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    Somewhere in the UK


  • CPU
    AMD Ryzen R5-1600
  • Motherboard
    GIGABYTE AX370-Gaming K5 (ATX)
  • RAM
    Corsair Vengeance 32GB (4x8GB) (3000MHz)
  • GPU
    EVGA GTX 1080 Superclocked 2 with ICX-Cooling (8GB)
  • Case
    Fractal Design Focus G (ATX Mid Tower)
  • Storage
    1x 2TB HDD (3.5")
  • PSU
    EVGA G2 650w Power Supply
  • Display(s)
    2x Samsung U28E590D
  • Cooling
    2x Corsair AF140mm (Front/Intake) ||| 1x Corsair AF120mm (Rear/Output)
  • Keyboard
    Corsair Strafe RGB
  • Mouse
    Logitech MX Master
  • Operating System
    Windows 10 (64-bit)

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  1. Are there any home-theatre type people on the forum who could help Me out? If so... I need a second opinion on something and don't really know if I should be discussing it publicly so please message Me :) It's do with My BluRay setup that I have going on.

  2. Welcome to December of 2019 everyone :D


    1. Den-Fi


      [January 12th 2019 intensifies]





    2. Rohith_Kumar_Sp
  3. It's a good thing I'm not spending anything today on Black Friday of 2019 (...as boring as that sounds) because there isn't anything that's really stuck out IMHO. And also, it appears that the bank I use over here in the UK / United Kingdom has gone down in terms of their website and mobile app. My mother is moaning out loud because of it and I'm just here like..... what do You expect Me to do exactly?? LMAO smh xD



    On a side note.... I have a ton of Keyboard Switches arriving today hopefully!!! 

    So I guess that's My Black-Friday 'gift' because I didn't buy anything...? 🤔 /s

    1. Pascal...


      Replacing the switches or are you building your own Keyboard ?

    2. Xiauj


      @Pascal... You'll have to wait and see ;) Idk if I'll post here, probably on the Discord.

  4. Update: https://linustechtips.com/main/profile/360847-xiauj/?status=250683&type=status It went well and didn't manage to fuck up! Thanks again by the way @Ryan_Vickers & @Levent
  5. Finally, Windows has finished updating after... 3(?) ish hours later xD. Can confirm that it didn't manage to fuck up lol. RIP Windows 7, You will be missed :C

    1. Ryan_Vickers


      In the future you may find this to be less of an issue.  Windows 10 has a feature where it can use an external drive or flash drive to assist in cases where there is not enough free space on C to perform an update in place.  There is still a minimum space requirement but it can help quite a bit.

  6. Alright so... I've just used Minitool Partition Wizard (Software recommendation) and it seems to have worked :D And now... I'm currently upgrading over to Windows 10 via the ISO from Microsoft's website lol.


    I'm gonna miss Windows 7 after this is done / having used it for many years whilst I was in school / college etc... :( Why did Microsoft stop giving updates for it, damn it. Oh well.

    1. Levent


      good luck.

    2. Den-Fi


      The sheer amount of infrastructure it takes to maintain, support, and update an operating system is massive. 

      You've got to reallocate those resources at some point. (Oh and because profit)

    3. Xiauj
  7. @Ryan_Vickers & @Levent, Alright so... I've just used Minitool Partition Wizard and it seems to have worked I just allocated roughly 10GB to (C:) from (G:) and I'm currently upgrading over to Windows 10 via the ISO from Microsoft's website lol. Thanks again guys! I appreciate it! I'm gonna miss Windows 7 after this is done Why did Microsoft stop giving updates for it, damn it. Oh well.
  8. Ah I see. Would the one that Levent kindly suggested be able to solve this, do You think?: @Levent Any idea/input as to if this could work?
  9. Ok I've just remerged the 10GB I took from the (G:) Drive and re-added it back to the (G:) Drive. Is there any other ways to "move" the (G:) Drive and take the aforementioned 10GB from that and add that to the (C:) Drive within Windows besides doing via Ubuntu? Or am I pretty much screwed? It's not because I don't have much Linux knowledge (Which actually I don't, still kinda learning it) or anything like that but I also don't have a spare low capacity USB-Drive for the Linux distro =/
  10. What is that and how does that work? I'm completely clueless, haha. Ok now I'm really confused So wait, install/fire... what up onto a USB-Drive? I'm confused. I thought You meant Linux for a second there Ryan but I dunno, lol. If You mean moving to Linux, I dunno if that's an option or not because I'd lose all My already-installed applications, wouldn't I? And Idk if they'd even work. Things like Adobe programs, CINEMA 4D, some other editing applications, VLC and a few others. I DO NOT want to lose them what so ever!
  11. If anyone here knows much about Windows and it's being a BITCH... /s, then please help! ❤️ I could do with some help. 14 Hours later and still no reply, dunno what the hell is going on but I need some urgent help. Before January 2020 lmao.


