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  1. I’ve been reading about grounding myself etc before touching things inside the case what would you suggest for changing the ssd? I’ve got the new drive now but not done anything yet I also read to leave the psu plug in turned off but I need to remove the plug to get the case out of where it’s stored
  2. It's my storage drive, Windows is on a 500gb M.2 drive. Is there just one screw for that plate? Once I've done what @minibois said do I just power the computer on and it will work? I'd rather not mess around with more cables to be honest, I usually break things when I start doing things like that One larger ssd will be enough anyway together with my M.2.
  3. I've never done it before, I bought a new computer but I want to do change from 500gb to 1tb ssd drive. I found it on the back of my computer, I was hoping I could just unplug the two inputs and replace the new one in the same place. Is this what I do? I notice it is mounted onto a plate, but can't see how from this. Any idea what I have to do? Do I have to remove the whole thing it appears to be mounted onto?
  4. I had 11gb in delivery optimization files could it have been in there?
  5. Also my C drive has used 51gb but when I select the folders and look on properties the total is 24gb.
  6. I've thought for a while that when I uninstall a game from apps, the game doesn't delete properly. I've just got a new computer and decided to run a test. I installed a game from Microsoft store which was 10gb in size. I choose to install on my D drive. After installation, my D drive went down by 10gb as I expected. But my C drive went down by 9gb despite not selecting that to install it on. When I deleted the game, the D drive went back to what it was, but my C drive has not gone back to what it was, I have 8gb less free space from before I installed and deleted the game, Any idea whats going on?
  7. alxne

    24G2U 144hz

    Does hdmi not work? As I’ve ordered the same
  8. alxne


  9. alxne


    I can’t decide whether to go to 75hz or try the 144hz on a 24inch monitor. I have a 2060 super gpu
  10. alxne


    My eyes are quite sensitive to brightness so I tend to have the brightness turned right down on monitors. I’ve been told my gpu in my new computer is more suited to a 1080p 144hz monitors instead of 75hz which is why I was considering changing it.
  11. alxne


    I was wondering is 144hz noticeable in any way apart from an improvement in gaming? For instance is it brighter? When I went from 60hz to 75hz I thought the screen became more clear and brighter. The screen I recently bought is 75hz but there is a 144hz available in the same which I’m considering swapping it for
  12. I use thunderbolt 3 on my Macbook to connect an audio interface to it but I can’t work out how to do the same on windows. Does anyone do this? I have a new b550 motherboard which I saw had a thunderbolt 3 port on it but don’t know whether that means I can replicate how it works on my Mac, on my pc so I can connect the same audio interface to it.
  13. Are 144hz screens noticeable in any way, in general browsing? As I do alot of that too, I didn't notice much going from 60 to 75 apart from it being a little brighter/clearer for some reason but it could have just been from using a better monitor.