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    Los Angeles, California
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    Gaming, PC's, Cheap PC's, Physics, Astronomy, Youtube and Twitch!
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    Hey Guys im Alan I love PC's and tinkering with them, though most of all I like playing games on those PC's. Im 15 and regularly get old broken PC's and try to make them decent gaming PC's! :)
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    Youtube and Twitch


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    Intel Core i7-4790K @ 4.0 GHz
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    Asus Maximums VII Hero
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    16 GBs of 2133 MHz Ram
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    AMD R9 295x2
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    Thermaltake Core v71
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    128GBs SSD, 3TB Western Digital Black
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    850 Watt EVGA Power Supply
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    Asus VG248QE 144Hz
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    Corsair H100i
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    Corsair K70 RGB
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    Zelotes Gaming Mouse
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    Logitech G430's
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    Windows 10
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  1. Hello I recently build a PC for my friend though although we did our reaserch the PC isnt getting good FPS when we play games. For instance Fortnite at medium seetings no shadows at 1600x900 only gets about 90-130 fps though it has constant fps drops down into the low 40's high 30s and especially in places like tilted towers it will drop to a consitant 40-50 fps for a while and then sometimes go back to a more stable 80-100. Also csgo with everything on high except shadows low, mulitcore rendering enabled, MSAA 8x and FXAA disabled the game will hover around 120-160 with drops into the 90s eventhough benchmarks show that we should be getting something around the low 200fps range solid. Also I noticed that the cpu would be around 100 percent all the time while playing fortnite, not sure for csgo. I have a feeling that maybe one of the pins on the processor may have bended though I feel like the pc would be crashing or would show some artifacts if that were the case? Please guys I need your help to fix this PC since my friend has been saving for quite a while to get it. :( The PC: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/FJyrCb
  2. AlaNo

    Deleted Drive, how can I recover!

    I only have that drive, nothing else though
  3. AlaNo

    Deleted Drive, how can I recover!

    Can I restore my whole drive with it, for free?
  4. AlaNo

    New Harddrive not working!

    Ok thank you
  5. AlaNo

    New Harddrive not working!

    I will do that its just I cant shut down the pc rn since im try to restore my stuff from another drive that I accendently deleted a volume of
  6. AlaNo

    New Harddrive not working!

    The new drive dosent even show up in windows no more, niehter in disk management.
  7. AlaNo

    New Harddrive not working!

    I installed it on my SSD, and its still there any everything is fine though any file transfers that I would do on that new drive would do it super slow.
  8. AlaNo

    New Harddrive not working!

    Its brand new and its this one; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B013JPKUU2/?tag=pcpapi-20 I also noticed that my pc was super slow when it was working since it was taking for ever just to install Fl Studio compared to my older 250gb hard drive.
  9. AlaNo

    New Harddrive not working!

    I cant do that since it doent even pop up on disk manager
  10. My new hardrive dosent work everytime I do something in it like transfer files it does it really slow then freezes and never finish's it, I then restart the pc and then the harddrive is no longer detected by windows! Ive already tried changing out the sata cables but that still didnt work it only brought it back temporarily though the same thing happened again.
  11. I recently bought a new hard drive and after having issues with it I got it to work, though in the proccses I accedently deleted the volume of a 1tb USB drive I had connected and now windows dosent detect it on any PC ive tried. Did this delete the stuff on it and if it did how can I get it back and make windows detetct it again?
  12. I fixed it, I unplugged it and switched the sata power cables from my SSD to the HDD and they both work now. Though I still have a problem where I accedently deleted a volume of one of my USB external drives and now windows dosent detect it and im not sure if by doing that if it deleted everything in it!
  13. There is nothing on it, also I am running a data recovery program since I accendetly deleted a drive on accident and im trying to get all the stuff on that old stuff back, would that in any way effect the new drive?
  14. I already did that and the same thing popped up, I clicked on format to see if that might work.
  15. Do I have to shrink the drive?