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    AMD Ryzen R5 1600
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    GIGABYTE AX370-Gaming K5 (ATX)
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    Corsair Vengeance 16GB (8x2GB) (3000MHz)
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    GTX 650 Ti currently, which I plan to change soon though. Dunno what GPU to get based on budget currently.
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    Phanteks P400
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    1x 2TB HDD
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    EVGA G2 650w Power Supply
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    3x 1920x1080p, FreeSync, IPS ,60Hz VESA based monitors which visually look absolutely amazing.
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    2x Corsair AF140mm (Front/Intake) ||| 1x Corsair AF120mm (Rear/Output)
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    Corsair Strafe RGB
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Windows 10 (64-bit)

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    Somewhere in the UK

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  1. Might be getting a new GPU soon B|

    Thinking about maaaaybe a GTX 1080 or 1070 Ti, need some second opinions lol.


    Hoping to get one for a decent price.

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    2. Xiauj


      So.... I feel like an idiot at the moment and kinda need some advice xD 

      I keep forgetting that my 1080p-IPS-Panel monitors don't have DisplayPort which is unfortunate, instead they have HDMI and DVI and because I kinda want an EVGA GPU because of its good price and cooling, they (EVGA) don't have 2xHDMI+2xDP like ASUS do, EVGA use 3xDP/1xHDMI instead.


      I plan to use my 4k monitor via DisplayPort with 2 of my 1080p-IPS-Panel monitors via HDMI somehow.

      Question: Are DisplayPort>HDMI direct cables good and won't cause issues at all? I'm using a fairly old DVI to HDMI cable and dunno if there are some good up to date DP 1.4 to HDMI [version] cables or not. I've seen false-advertised ones with older versions before but was wondering if they exist and are good.

    3. TopHatProductions115


      I think this article should help:

      HDMI supports both Audio and Video, and is all-digital. DVI only supports Video, but can go either analog or digital. Furthermore, HDMI's current iteration supports higher screen refresh rates and resolutions than DVI. But, the two formats both use the same video format standards, so HDMI is compatible with DVI. If you want to, you can also connect DisplayPort and HDMI devices together using a Dual-Mode DisplayPort adapter. This is the recommended option.


      You won't be able to reach 8K and beyond unless you use a device with DisplayPort (for now). Besides, the Asus model could have other perks :)

    4. MEC-777


      Been using a DP to HDMI adapter for quite some time now. Works no prob. Actually, my second monitor is older and thus, I have to use DP > HDMI adapter, then HDMI cable to yet another adapter on the monitor which is HDMI to DVI. All plug n play. ;) 

  2. Finally done with the Windows 10 Update xD Took a while but its done now.

    Had also just seen about 5 uploads regarding the 1070 Ti at once within 5 minutes o.O


    I haven't really been keeping up with GPUs as of recently, thinking I might get a new one in 2018 perhaps.

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    2. TopHatProductions115


      Wait until Cyber Monday at least (or better yet, the week after). The prices will be better for your wallet...

    3. 8uhbbhu8


      Still on Win 7 :P Not going to be updating till my next full upgrade in around a year

    4. TopHatProductions115


      I did a review on the 1709 update (Windows 10 - Fall Creator's Update). It's better in some areas, but leaves some to be asked for in others. Also, I can't really see why they changed the Windows Store icon...

  3. Just finished watching Stranger Things' Season 2, that was very interesting :D Little bit confused on some parts of it and one downside that I can say, without spoiling it (...obviously) is that, there aren't enough episodes xD I kinda wish they extended Season 1 a bit more, but also the same with Season 2. But for the most part, it was pretty awesome.

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    2. Xiauj


      One thing that I do need to recap on next, is The Walking Dead xD

      I'm gonna probably skip everything up until they escape/abandon the prison because that goes on for too long, for me personally and then I'm gonna watch from there on and watch a full recap on YouTube tbh.


      I need to get Season 7 on DVD.

      EDIT: I need to find a better way of watching DVDs instead of on discs :$

    3. YedZed


      Just started. Watched first episode in a bathroom at school during dinner.

    4. Xiauj


      Haha nice one @YedZed *Thumbs Up* Seasons 1 & 2 are well worth watching/recommending for anyone who needs something to start watching :P 


      Actually me saying that, I need to at some point find something else to watch/re-watch after re-watching TWD when I get S7 on DVD :ph34r:

  4. Kinda feel like re-watching TWD (The Walking Dead) tbh.. *thinks*. 

    I haven't seen Season 7 yet although I need to get the Season 7 DVD. When I watch the first few seasons of it, is it just me or does it feel like it takes A LOT longer to watch than the recently released seasons like 5 and 6..? The prison part takes forever to watch :S

    1. Chaos_Sorcerer


      I've seen the first six seasons, and yeah...the prison part is a drag. My favourite season is the first, though. Shane was such an awesome character...

