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    AMD FX 8350
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    Asus M5A78L-M mATX AM3+ Motherboard
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    16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 @ 1600mhz
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    GTX 650 Ti currently, which I plan to change soon though. Dunno what GPU to get based on budget currently.
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    Phanteks P400S
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    1x 2TB HDD
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    EVGA 650W G2 Gold Certified
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    3x 1920x1080p, FreeSync, IPS ,60Hz VESA based monitors which visually look absolutely amazing.
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    2x Corsair AF140mm (Front/Intake) ||| 1x Corsair AF120mm (Rear/Output)
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    Corsair Strafe RGB
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Windows 7

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  1. Parents: Where do you fancy going on holiday next year?

    Me: I have absolutely no clue..


    Me right now -^ :/ I'm not a fan of holidays nor am I a fan of just sitting there in the sun in a stupidly hot country, lol. If I were to go anywhere.. it would be somewhere entirely boring (..to others it would be boring I mean(t), but to me it would be better than sunbathing/lame-amusement-parks) and it would be related to Tech probably. That or somewhere that just has some decent shops with some cool stuff xD

    I'm in an awkward spot where I dunno how to put it politely and furthermore, I have no idea where to go because I love tech and because my parents aren't a massive fan. Am trying to think of somewhere but I don't know where :| Like, I kinda know where I would want to go but like I dunno how to suggest it without including tech.

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    2. MEC-777


      You live in the UK right? I would drive all around the coast. Maybe it's because I live in NA and in-land (Toronto, Ontario, Canada - nowhere near the cost), but I would find it really interesting to see a good portion or the coast of my country. 

    3. PCGuy_5960


      Go to Scotland! xD


      BTW, I identify with everything you said. lol

    4. Megah3rtz


      ^ seconded. World tournaments for bagpiping are in august I think

  2. I regret doing a Skyrim playthrough on my PS4 sometimes, I'm doing every possible quest I can and I've come across a Miscellaneous quest which cannot be completed at all :S And obviously I can't use the in-game console to amend the issue so... RIP. And no I can't go back to a previous save because I did this quest like.. ages ago xD.

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    2. Xiauj


      Yeah.. but my PC is in pieces isn't it... so atm I'm just chillin' on my PS4 whilst waiting for the remaining parts ;) @Megah3rtz And yes, it is truly mayhem, lol.


      I hope to do a modded Skyrim play-through when my new PC is built and when I get a new GPU :P That's if my GPU of choice will handle a ton of mods. Though I suspect it will be fine, just gonna take a while to get the new GPU.

    3. Megah3rtz
    4. Xiauj


      That.. or a 1070.

      Though I did notice something recently which I have only myself to blame for xD


      IF I for example were to get a 1070, it'd 100% be an EVGA-based model, although, my IPS monitors that I got a few months back don't have DisplayPort :( And I dunno which good GPU models have HDMI. I think ASUS has 2xHDMI+2xDP and some others have that but I'd have to use a lame converter :/

  3. Apparently one of my friends' friends is gonna be building a PC (Idk if it's for Gaming or just general use but I would assume Gaming) and my friend just said that he's already purchased an i5 instead of something like Ryzen.. :/


    And a CXM Corsair PSU... and 16GB RAM....

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    2. Princess Cadence

      Princess Cadence

      Hehehe I'm still impressed with this one:


      Tried my chances with it since it was cheaper in a black friday deal, aside from the cable clog it is excellent, soundless and feeds energy flawlessly... I think i had 3 black outs and it never affected it either [:

    3. MEC-777


      i5's aren't bad, as long as he doesn't pair it with a 1070 or higher. Honestly, in a lot of games it will be fine. He can also always upgrade to an i7 later on and sell the i5 to get some of that cost back. ;) 

    4. Xiauj


      Yeah true but Ryzen though.. :S @MEC-777, such better value than i5's currently in my opinion. They're not 100% bad obviously but still.. coulda been spent on Ryzen 3 or Ryzen 5 perhaps.

      I dunno what GPU he's getting, that's what I'm curious about. I don't know any of the specs atm, hoping my friend will send a list soon lol

  4. Ayyyy :D

    The motherboard arrived earlier than expected, happy days!

    1. PCGuy_5960
    2. Xiauj


      Very noice indeed ;) Was expecting it to arrive later this week or next week but it showed up today instead lol

  5. GAH! Amazon UK why you gotta increase the price of Windows 10 without saying so.... :(

    So annoying when that happens with any product.

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    2. Xiauj


      How did we go from talking about Amazon / Windows 10 to Linux to setup themes?

      Not that I'm complaining at all, just very curious lol xD

    3. Tibbles


      I dunno, but usually status updates get vastly off-topic ;)

    4. Xiauj


      Haha true, but that's fun though ^_^

  6. Ryzen is here! :D Also.. I had a (what I think personally) very rude Delivery Driver -_-

    But still, Ryzen is here finally!!


    Just gotta get the motherboard and OS.

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    2. Xiauj


      The driver was foreign but somewhat spoke Understandable English, he drove down my road the wrong way.... it's a one way road and went to the wrong house the first time lol xD

    3. Megah3rtz


      Sounds familiar, lol. 

    4. Xiauj


      Ayyy :D

      The mobo arrived today, earlier than expected.

  7. wait whattup with the random follow

    1. Xiauj


      ..? o.O I dunno, always cool to see status updates I guess :D

    2. Chaos_Sorcerer


      All right, cool! 

