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  1. Hi, Just a question for everyone here. With the current graphics cards/sound cards out today, do you think that PCI-E 4.0 will create a significant performance difference ( > 1%) than PCI-E 3.0? I really could not see it unless you are doing a SLI/CF configuration and running things that x8 speeds. I just wanted to know if anyone knows a little more about this and can confirm whether PCI-E 4.0 would give an edge. Just trying to explore the things in the future. Looks like they're roughly doubling the maximum potential transfer speeds again, but that doesn't necessarily translate to 2X faster in real applications if all the technology adapts to it. Cheers,
  2. Budget-wise, I do not mind putting down several grand if I can get it to work well. I am trying to stick on DDR4. I know there are 16 GB non-buffered and 32 GB readily available. I am not sure on 64 GB. Also, can anyone recommend a mobo and cpu combo that is not server-end that can run over the 128 GB cap? I am pretty determined to try this. Cheers,
  3. Hey guys, I want to do a cool experiment for a giant RAM DISK. Yes, I know the costs. I was wondering what and how I could achieve the biggest RAM Disk with non-ECC memory? I appreciate any input. I want to get past the 128 GB barrier and hopefully get into the 256 GB or 512 GB mark. Cheers,
  4. Hi, So I have a I7-6700K on a Asus maximus VIII Hero mobo and DDR4-3200 MHZ Corsair C16 RAM on a plat-grade Corsair AX-series PSU. I currently ran into a few problems overclocking. So I currently have my system running on 4.6 GHZ and it appears to be stable for everything I can test so far. My new GPU won't be in for another 2 weeks so I will not be able to test my computer full until then. I have the core voltage at 1.33 Volts, with 1.1 V VCCIO 1.1V for the system agent voltage and level 6 CPU-load line calibration. OCCT shows no hint at any problems. Aida64 agrees. I had them run for about 2 hours apiece. However, Prime 95 is seriously hating on my CPU. It's caused errors, BSOSing (probably 20 times in total from all my different attempts. Only OC I got it not to hate was down at 4.3 GHZ). I was wondering if this would be stable realistically? I heard skylake has some serious issues with Prime 95. Side note: should I clock down my CPU until I get my GPU? I really do not use any power on it atm. Not much you can do when you're running your old 560 in your rig lol. The temps at 100% load peak at like 76 degrees C or so and avg temp is like 60-65 degrees at 100% load. I really have it down at like 25 Degrees avg. since I don't use 100 percent load right now lol. If I should clock down in the meantime, any idea what the stock settings are for the CPU? I'm thinking it's probably automatically like 1.1 V core volt, 4.0 GHZ, everything else auto?
  5. I put it to auto for 4.5 and that's what it went to. I agree that I feel that it is high for the clock speed
  6. Figured it out. Core voltage was too low. is 1.408 V safe?
  7. I am testing on Prime-95 using CPU-Z, core temp and real temp. Everything is indicating that 3 of my cores are rolling around 60-65 degrees average but my other one is rolling around 35-45 degrees with peak at 50. I have an Asus ROG maximus VIII Hero mobo and I7-6700K. Currently overclocking at 4500MHZ. I have a Corsair H110i GT Cooler in a Corsair 760T case. Had a few crashes right when I started running prime95 until I raised the core voltage to 1.28 V. Core temp is indicating that the hotter 3 cores are taking 100% load but the other one is taking between 0 - about 40% load. I was wondering how I should fix this? I am planning on overclocking to 4.8GHZ and keeping a solid temp within 65-70 degrees, but I don't think that will be possible without the last core taking on some of the heat. P.S. This is my first pre-built computer and first time Overclocking. Thanks in advance. I love this community.
  8. That is the one I picked out from reading reviews online. Any chance you have these yourself?
  9. I am paying for case assembly, including cable management. I am avoiding custom loops and just getting liquid CPU cooling with h110i. However, I do potentially plan on Overclocking and SLIing at the same time, so I definitely can see heat being an issue (with little doubt). I would rather invest and make sure air cooling is at 100%.
  10. Not replacing the ones in the case. Just filling in the spaces that aren't filled yet. I don't have that much money to blow lol.
  11. Case comes with 2 X 140 mm's in the front and 1 X 140mm in the rear. Still has room for 1 x 120mm in the bottom and either 3 X 120mm on the top or 2 X 140mm. I assume the 3 X 120mm would be better for the top.
  12. Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows what the best 120mm fans I can buy off of NCIX would be? I need four for my Corsair 760T case. I am less concerned about noise (although less would be better I guess), and more about cooling since I will only be liquid cooling my CPU (partly concerned about my other components getting overheated). I was wondering if anyone could recommend what type, form factor, brand, or even better model of fan I should be looking at? Thanks in advance
  13. Yes, but I am wondering is it that I can not put fans on wherever I place the radiator? For instance, if I place the radiator in the front, I can not place fans there? I am trying to figure out how many fans to order. Thanks
  14. Hi, I am trying to max out fans on my Corsair 760T (which I have yet to order). I was wondering if I could go full out on the fans with: Front: (x2) 120/140mm (plan would be 2 140mm)Top: (x3) 120mm or (x2) 140mm (plan would be triple 120mm)Rear: (x1) 120/140mmBottom: (x1) 120mm I am planning to put a h110i cooler or a custom liquid cooling kit. Would the fans get in the way of the radiators or have any conflicts? Also, anyone have cool, LED, recommendations for fans that I can pick up at NCIX? My mobo is red, case will be white, so kind of want to keep it in that theme http://www.corsair.com/en-ca/graphite-series-760t-arctic-white-full-tower-windowed-case