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    AMD Ryzen R5 1600
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    GIGABYTE AX370-Gaming K5 (ATX)
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    Corsair Vengeance 16GB (8x2GB) (3000MHz)
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    EVGA GTX 1080 Superclocked 2 with ICX-Cooling (8GB)
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    Phanteks P400
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    1x 2TB HDD
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    EVGA G2 650w Power Supply
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    1x Samsung U28D590D 4K, TN-Panel monitor <||||||||||> 2x LG 1920x1080p, FreeSync, IPS ,60Hz VESA based monitors
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    2x Corsair AF140mm (Front/Intake) ||| 1x Corsair AF120mm (Rear/Output)
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    Corsair Strafe RGB
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    Logitech MX Master
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    Windows 10 (64-bit)

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  1. Alright, looks like I managed to fix it finally ! There was a tiny issue with the GPU-Drivers but it's done now.
  2. I have a Ryzen CPU which I think don't have integrated-graphics
  3. Ok, what I might do tomorrow then because it's getting a bit late here lol is this (below): Is this correct?: Take out the GTX 1080 Put the GTX 650 Ti back in Hope that it gets to the desktop Try to download and run DDU to remove the GPU-Drivers and I'll make sure to disable the Latest Driver Download option Download and Install the latest GeForce Drivers for the GTX 1080 from geforce . co.uk Turn off the PC and put in the GTX 1080 Hope that it gets to the Desktop?
  4. When I press the power-button, it starts up fine as explained -^ but then it goes black. @Noobie22 @knightslugger I'm thinking it could be the drivers that I forgot to uninstall, could that be a possible cause? Do I boot into Safe-Mode via the BIOS or ..? I can't remember how to do it lol, haven't done so in ages.
  5. Hi all, I'm currently installing my new GPU which is a EVGA GTX 1080 Superclocked 2 with ICX Cooling and am removing my GTX 650 Ti and so far, I've uninstalled it and have installed the GTX 1080 and thankfully, I got to my desktop and tested a couple of things like going to YouTube . com and Google etc..,; and I went to open my Task Manager to see if the GPU shows up or not, it didn't, so I went to open NVIDIA Control Panel and for some reason my screen went black and I don't know why. One thing I did realize whilst uninstalling my GTX 650 Ti and swapping the cables etc.. was that I forgot to uninstall the GPU-Drivers before uninstalling the GTX 650 Ti, was I meant to do so? At the moment, when I start up the PC, it starts up fine and gets to the Aorus screen with the Aorus logo and a loading icon but then it just goes black and I don't know why. If anyone could help me I would seriously appreciate it ASAP =) Thanks -Xiauj
  6. I wish I could be optimistic as u

  7. Good Evening to all on this awesome Saturday!

    Currently using my PC and am browsing LTT-Forums on 4K-Resolution for the first proper time O_O so um.... Hey! :D I have still got a couple of issues to sort out tomorrow but for tonight at least, I've got my PC up and running which is pretty damn awesome. As for my new monitor setup for now I am using my 4K-Monitor (TN-Panel) with 2 of my LG-Monitors (IPS-Panel).


    Also... 30Hz is really weird to use haha; I am so used to 60Hz a lot of the time on 3x LG-1080p-Resolution-Monitors but yeah, that's why I say that, lol xD

    Task for tomorrow is to get the monitors on my desk properly re-arranged!

    1. TopHatProductions115


      Can't wait to see that up and running (properly)!

    2. silentprototipe


      Sweet, Meanwhile im stuck on a 22 inch 1080p panel. Atleast its IPS 

  8. Yaaay!

    I might hopefully be getting a new GPU soon which is gonna be awesome! :D

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    2. Xiauj


      @AluminiumTech Err.. no? Not recently at least anyways o.O lol

      Although I did say I was thinking about one of those back (A GTX 1080 or similar) in November of 2017 :P (Link).

    3. Xiauj


      Though I am gonna hopefully be getting one soon :D

    4. TopHatProductions115


      I'm rooting for ya! Get the best one you can!

  9. Alright, I know this might sound like a little weird at first, but..... does anyone have a good amount of knowledge about Single Board Computers? You know, ones that are similar to Raspberry Pi etc..


