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  1. Here's a pretty close image of the Motherboard-IO above -^ from Google-Images, in the spoiler. The name of the Pre-Built-PC by the way is "Acer Aspire AX3950". Here's a random image of one: https://gyazo.com/a84b33fa7d42c41830c4093b9b6c616d
  2. Whilst I'm still deciding what hardware-components to consider upgrading on my Old-Pre-Built-PC that I've had for years, no joke lol - I noticed/found-out that my motherboard I THINK is a CEB Form Factor, apparently. I think it's a CEB Form Factor anyways, but I am not 100% sure. Soooo... I'm in a bit of a situation on what to choose for a case because PCPartPicker doesn't support the CEB Form Factor for Motherboards apparently I don't know what current cases support that Form Factor if any. Any ideas on what to do/choose for a new case? I don't want to spend over £75-£100 (GBP). Thanks
  3. Hey, Quick Question:

    Has the main site been updated recently? For some reason I'm not getting any notification sounds like I would be getting as normal o.O

    1. colonel_mortis


      Nothing has been changed for several months. Make sure notification sounds are enabled in your notification settings https://linustechtips.com/main/notifications/options/. If they are, it might be a browser change - I know that in Firefox at least, you have to activate the tab before it will be allowed to play sounds, so if you just opened it in the background it won't work.

    2. Xiauj


      Oh Ok, that's interesting.

      The box is ticked on that link/menu for Me.

    3. Xiauj



      I can hear them again ^_^ I just heard a notification get triggered - Dunno what was causing them to get muted, lol

  4. SO FREAKING HAPPY that SGDQ is back once again :D

    It is without a doubt, one of the absolute best possible events and for a great cause(s)!

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    2. Xiauj


      Summer Games Done Quick



      Look it up :)

    3. TopHatProductions115


      I wish I could go there :| 

    4. Xiauj


      So do many other people I bet, lol, would be cool to go there but I reckon it would be fairly expensive, I dunno



    Remember to feed your waifu at least three times a day!

    1. DrMacintosh


      I din wanna be in your Brigade anyways....

  6. Does anyone know much about Single-Board-Computers?

    If so.., I could do with some Hardware-advice ^_^ lol

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    2. Jtalk4456


      the bolt has a gpu embedded does it not?

      EDIT: You're still ignoring me :*(


    3. Xiauj




      the bolt has a gpu embedded does it not?

      Link - Yeah I think so



      EDIT: You're still ignoring me :*(

      Me? o.O Or iamdarkyoshi?

    4. Jtalk4456


      Both, but you're forgiven now that you responded xD

  7. Recently upgraded my monitor-setup :D and noticed that I only have 2 DisplayPort (DP) Cables xD !! I was missing one, dang it. Lol.

    Sooo..... instead, two of my three monitors are running 60Hz whilst the third one however...., is running on 30Hz via HDMI :ph34r:


    30Hz is so slow xDxD It's been AGES since I last experienced 30Hz haha

    1. Jtalk4456



    2. Xiauj


      @Jtalk4456 Lol ya.

      I just edited it btw in case you didn't see the edit :P

    3. Jtalk4456


      i didn't see it, but now i do, and I agree wholeheartedly


    Man :(:(,

    I seriously can't believe one of our most special individuals/gamers in the Gaming Industry had died recently (..as linked above). I'm still feeling pretty heart-broken/upset to hear about Him and I expect many others are as well :| ...; had woke up this morning and that's when I seen it.



    May you Rest in Peace & May you be remembered in all our hearts, John Peter Bain. You were an absolute Legend alongside many other gamers.