  8. Oh good Just thought I'd check that's all because of some guys who like I said have said in a video that its better and some say its apparently a repeat of the previous gen stock coolers sooo ya, good to know that it should hopefully be quieter! That's more or less the main goal here lol. It's gonna be a pain to install but it will be worth it. I hope. Just gotta wait for them to arrive now
  9. Aah I see, thank you for that DocSwag Btw, if you haven't seen my status-updates, TLDR..: I was in the process of changing my 8350's cooler from the stock cooler to the SR2 but.. something happened and so I kinda decided to get Ryzen lol, so ya this topic was for my 8350 CPU buuut... now its for Ryzen instead, HYPE!
  10. @PCGuy_5960 @DocSwag Hello again Quick question, is the Wraith cooler included with the Ryzen 1600 CPU in terms of noise and performance better than the Shadow Rock 2 ..? Do they have a lot of better differences and which one would you choose, overall? I'm waiting on my parts to arrive and I'm a little bit bored and so I decided to take a look at some videos of the Wraith Cooler, see what its like and if its better and to be honest, I can't really tell. Some say it's much better but some also say that it's a repeat of AMD's previous stock coolers so.. I was wondering if you guys perhaps had some advice Part of me feels that like, the Shadow Rock 2 will be better in terms of noise but I dunno. Suggestions? Also because the Wraith cooler would be sitting on the CPU whilst facing the window-panel then pushing the air to the rear of the case
  11. What the hell..... I was playing SMITE earlier and some guy went AFK to go and take a poop and decided to let us lose..... what the actual heck. How ignorant is that??


    Ok you gotta go to the men's room when ya gotta go of course.... :dry: but in the middle of a game?!?!?!?! Geez..

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    2. Xiauj


      Oh really? lol

      I haven't got into Rocket League much so ya I dunno what that's like ;) The SMITE Community is very.. mixed :/ On all platforms actually.

    3. MEC-777


      When you gotta go, you gotta go. xD 

    4. Xiauj


      @MEC-777 Yeahhh I know, but its exactly like what me and my mate at the time were saying at the time, "Why Queue in the first place for a normal match on SMITE if you're clearly ready to go when you gotta go??" when hey, bingo, we end up winning and can finish the game in a matter of seconds but when we are winning, he goes to the men's room, we lose all that progression and then have to lose out on stuff :/


      I can't help it man, just really bugs me and I suspect it bugged the rest of our team too. It's annoying but meh, oh well.

  12. Oh my.......... :o

    Wow, wow.. wow.

    Windows 10 has a lot of issues (..still(?)) huh. o.O. I've just been looking in the Windows sub-forum and man there is a lot of topics for/about Windows 10 based issues; UI-Issues, File-Issues, couple of BIOS-Issues and more. Ok now I really wish that I am able to keep my data and Windows 7 if that's even possible because I'm getting a new mobo/cpu etc... xD 

    I never realized there was that many issues with Windows 10 still. I knew there would be some but not that many lol

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    2. Xiauj


      That's one thing I haven't really encountered that much on W7 actually, referring to the restart-issue(s), though saying that, Windows 8 on my laptop sometimes decide to make me restart with no other option -_-


      I'm having to use my laptop because I have no working PC atm, until I get Ryzen at least

    3. wkdpaul


      @Xiauj yeah, 32 bits systems are still working, not going to use a single-core PC for anything more than web-browsing so I didn't try anything else than Chrome and a few "default" apps :P

    4. Xiauj


      @wkdpaul Ahh well, if it's only for web browsing with the occasional-extra app then fair enough ;)

      32-bit is still good, its just that it's not being mentioned as much as it used to, IMO :S

  13. https://linustechtips.com/main/profile/360847-xiauj/?status=172147&type=status Status-update -^ I decided to change the motherboard after all because yeah I dunno, something about the GIGABYTE board that put me off momentarily, gonna go with an ASUS B350-F Motherboard instead, I hear ASUS has great quality and that GIGABYTE's customer service is apparently awkward.
  14. Looks like I might have to wait a week to order the OS :S That's not too bad I suppose but a tiny bit irritating also.

    Should be able to get the Mobo/CPU/RAM :D


    Still very very confused a little bit about the HDD Stuff, time to watch some tuts on YT :dry: Or ask in the Windows sub-forum too I suppose.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MEC-777


      If you want to save the data on your HDD, the best way would be to get an external HDD and copy everything you want to keep. After you wipe and do the clean OS install, just copy everything back over. 

    3. Xiauj


      @Abyss Gaming TLDR, trying to figure out how to go about using my current Hard Drive instead of having to buy a new one and so I can hopefully use it, only problem is that it's still got my Windows 7 OS and programs and game saves etc... so I'm trying to figure out how to go about that currently.

      What I'm thinking is that, I might install Windows 10 and try to reclaim the 2TB Capacity.



      @MEC-777 I've got most of my word docs and pics and videos from my documents copied, one thing I might have forgot about is my ETS2-Save which I've been working/playing on a lot recently.

      Even if there was anything I forgot to copy, I dunno if the CPU/Mobo etc.. would boot up again after the CPU Pin problem, managed to bend some of them back in place but I don't wanna take any risks :P


      The plan (hoping it works with no major problems) is to get the new Ryzen CPU/Mobo/RAM/OS, build the PC into the case etc.., then plug in the USB Drive with Windows 10 on it and hope that I can install Windows 10 and reclaim some space on my hard drive :P And if that works which I seriously hope it does.. then hopefully I won't have to buy another HDD. It's no big deal if I have to but I'm just trying to save a bit of my budget lol.

      Sound like a good plan? o.O

    4. MEC-777


      If you were able to straighten the pins on the CPU, then it should work like before. Worst case is it doesn't boot. That's pretty much it. You won't lose any data by trying it. ;) 


      Only other way I can see to do this on your existing HDD is to re-size the current partition (should retain all data currently there), then create a new partition and install windows on that. That way you *should* be able to access that re-sized partition still holding your previous data which you can then re-claim. After that, I would re-format the original partition to reclaim as much space as possible.