    2. Xiauj


      @Chaos_Sorcerer Yeah I dunno how I felt about him (Shane) in the series, he was alright but ya I dunno who my current most favourite character is or was. Mainly thinking about re-watching it because I need to watch Season 7 on DVD :P

    3. MEC-777


      Don't get too attached to any of the main characters, lol. ;) While I do really like the series, I don't think this is a series I could watch again. Too many episodes are too slow and just drag the story on, necessarily. We don't need to see every single character's past history unless it's necessary for the plot. 


      I usually hate anything zombie related as the whole premise is WAY over done these days, IMO. But this series is different in that they made it about the people and what happens to society after such an event, not the zombies and the "walkers" are not the primary danger, which I find interesting.

  5. Ok, this is something I really did not want to be hearing :/:$ Just figured I might post this here for others.

    Ughhhh... that sounds more dangerous.


    Part of it doesn't quite make sense to me personally, but then again I don't understand Networking that much, so... yeah, lol.

    1. TVwazhere
    2. Xiauj


      @TVwazhere Yeah I had seen that after I seen this story on the link I provided few hours ago too ^_^ Thanks anyways, lol

      Hopefully this doesn't become one of the bigger/biggest attacks :/ Hopefully doesn't affect anyone on the Forum.

    3. YedZed


      Ew, forbes. Anti adblock page. At least I get to see a good quote? 

  6. Dang... poor Jay :/ Just saw this uploaded, I had to re-watch this twice and I can't think what it could be. First guess was the GPU but now.. I dunno xD

    I know the struggle tho, it's a pain.


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    2. DrMacintosh


      But if it only selectively works in one system it does track back to the card tho 🤔

    3. Xiauj


      I dunno if Jay has updated us / found the issue yet but one thing he's said he's gonna try is a different PCI-E Slot which I also had thought at first was a possibility but I didn't say it above :P, Idk really, could be anything like MEC had similarly said, part of me is thinking its not the GPU as such but then part of me still thinks it is.


      Speaking of Jay, going off-topic because why not... xD Anyone watched Scrapyard Wars featuring Jay? Currently on EP-3 so far and it is pretty damn good lol

    4. MEC-777


      Jay needs to test that card in other systems. If the problem only tracks to that one Ryzen system, then that points to the problem being that system, not the card. 

  7. Hmmm.... decisions decisions.

    Am thinking about getting Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, something to play through for a change. It looks somewhat tempting but also.. oddly interesting :$, can't quite understand parts of it; been watching very little gameplay of it on Twitch, but I can't really understand parts of it.


    If anybody has played it, mind if I ask a few questions in a PM (Trying to not spoil the game for others, of course) ..? ^_^

    Am trying to not watch/spoil gameplay lol

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    2. mapegl


      Well what are you looking for in a game? 


      I know I already mentioned it, but have you taken a look at Divinity: Original Sin 2? It just released on gog as well as the other usual suspects. Anyways, it is old-school turn-based combat, very story-driven, beautiful, funny, and can be played with up to four or alone.  I would suggest splitting the price of the GOG version with a friend.....you are not allowed to both play it though. ;-) it is only one license after all.

      Oh and controller-support is pretty good as well. If you like RPGs, this is a great game.  

      If you want something fast-paced with crazy action...ignore my suggestion. A fight here can take forever especially when deciding with a friend what to do as next combat move. ;-)

    3. Xiauj


      Just had a look at that game (Divinity: Original Sin 2), doesn't look too bad, kinda reminds me of a game that I have been playing a lot recently, Diablo III :D

      Only reason I was kinda thinking about Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War at first was because I thought it was related to the lore / timeline but ya Idk.


      I dunno what type of game to look for really, that's the problem, I just mainly like certain games with things like a good story (co-op can count too, for the campaign), good graphics and decent mechanics and things like that, that make sense in a game.

      The only good ones I've played recently are:

      Assassin's Creed II (Completed it recently, awesome game in the series) on PS4

      Skyrim (Pretty much completed that too including side-quests etc..)

      The only active game I'm playing at the moment which is pretty damn good is Diablo III, currently playing through different classes etc.

    4. mapegl


      Yeah I don't want to talk you into buying anything. Tastes are very different. 

      However I have played all the games you listed and Divinity has crazy depth to it and if you are interested there is so much to discover storywise. There are a bunch of sidequests, if you have chosen a special character at the beginning ( you can either generate your own of pick one and only customize a bit) you even get special conversation options as well as getting special quests. 

      I never thought I would like this, but it is really fun. 