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    2. Xiauj


      @LukeSavenije That / Your KPOP Obsession is not helping but thanks anyways... I guess? ......and besides, it's not that cold here in the UK currently. Only a tiny bit.

    3. LukeSavenije




      you're welcome?

    4. Cyberspirit


      Is there any reason why you only have a single drive for everything? You really should back your stuff up when messing with Windows, especially when you are switching from 7 to 10.


      As for the problem, I've never used it but I've heard good things about gparted, give that a shot. Seems like Ryan_Vickers will be able to help you with it.

  12. Hey everyone! I need help urgently! I'm trying to figure what the hell I did when I made this system MANY YEARS AGO..... lol. So TLDR: I'm trying to upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (Because Microsoft is stopping system updates etc., in January 2020) via the ISO I downloaded from Microsoft's Website and, in this system, there's one 1TB Western Digital Hard Drive which is split into 3x sections as shown below: I don't know how / can't remember why this is split into 3x sections but just now, I shrinked 10GB out of the (G:) Drive and for some reason, I can't put the 9.77GB unallocated space I just took from (G:) into the (C:) Drive. The "Extend Volume..." option is greyed out when I right click the (C:) Drive. The 9.77GB I took from (G:) HAS TO GO INTO THE (C:) Drive in particular so that I have enough free space (8GB or more) to let the Windows 10 ISO do its magic (aka upgrade the OS to Windows 10). There's only 5~ ish GB free which is why I'm doing taking some capacity from the (G:) Drive, lol. Soo..... any advice on what to do? I just cannot figure out why the option is greyed out, it makes zero sense... and like I said, there's only one 1TB Western Digital Hard Drive Please and Thanks! ~Xiauj
  13. FUCK YES! My package is finally out of UK-Customs and should be here tomorrow!



    Also..... there's a new Season of Scrapyard Wars on LTT (YouTube)!! Go check it out! :D

  14. Does anyone know of a free, easy to use software that can play BluRays (....on Windows 10 OS) ? 🤔 I keep getting errors with VLC ever since I reinstalled it like, 2(?) maybe 3 months ago.

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    2. Xiauj


      @TopHatProductions115 Yes, I tried downloading the aforementioned KeyDB-cfg file + libaacs-dll file, put them in their appropriate places and still got the error. And yes I'm on the latest version of VLC btw.

    3. TopHatProductions115



      Could a recent Windows Update have botched something? 🤔

    4. Xiauj


      @TopHatProductions115 I have NO idea. Lol. Your guess is as good as mine at this point. Everyone always goes on about how VLC is the most simplistic but also free video player which Yes I fully agree is worth it in some respect and thankfully there's no cost unlike with other applications but man, it can be awkward at the best of times. Like now for instance xD as a perfect example!


      Side note: I think this is a problem with My monitor or possibly VLC itself, but, when I watch certain films (..both DVD-Format and BluRay-Format) in VLC, some dark scenes are more or less pitch black (Aka black screen/background). For example: You can just barely make out the characters/object/scenery/etc... lol 😂 I've mentioned this in a previous status-update I think. Also, bear in mind that this is with VLC and only VLC from what I've tested ever since I purchased My 5.25" BluRay Drive for My PC.

  15. Does anyone have some good server-hardware knowledge? If so.., I could do with some help / second-opinions etc., because not only is My server-knowledge complete and utter **** xD but also because...... (TLDR Below):


    I'm moving several PCs into a somewhat compact Rack-mount case that I'll have sitting next to My Desk or I'll have it sitting on the Desk itself, depending on the size. I'll explain more but if anyone does have some good knowledge as mentioned, please PM Me on Discord :D I'd appreciate it. I'm normally active on Luke's Discord: https://discord.gg/p6Hu3Mj

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    2. Xiauj


      @Pascal... Do You have Discord? I'll msg You, if not, I can msg on the forum. Only reason I asked about Discord is because it'll be quicker when replying to each other 😛 

    3. Pascal...


      Sure. See my Discord on my Profile.

    4. Xiauj


      @Pascal... Mind sending Me a DM? 😛 Idk how to do it through Discord lmao







      (It's an old username, gonna change it to Xiauj at some point).