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  1. Yeah I can compare brightness in nits but I'm asking for a real world experience because iPhone 11 produces 625 nits and the 11 pro and my galaxy note 5 (yeah I've been using it that long) produce 800+ nits. So clearly more is better but is 625 nits good enough or not. Also about the switch I'm the type of person that gets a smartphone and sticks with it for a long while like you see I'm still rocking a Samsung galaxy note 5 since 2015 ... yeah I don't intend on keeping any phone more than 2 years from now on but at the same time even if I do I want to have the best support and software updates. I like customization on Android and I have Nova launcher installed with custom made widgets and homescreens and gestures. This is all cool and everything but my device is running Android 7 and even when Android 7 was released I got it like 6-12 months later. So for me I'm looking for something that will be supported for a long while if I need to and in some cases when I compare iOS apps to android there's just no comparison. Some of the very good apps are available on iOS only or of higher quality than their android counterparts.
  2. So I'm looking to get an iPhone 11 but I went to the store and compared its screen to the iPhone 11 Pro and there was a huge difference in screen brightness. I turned the brightness level to the max on both and still the iPhone 11 did look very dimmed even compared to what the videos on YouTube show. So is it like this or was there a setting that still lowered the brightness overall? I'm looking to switch from Android to iOS so I might've missed something here.
  3. Project cars 2 looks nice. Have you tried the multiplayer mode? I've been looking for something like Need for speed Most wanted (2005) but nothing comes close to a game this fun and Dirt 3 of course.
  4. Hi All, I've been looking for racing games recently (any type of vehicle/craft) to play not just for single player mode but most importantly an online multiplayer mode. I own Dirt 3 and I really loved it especially the fun modes (Cat N Mouse, Outbreak, Capture the flag....etc). Now that there is no one who plays this game I find myself looking for an alternative. I know that one of the games that will be suggested is The Crew 2. From what I hear, its not a good buy. Most say that it gets boring after a short while. Also there is Wreckfest. What do you think of this one? Can you suggest any racing game whether its a real type of racing or a made up one?
  5. Is GTA V online racing included in the GTA V game or do I need to make a separate purchase? Also, does it look good? I know I can watch videos for it but they're not the same as seeing it for yourself.
  6. I think that The Crew 2 probably fits what I've described better than the other ones. Its coming out in a matter of days now and I think it might actually be good.
  7. Well I think this is a let down. Not only is it not the genre I expected, but it's not good as a game either. I've watched videos that support that claim and shows where it really sucks. For a moment there it reminded my of the arcade Split/Second game. Does anyone know a good car game that looks good with some action? I don't like NFS Payback. I want something like Burnout paradise or Dirt 3 (Outbreak mode). Games that doesn't just involve cars and normal racing, but has some fantasy or Adrenalin action to it like the ones I mentioned.
  8. Are the Mass effect andromeda and mad max any good?
  9. I was just wandering around videos about games on YouTube and I came across this video: I saw the car game that was being played and I was unable to identify it. Does anyone know what is the name of this game? I'd like very much to play since it looks cool.
  10. Hi All, I'm planning to upgrade my storage to SSD and I was wondering if my motherboard can take the M.2 Samsung 970 EVO Series. And if it is worth the extra cash knowing that for the price of 500 GB version, I can get a regular 1 TB SSD. I usually use my PC for Netflix and gaming (Not for long periods but on a daily basis: Starwars Battlefront 2, Starcraft 2, CS GO). Here are my specs if you're wondering Core i5 6402P MSI H170 Gaming M3 16 GB DDR4 GTX 1070 I'm mainly doing this because having used SSD before, I now feel how badly my HDD performs especially during boot and loading times. Not to mention it takes ages to copy stuff around. I'm intending on reinstalling Windows and moving the mentioned games to the SSD for better performance. So 500 GB should be sufficient, isn't it?
  11. Yeah I guess CES can uncover some interesting laptops. I probably shouldn't have used the word "confusion". The thing is, I'm overwhelmed with options and each laptop appeals to me in some way. Honestly, if I didn't need the ability to expand to 32GB in the future, I would've picked the Asus UX430UA straight away. Its all what I need except its RAM is not upgradable and its price is very very reasonable for its specs considering how expensive other similar laptops can be (such as Razer or XPS 13). Some would say why do you need more than 16GB but I find myself at times using all 12 GB of my current laptop and around 2-4 GBs from swap. So that equates to 16GB total. I'm not sure if I would use up all the 32GB at some point. But what I'm sure of is 16GB is not going to be enough for my usage for a long time and I hate to buy a laptop then find myself wanting to replace it because its memory is so low. I actually wouldn't have thought about replacing my current laptop if it weren't for the high memory usage. I would've just bought a nice fast SSD and used it to speed it up a bit and that's it.
  12. Since there is a lot of confusion Let me ask another question, is the Dell XPS 15 worth it? Does it last long? I want to buy a laptop that comfortably be in service for years (at least 2 or 3). The one that I have now is with me since 2014 and its everything I need except its HDD is slow and memory is 12GB max and battery life wasn't great. So will the XPS last that long or longer? The one thing that makes me hesitate is its price (after shipping/handling). Also, do you know of any Lenovo Thinpads that can take 32GBs with quad core CPU? It doesn't matter to me if its a an HQ or U CPU also it doesn't matter Core i5 or Core i7. It only needs to have 4 physical cores. Anything more is welcome.
  13. I'm not familiar with Clevo laptops at all and I would prefer to stick with the well known brands. I felt the same about the Razer blade stealth at first, till I read some articles and reviews that it actually is a good well built laptop despite Razer not being a laptop company.
  14. How mediocre? What I do is intensive and I expect no laptop to withstand it. But when I'm browsing the web, I expect around 4-5 hours at least of battery life. Did the N580VD last less than that? Also which one did you have? They say the touch screen model which is the one I sent in the link: N580VD-DB74T the one that ends with "T" has a decent monitor. Also I found its 17.3 inch model https://www.amazon.com/N580VD-DB74T-VivoBook-Touchscreen-backlit-keyboard/dp/B07661CYPD/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1515227998&sr=8-2&keywords=asus%2Bvivobook%2Bn580vd&th=1 Is it upgradeable to 32GB too?
  15. No real preference. But it shouldn't be more than reach 6 pounds like most gaming laptops do. I'll look at the Asus Q504UA you sent. What do you guys think about this https://www.amazon.com/N580VD-DB74T-VivoBook-Touchscreen-backlit-keyboard/dp/B0747S3V8D/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1515227998&sr=8-2&keywords=asus%2Bvivobook%2Bn580vd&th=1 I searched for the answers and other places online if it that Asus N580VD can be upgraded to 32GB RAM and I see a lot of conflicting answers. Some say it can be upgraded, others say it can't. Has anyone tried it? Or have it and can confirm it?