      However, if you like a more action-oriented game like Assassin's Creed or Shadow of Mordor (the honestly play similarly in some aspects) you shouldn't go for it. Divinity is very slow (turn-based) and more story than fighting I guess. Also a fight might take you half an hour or even way more depending on your approach and whether or not you are playing with somebody else. ;-)


  8. Man I've missed playing the classic series ^_^

    Been replaying a bunch of Zelda as of recently, feels so good to replay it through!


    Kinda need to find a better Audio solution though because I currently have just a normal 3.5mm cable (Because otherwise I can't hear as much of the audio with headphones on) from my 3DS into the mixer where all my audio goes for like my PC, Consoles etc.. to have it all output to one pair of headphones and its kinda annoying having that cable there :dry:. If only there was like, some type of wireless 3.5mm to 3.5mm solution. I know what I'm looking for just can't find it/word it properly. I dunno, just figured it would be easier.

  9. Oh and hello editable status-updates!! <3

    Been wanting this for a while :x

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    2. colonel_mortis


      Floatplane will be getting a dedicated site, but the forum will be using IPS's software for the foreseeable future.

    3. Xiauj


      @colonel_mortis Aah I see, I thought the forum was also getting a change in terms of features/software, my apologies :P.

      Any rough date(s) yet for the Floatplane site or not quite yet?

      It's ok if there isn't any date yet, was just wondering ^_^

    4. colonel_mortis


      To quote Linus a while ago, "soon". I don't have anything more specific than that though I'm afraid.

  10. I don't understand Networking at all.... xD

    So, been trying to figure out why (..since we had our wireless improved a few weeks ago.....) we were getting random drops and my ISP said what could be doing it and what do they recommend.. a factory reset :dry: Is that it??


    Been wondering why certain devices like my 3DS wouldn't find my internet dang it, apparently wireless devices and certain internet channels don't go well together... I'm so confused. o.O

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    2. DocSwag


      Microwaves can interfere. They're usually around 2.4 ghz.


      However, they only usually interfere if they are nearby.

    3. STRMfrmXMN
    4. Xiauj


      I wouldn't have thought the microwave could be doing it because of how far it is from the Router itself, like I said it's downstairs whilst the Router is upstairs in the other room, but that's good to know that it can interfere though :P Thanks for that @DocSwag & @STRMfrmXMN.


      It's only ever since we had some engineer come out and change the channel for the Internet that's it been randomly dropping out at random times in like the evening/morning-hours.

      On the old channel it was on, no problems but the reason it was changed slightly was because my parents use Facebook etc on their phones and were complaining so basically we asked to have the wireless improved slightly. On this channel though, my 3DS won't find my Internet when I search for it because of the different channel its on, I assume..? Am I correct? I thought I might ask because I don't understand Networking at all, I know some but not that much. xD

  11. Oh yay..., looks like an old issue that I had on my AMD FX 8350 PC a while back, has returned....., this weird "slow-mo" issue as I like to call it :S.


    Long story short..: 

    When in-game (Full-Screen), Twitch begins to lag. No audio lag, no buffering symbol, the video would just go into slow-mo for like 2, 3 or 4 seconds, pause for like half a second and then become fully smooth again with no issues. And then like 10-30 seconds later, it would do it again.

    When the game is still on but when I'm tabbed out, it doesn't lag what so ever, it's 100% smooth.


    A while back I thought it was the CPU but tbh, I'm beginning to think it's the Graphics Card because surely, surely a new HDD/Mobo/CPU/RAM/PSU/Case/Case-Fans/OS/Monitors wouldn't cause this?? I might be wrong but tbh, I think it's my GPU not being able to handle that well.


    Any other ideas perhaps guys? <3 I'm definitely thinking its the GPU not being able to keep up/process that well. I really need to upgrade soon :|.

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    2. Xiauj


      @STRMfrmXMN Hmmm.. that's an interesting fix o.O I've tried searching on Google for a fix too but it's hard to describe the issue.

      Would I be able to make [Game] go into Full-Screen mode on my second monitor instead of my main monitor?


      Btw, this issue also happened when I had a really old monitor and TV as a monitor on my AMD FX 8350 PC a long while back.


      So, it might not be the GPU causing this issue?

    3. STRMfrmXMN


      Well the issue doesn't happen in Mac OS so it seemed to be a Windows thing

    4. Xiauj


      @STRMfrmXMN Oh yay.... another thing wrong with Windows 10 to add to my list lol :D. Well, I guess Windows 7 too because I had that on the AMD FX 8350 PC at the time. Man, now I really am thinking beginning to think about Linux :dry:. (...I was talkin' about Linux in my prev status update with MEC and DeadEyePsycho) Just kidding lol but seriously I need to fix this lol.


