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  1. i originally found you from your video on glow in the dark sata cables from back in 2010 :0 really doesnt seem like that long ago!!
  2. hey sorry man, this will be continued. got a lot on my plate rn, close family in hospital etc
  3. still undecided but now the r9 290x direct cu II is on ocuk, i may consider that!
  4. UPDATE: 03/01/2014 Hello all, hope you all had a good Christmas and new year! small update, my acrylic side panel came today! The side window i decided on is a two way acrylic mirror, it is the same concept as the mirror they use in police investigation rooms, when a light is placed behind the plastic/glass you can see though but when no light is present it acts as a mirror. it is similar to the material used on the In Win "Tou" case (previously seen on ltt coverage of Computex). the idea it for the case insides to be hidden until all internal leds are active. (i have a back up piece of acrylic in case it doesn't give the effect i want or it looks bad) take note, its better in person than it is on the photos, its hard to get a good image of the effect - Fresh
  5. Small UPDATE: Acrylic for the side window is ordered, as well as the u channel, the front grill and a few extra bits and pieces, so more progress to come mid-end of next week edit: the side panel company are being dicks so i wont get it until jan now
  6. power supply is staying up top as i wanted to try something different, but ty!
  7. Thanks man! i strongly agree, and it is certainly my current winner!
  8. UPDATE: 08/12/2013 Hey guys, as promised, ive put most of my hardware into the case so you can get a feel of what it going to look like, still waiting on the two fans for the rad, and then im set to send of for spraying! front panel cutting is also in progress. ignore the stock heat sink and crappy ram for now and the cooler isn't fitted yet as im still using it for my main pc which i use everyday. - Fresh
  9. UPDATE: 07/12/13.. Its been a while.. Finally... im back, after a long month of college mayhem and the work financial year over, i can finally continue with the build! so, on to the progress... Yay! so i got round to ordering some parts from ocuk last week and they have arrived, still a few other bit and pieces to order and some im still waiting for, but progress is progress!! firstly, H100i, not much explaining needed here, but there is a small modification coming that will set it apart from the rest! obviously, the 2 corsair stock fans that come with the h100i, and to some peoples disappointment, i have 2 more on the way, i know they aren't the best but my friend was selling them cheap, and at least this way they will all look the same! a small 92mm fan for the rear of the case.. i also brought some cable extensions, as i realised i just don't have enough time to sleeve them myself i managed to grab some black case feet from work off of an old ups too!! Tomorrow i am putting everything in the case for a test run, and ive come up with a few extra ideas so i looking forward to trying them.. stay tuned for tomorrow nights updates -Fresher p.s getting a new card after Christmas sooo, 290, 290x, 770 or 780????? go. (whatever i get will be none ref)
  10. love the led layout!! the different colored sections look amazing man, good job!