Pins Connector.. Just like 750 ti, just place it on the motherboard then Done! Ty for your replies and ofcourse only Cheap graphics card pls
  6. How do i get The max performance of a graphics card and my CPU? Except Overclocking.. Is there other way to get the Max Performance.. Like removing the bottleneck? My Specs: I5 2500 non k 3.3ghz X2 4gb ddr3 1333ghz RAM Sapphire 5670 DDR5 1gb 500gb and 250gb HHD 400max PowerSupply Ty for your replies
  7. Help! It says that i dont have a Connection on internet. Ethernet Cables are plugged on, and wifi works completely fine, other devices have internet working fine, buy my computer have an "x" sign on my internet logo, i tried to connect, but it keeps asking me too redial because there was an issue on connecting...
  8. What is onboard graphics?Can i use that while using a Gpu with CrossfireX on it? Answer both question Clearly pls, im not good at pc
  9. @Samppa221 @Starelementpoke do they still have the same performance when you overclocked it at the same ghz?
  10. @hex4 i have i5 2500 but no "k" do they still have a same performance?
  11. I have i5 2500 non k processor, do they have different Lga Socket? What does the "K" mean?
  12. Does Motherboard Matters? I need to complete my rig this week! I have i5 2500 and it requires a Lga 1155, im thinking to go with z77 or H67 Motherboard, i cant find z77 in Ph, only H67, but i want to get the best Performance of i5 2500.. H67 vs Z77 do they have similar Performance i can get? Or just tell me what Motherboard i can use with i5 2500 that performs very well (No z77 Mobo's)... Ty ty
  13. @aisle9 @ShadowTechXTS I have 5670 gpu and im not sure if my i5 2500 and 5670 Ddr5 can run Gta V Medium Settings at 1080p...
  14. I have i5 2500k and planning to switch to gaming performance cpu, im thinking about a10 7850k, so i was thinking who performs better at gaming? And can someone suggest a great budget cpu that performs extremely good at gaming? (I only matter at FPS)
  15. My specs: Asrock z77 Extreme4 Intel i5 2500k 3.3ghz Sapphire 5670 1gb DDR5 400w PowerSupply Ddr3 4gb ram Barracuda 500 gb harddrive