      The only work around I've found for this, is to use another device like my laptop for example, to run [Twitch-Stream] on there instead.

      Was hoping this issue would be gone when I built my new Ryzen PC but nope :|

  12. Huh........ now I'm finally beginning to understand after so long why people are hating Windows 10 in particular compared to macOS, Windows 7, Linux etc.., I'm beginning to find more issues on Windows 10, assuming that is what the cause is but I don't know for sure currently. And hello to the new forum ^_^


    I should really consider trying Linux at some point though I've still gotta get other components first. I wouldn't install it on any of my rigs but on something else that I had in mind :ph34r: If it runs Linux that is. But yeah, I really need to do some testing on Linux to see if the issues carry on or not. Also, good lord..; there a lot of distros :o

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    2. DeadEyePsycho



      In addition to my question above, what would you guys say the easiest way to switch/try between different distros would be? Because it would be annoying having to constantly install>have some fun with [distro-name] for a while>uninstall a bunch of times, surely? o.O

      As far as distros go, I can only see a few being relevant to new Linux users: Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, etc. You really won't notice big differences between any of them to be honest except for maybe how they handle packages and packages available. The biggest difference by far that is noticeable is the desktop environment which is incredibly easy to change compared to a whole distro. A few commands is all it takes most of the time. This is what effects your GUI and most of your built-in utilities. As for DEs, there are: MATE, Unity, Gnome, XCFE, LDE, LXDE, Cinnamon, Pantheon, some others I can't remember.


      Just keep in mind not all DEs are available on all distros so find one you like. :) 



      Part of the reason I mainly wanna try Linux is because I wanna see if it has the same Steam-issue or two that I'm having currently and because when I eventually upgrade my GPU, I plan to replay+mod some old favourite games like Skyrim as one example that we all know and love and because I hear that W10 acts a bit strange. Was looking at some old topics here on LTT-Forum last night regarding this lol.

      Skyrim doesn't have native support on Linux and I can guarantee it will run like trash if you WINE which will also make un-moddable effectively.


      You could setup GPU passthrough to a Windows VM which would allow you to play those games and mod it. It will require a lot of work to setup correctly though.

    3. Xiauj




      As far as distros go, I can only see a few being relevant to new Linux users: Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, etc. You really won't notice big differences between any of them to be honest except for maybe how they handle packages and packages available. The biggest difference by far that is noticeable is the desktop environment which is incredibly easy to change compared to a whole distro. A few commands is all it takes most of the time. This is what effects your GUI and most of your built-in utilities. As for DEs, there are: MATE, Unity, Gnome, XCFE, LDE, LXDE, Cinnamon, Pantheon, some others I can't remember.


      Just keep in mind not all DEs are available on all distros so find one you like. :) 

      So, is it mainly things like the appearance, file-functionality and desktop-environment that are some of the main differences between the distros and that's mostly it?

      Because, some of the ones I've seen are very aesthetically different especially when looking at certain interfaces and especially the built-in features.


      What did you mean by DE's btw? It's gonna take me a while to learn Linux abbreviations lol xD



      Skyrim doesn't have native support on Linux and I can guarantee it will run like trash if you WINE which will also make un-moddable effectively.

      Wait really? Hmm interesting. I was told that it (and other Bethesda games included) run on Linux fine but I guess not.

      What about other high end games on Steam/Origin etc.., how do they perform when modded or not modded?


      I did see on an old topic that Skyrim runs better on Windows 7 as opposed to 10, I think it was an old topic that you made actually :P Was looking at some on here last night as mentioned.

    4. DeadEyePsycho


      DE: desktop environment

      There are underlying differences as well but it depends on how much you want to modify your install.


      Yep, Windows 10 caps VRAM usage to 4GB on DX9 titles. Windows 8/8.1 and 7 do not cap it.

      I'm sure Skyrim will run with WINE but my experience with modding it pretty much tells me not to complicate the install and running of the game as much as possible, you will only create underlying issues that won't be able to be fixed. 

  13. Laptop start-up issue

    Sure it might not be a dead screen/panel or a dead HDD maybe..? Anything else at all that I could try?
  14. Laptop start-up issue

    I don't hear any beeps when pressing the power button, no. It begins to start up when I press the power button and it sounds like a fan is spinning I think, but then it just goes mostly quiet, aka very quiet. It still sounds like the PC is on though. To add onto that, yes the power button is still green after doing so. I can just about hear the fan on the bottom/underside of the laptop with my ear right next to it (The laptop).
  15. Laptop start-up issue

    I also cannot find any symbol like the far right one unfortunately The laptop doesn't have that symbol at all.