    If so.., mind if I ask a question or 2 or 3 in a private message? ^_^ Trying to find out something and could do with some advice lol :P

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    2. TopHatProductions115


      I'm asking for the following, pertaining to your SBC:


       - What company/entity made your SBC

       - What model is the SBC in question (or what year)

       - What are its specs (what came with it out of the box)?

       - What modifications have you made to it?


       - What do you intend to do with the SBC (or what you need help with)?

    3. Xiauj


      @TopHatProductions115 Errr... I think you might have misunderstood the original post.

      I never said that I own an SBC (Single Board Computer) or produce them, might want to re-read the original post.



      I was thinking of getting one for a very specific purpose.. ;)

    4. TopHatProductions115


      My bad :(


      I wrongly assumed that you already had it in your possession...


      I guess the only question would actually, be about what you plan to do with it. But, you probably already have a lead... 

  10. Net Neutrality is happening now guys!!


  11. In other news.... it's nearly Christmas <3

    Cannot wait to get a new GPU which I've been meaning to do for the last year or maybe two or three xD


    I'll still keep my current 650 Ti but, yeah, I truly cannot wait! :D

    1. TopHatProductions115
    2. MEC-777


      Tis the season. What did you have in mind? 


      This will be the first time in the last 4 years that I have not upgraded my GPU on an annual basis. ;) 

    3. Xiauj


      @MEC-777 Still thinking about a GTX 1080 (Non-Ti) hopefully ^_^ Should hopefully be a nice upgrade lol

  12. Serious question, what is making Bitcoin rise so much? o.O Like, is there a specific reason because if there is, I can't understand it and why it's making such a huge rise for Bitcoin. I can understand that crypto-currencies as a whole are popular because you can mine them and what not... but like, what physically is making it rise? I don't understand the reason. Bitcoin at this stage is nearly at $17,000 USD which is insanely high, somehow.

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    2. wcreek


      It's a bubble thats overdue to pop it could rise because of that bubble but it's not going to pretty when it pops

    3. TopHatProductions115


      A smart BTC holder would know to be on standby - ready to pull the funds out if the curve plateaus hard, and begins to dive. Send it to an intermediary service (between the BTC wallet and your bank), and pay your taxes. Then, send the remaining funds to your bank.


      That's how you play safe...

    4. MEC-777


      Earlier today I tried to log in to the Kraken exchange but it was getting hammered and is down in my area. Was going to purchase a portion of a bitcoin and join the ride to the top, but that ain't happening now and the risk is crazy high. Will stick to mining ETH and Monero for the time being. To answer your question; I don't know. What makes these markets "rise and fall" is beyond me. Seems like the slightest thing can make it jump or dive. 

  13. Hey Colonel_Mortis - Just a Quick Question? :) I was gonna make a topic on this but it's nothing insanely broken/major.


    Has there been any work on the Reporting tool/function as of recently? I was trying to report someone's post earlier when browsing the forums but I couldn't seem to finish reporting it fully..? o.O I pressed Report as normal, typed my reason (Duplicate posts) and pressed "Submit Report" and no luck, just a forever constant loading symbol. My browser is Google Chrome.



    1. Xiauj


      UPDATE: Seems to work on certain topics and some others it repeats itself and doesn't fully submit.

      I just reported one in the General Discussion sub-forum and that worked, the one from earlier as explained still won't submit which is odd.

    2. colonel_mortis


      There have been no changes to it, and we have received reports recently.

      If it's still happening, can you try pressing F12 and switching to the console tab, then trying to report, and posting anything that's logged there?

  14. Is YouTube stuttering for anyone else somewhat badly atm, like has it had an update recently or something?

    Trying to find how to set up something for multiple consoles>PC (Elgato) and it's stuttering like crazy :|

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    2. Xiauj


      Dang it YouTube, all I wanna do is try and figure how to set up something.... *sighs* :dry:

    3. TopHatProductions115
    4. DocSwag


      I've had it so that whenever a video is playing everything else stutters on my iPad for a while now, but that's about it.

  15. Looks like my PS4 Controller that I've had for a while now doesn't want to properly function anymore and I don't really feel like disassembling it tbh so.. rip controller.

    Fantastic :(. Waiting on a new one to arrive soon hopefully.

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    2. TopHatProductions115


      If you got it through Amazon, it should be there pretty fast. Who did you buy it from?

    3. Xiauj


      Somewhere in the UK / Local-ish area, it's ok now, it got here earlier today :D

    4. TopHatProductions115