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  1. idk am I able to buy a single hyper x fury 1600 8GB ram? I cant seem to find one. (UK)
  2. My specs: i7 4790, 1x8GB RAM 1600 ddr3, GTX 960 2gb. I'm planning to upgrade to a GTX 1060 6GB. Just wondering that will I see any performance boosts when playing games like gta5 and PUBG? The reason why I'm asking is because I have single channel RAM. I was planning to buy a gtx 1060 6GB MSI OC ver. Thanks.
  3. I did, It will fit height wise but I have a feeling that the socket I circled is going to obstruct the heatsink.
  4. I'm planning to install an after market CPU Cooler (Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO CPU Cooler) for my i7 4790. CPU gets dumb how like around 70-80 degrees C when playing games. I have a ASUS H81M-Plus Mother Board and I am wondering if the actual heat-sink could find onto my motherboard without any obstruction? I have a picture of my PC Motherboard but I have a feeling that this cable (circled) will get in the way of my heat-sink. And Yes, I know it's dusty asf it's a pain in the ass to clean.
  5. Stock Cooler. Like my PC would be off for days, soon as I turn it on and start a game, I start lagging. Here are videos:
  6. Well when I first bought this PC, it came with this i3 4170. Couple years down I decided to upgrade to a i7 4790 like the one I mentioned. When I installed it, and started playing games on the new CPU, it was performing BADLY, like terrible. I would experience lag spikes every 2mins for no reason. I put my i3 back in and the stuttering stopped but of course running at a low FPS. The games that I was trying to run are PUBG and GTA5.
  7. Alright, also because of my performance issue with the i7 4790, would resetting the CMOS help or BIOS?
  8. I currently have my i3 installed and planing to reinstall the i7 4790. Is there anything I need to do? like toggle any settings in the mother board?
  9. Thanks I'll try. Also the smudge on the contacts be the reason for the poor performance? Currently I have my old CPU installed.
  10. Hey, I just wanted to ask if the contacts behind the CPU ( the gold parts ) have a small smudge on it will it affect the performance? (Core i7-4790) Couple years ago I was upgrading my PC from a i3 4170 to i7 4790 which was a 2nd hand CPU. I then accidentally got a bit of CPU grease on the contacts. It was light smudge. So I slightly wiped it off with a suitable material. So then I tried to sell it off to CEX a UK company that buys electronic goods and told me there's something on the contacts. Now I'm wondering cause of the smudge on the contacts could that be affecting my performance when playing games? And it there a way to wipe the smudge off properly? Here's a picture:
  11. Well I've made a few threads about experiencing lag spikes when gaming. This is a pre built low end gaming PC made by PC Specialist. It comes with a i3 4170, 1x8GB 1600 RAM, 1TB HDD and GT 740 2gb. I upgraded to a 9602GB, everything still went good. Then when I upgraded to a i7 4790 which was 2nd hand, my PC all of a sudden couldn't handle high end games such ass PUGB, GTA5 and DayZ. I've Reformatted my PC, updated BIOS cleaning dust from my rig and so much. But soon as I put my old CPU back in, everything runs smoother. So why would this happen? Here are my prev topics:
  12. thew

    GTA5 70% RAM usage.

    Could that also explain why my disk usage is always at 100% when gaming?