    1. MEC-777


      Can't believe I hadn't heard about this until now... Used to love listening to the co-optional pod casts. I didn't always agree with his game reviews, but I certainly respected him. RIP, TotalBiscuit. :( 

  9. Aha.. Interesting! I'll write that down somewhere now as a note. Thanks for finding that btw dude, I appreciate it! <3 Ohh and it's a custom-one..... that explains why I couldn't find it anywhere at all Well..., It's mostly because I'm just a little bit concerned, and because of this ( Below ->\/ ) which is what would happen as AT0MAC said/explained (in bold) and also what I said just below the quote ->\/ I didn't buy the Software/Product-Keys from the actual-software/program-websites because the retail-price(s) can be/get insanely high/expensive.. of course. Lol.
  10. It's a "Acer Aspire AX3950" Pre-Built-PC. Also, I don't know what motherboard it is as mentioned in the original post so I dunno if it were to support say FOR EXAMPLE.... an i7.. but the Motherboard is an Acer one I think. I don't know the full, actual name/model/code(s) of it currently.
  11. Hmm yeah, I might just get one of those instead Maybe.. Btw, I know I've kinda already asked this but as said, this is just as an example-question/scenario. This might have already been explained/answered above but.. yeah IF... for example, I were to keep my current Acer motherboard (instead of swapping it for another) that's in the Pre-Built-PC currently but change the CPU to something like an LGA-1156 Intel-i7-CPU for example.., the Product-Key-Required-Programs and Operating System etc.. should not be affected at all, either? Hopefully? It should try to boot up normally, as normal? Also..., before taking out the current CPU, would I need to change any settings in Windows or anything like that? Or does that get changed by itself?
  12. Oh Ok. I might just go ahead and look for cases with USB-3.0 on the front of the case I guess Was gonna go for a case with some possible USB 3.1 Ports and possibly a USB 3.1 Type-C Port but... I guess not, lol Though saying that actually..., they do have PCI-E-Cards with USB 3.1 Type-C, I think? Only reason I was wanting it was because I have a couple of devices that use USB-Type-C. That's why I wanted at least one port haha
  13. Ohh Ok cool I might have to get an adapter from say.. Amazon-UK or somewhere then. Do you know, perhaps, if someone does a adapter just like that one you shown above but can convert USB-2.0 from the Mobo-Header to USB-3.1 instead..? Just in case I for example see a better case and it has USB 3.1 on the front of it
  14. Same here lol Ohhh Ok But that's where I'm a bit confused, like I asked to @Electronics Wizardy, I know how to backup documents/pictures/videos/similar-stuff but how, if possible, would I backup/clone the software that requires/currently-uses the Product-Key to function? Err... Ok, now I'm confused on this question also.. Because Electronics-Wizardy had said the opposite to that -^ as quoted above: So.. will the ports work? Question to both of you. So, do you think the motherboard should still be good to use/buy even if nobody here including myself has heard of them at all? That's what I'm trying to decide on currently, lol. I mean, condition-wise it doesn't look too bad although I did notice it comes with no IO-Shield and the Onboard-Graphics are broken but I've got an old NVIDIA GeForce GPU that should(?) work hopefully. Ohh Ok so, I can't use Windows 7 which is what's installed on there currently? Damn I probably should change over to Windows 10 I suppose, haha. Wait what? Motherboards are beginning to get Onboard-USB-3.1-Headers meant for cases?? I did not know about that. I knew certain cases are beginning to get USB-3.1-Type-C ports but I just assumed/guessed that, for power they would just be using power from the Motherboard's Onboard-USB-3.0-Headers What do you mean? Wait so, do you mean there's a 50/50 chance that my CPU won't work with another second-hand LGA-1156-Motherboard..? And in reply to/about the Stand-Offs, I assume they are gonna be a pain to take out when I get round to removing the motherboard lol --- But it'll be easier with the Stand-Offs on a different motherboard, I hope.
  15. Yeah it is a used second-hand motherboard, sorry, I probably should have worded that a bit clearer. My apologies. So....... it's basically 50%-Yes / 50%-No ..? Oh boy. Lol. You say about having backups, but, how would I go about backing up the Programs that have/required the Product-Key when installing them/I-currently-use though? I have no idea on how I would do that if possible which I assume it is..? Ohhh I see. Ok cool, I'll look up a tutorial or like a YouTube-Guide or something as I've never done so before, haha As for the SSD-Comment you said about, I honestly wish I could but I don't want to spend a crazy amount on this Personal-Project and I'm gonna definitely need a lot of space, soo..... yup. So... Yes then? Awesome! Yeah same here -^, I've not heard of them at all, not even only as a motherboard manufacturer Haha lol