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  1. Setup: Ryzen 5 1600 Stock speed atm Aorus AX370 Gaming K5 F40 Bios ver. Patriot Viper Blackout 3000 Mhz GTX 1060 Zotac AMP I just got my new memory and installed it, it automatically defaulted to 21.33 when I booted in, when I went back into BIOS it didn't let me modify the frequency just choose the XMP profile which I did, it switched it rated 3000 Mhz but I couldn't boot in, the PC was freezing. I don't know if its IMC from my CPU that has max support for 2667 or the ram sticks. I'm using Aorus EasyOC to make it to 26.66 multiplier since I can't do so in BIOS. Any ideas what could it be? I'm not sure if its the CPU limitation cus it's not letting me put even 26.66 in the BIOS or is it the RAM. CPU-Z is identifying them as 21.33 Modules, so I went ahead and did and SPD Read and turns out it isn't 21.33 but 3000 as advertised. I'm keeping it 26.66 stable with software overclock but I can't make any changes in BIOS, any possible solutions?
  2. I told him already to send me back the card(I'd pay the postage) he's refusing to do so cus he's scared that I may found out he killed it. He just said He'll sue me for fraud. Q-Q
  3. In person, and yes I know it was working. I used it personally
  4. So basically I sent a dude 100% working GTX 1060 personally used freshly taken out of MB perfectly taken cared of card. He puts it into some cheap 3rd gen intel MB and chieftec PSU(trashy quality) Telling me his PC won't boot up. Then tells me he went to technician and that he checked the card saying the card is completely dead. Now keeping in mind the guy didn't even know what an X16 slot is and that he inserted it himself etc etc. Any thoughts on why the card is "DEAD" aka died? My thoughts are that he fried the card somehow and wants chargeback now. What should I do?
  5. I rechecked some information regarding this board, it seems it's not entirely as bad as they say. Some versions of BIOS would brick themselvs but overall its a pretty good board with good overclock potential(if you cool down the VRM's that are way too hot). So my plan is to just slap a fan on the VRM's and try 4 Ghz which should give some perfomance boost.
  6. It overclocks to 4.0 Ghz on Stock cooler, I wouldn't call that bad.
  7. So I'm planning to buy AORUS AX370 Gaming K5 but after I did some research I found out that vcore settings are locked, there is no static vcore voltage only dynamic. And I want to overclock the 1600. So my questions are this. - Is it worth buying this motherboard for 140$-10% cash discount? - Is it still possible to get great overclocks on Ryzen 5 1600? - How does dynamic Vcore voltage work? - Any other motherboard suggestions or this motherboard is good *bang for the buck* All information is greatly appreciated.
  8. GTX 980 Ti, second hand would be a viable option. New or used gpu doesn't matter really just that it's working correctly and in good condition. I'd go with 980Ti used if the perfomance is at stake. And at the moment Newer Graphic card prices are ridiculous. GTX 980 Ti Specs- https://www.geforce.com/hardware/desktop-gpus/geforce-gtx-980-ti/specifications Cheers
  9. Could anyone recommend me a GPU under or around 100$ price tag that has gtx 1050 wise perfomance or near it. I was looking at GTX 570 but it seems it draws a bit too much power(power consumption) PSU- EVGA 500B Something for Medium gaming on 1080p All suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  10. I'm not confused, I know what they refere to but calling Graphics Card a GPU is common but it's wrong
  11. Good, let me know if that fixed it for you
  12. It's cheaper but CX450M is modular