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    AMD A4-3305M APU
  • Motherboard
    HP Pavilion G4-1311au Laptop
  • RAM
    1x2GB SODIMM DDR3 1333MHz
  • GPU
    Radeon HD 6480G 512MB
  • Storage
    512GB+320GB HDD 5400RPM
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    1366x786 :(
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    Windows 10 x64

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  1. thank you guys, found the problem. i didnt even remember that i was dumping my friend sdcard to the disk XD. it was 6.5GB now everything worked again. thank you
  2. Hi I have Kali Linux 2018.1 installed. I was pretty stable until xfce stopped working and i've got it fixed so i can get into the desktop (yay). But I get another issue, when i checked disk space using df, then it shows free 0%, but if you see the available and used space it shows that i still have ~200MB of space available. i started removing unneeded packages, it shows no space available. start deleting things, not really helps. look at the attachment (yes i use virtual box linked to actual disk; the problem persist when i boot normally)
  3. You mentioned that IR Camera is not supported yet on POCO F1, then I found this https://www.xda-developers.com/lineageos-16-poco-f1-fixes-touchscreen-support-ir-camera/
  4. i think leaks about the real product already went out
  5. reseat ram\gpu\cpu and maybe power connectors
  6. Definitly will check pot player, thanks!
  7. Overclocked my A4-3305M APU to 2,8GHz @1.288v with AMD PSCheck, tested it with OCCT and gaves no errors. But the cpu usage is not consistant, is that okay? Thanks
  8. is your windows 7 installation drive is x64? because you must use x64 bit on gpt drive
  9. clean fan and heatsink, it might be full of dust. when you cleaning the heatsink you'll replacing your thermal paste too, but, if your laptop still toasty, you can try ramping up fan speed
  10. try memory tester (like memtest for system ram and Video Memory Stress Test )
  11. Yea, im fine with ffdshow raw video filter. But, ffdshow audio processor is useful. I wonder why linus is still using vlc
  12. Im now using FFDShow for my mpc-hc x64, and i found out that its like 3 years old now. im using ffdshow raw video filter to adjust video lumi levels and some post-processing deblocking (not always use post-processing tough). and ffdshow audio processor for loudness control, resample and sometime clarity control. now my setup on mpc hc is LAV Splitter>LAV Video Decoder (DX11 CopyBack)>ffdshow raw video filter>madVR LAV Splitter>LAV Audio Decoder>ffdshow audio processor>Audio Renderer (Internal IDT, set to 24/192kHz) just want to know if there's any better ffdshow-like codecs filter Thanks
  13. my cpu is using 1.4812V on auto boost (2.5 GHz), should disable it? AMD A4 3305M