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    Intel: i7 4790K
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    ASUS: Maximus VII Formula Z97
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    GSkill: Ripjaw 2133MHz 16GB
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    Cooler Master: Corsair 760T Black
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    ASUS: VG248QE w/G-Sync
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    Cooler Master: V6
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    Razer: Blackwidow Chroma
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    Razer: Deathadder Chroma
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z
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    Windows 10

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  1. I just got my Q9650 in yesterday and tossed a few games at it and it was well worth the 40 bucks I spent on it. I installed it in my EVGA 780i and it has 8GB of RAM and a GTX 680 and it plays Fallout 4 on all high settings (except God Rays which is set to low) pulling 20 to 30FPS with a hiccup here and there in a built up Sanctuary and out in the woods its hittn about 40 t0 60FPS but once I go in a store or tunnel it's a solid 60FPS. That was just one example and totally playable and this board used to have a E8400. so it's was an upgrade.
  2. Interesting. I actually have 2 of these (mine was causing issues and my friend gave me his) and both were doing the same thing once I installed win 10. Might be just the 780i then?
  3. If anyone has owned a nForce 600 series or 700 series and their PC constantly crashed after installing windows 10, I just fixed mine over the weekend. I noticed that it was just crashing when downloading or transferring files 4GB or higher and the BSOD or black screen would occur. This weekend I installed a gigabit PCI card and solved every win 10 issue I ever had over the past year or so. After installing the first version of windows 10 my PC would crash constently and could not figure it out. then tried every new version of win 10 that came out and it would crash to BSOD or Black Screen. After a few tries I would toss it to the side and try to get it working on the next launch of Win 10. This time I got fed up and finally fixed it. My Mobo, if your wondering is a EVGA 780i SLI and I finally got it back in working order. I bought the PCI card Friday night and threw everything at it to make it crash and 48 hours later no errors in event viewer and not once did it crash. Hope someone finds this useful when building a retro gaming PC or still has a board laying around collecting dust over this issue. Core 2 Quad are still usable in 2018.
  4. You might as well, it wont hurt anything and you wont be staving you system from power it may need. Let me know if you do plug it in and if there is a difference.
  5. Thanks all for the input. Once I did plug it in, it's made a big difference over the last 3 weeks. By now it would have crashed or restarted about 10 times, now that it's plugged in it hasn't crashed once. It's been a frustrating Almost 4 years, wish I would have read the manual and plugged it in right when I built it lol. Sad thing is, I've built many systems before this one an really should have known better. But this is the first MoBo that had both 4 pin and 8 pin EATX connectors.
  6. I have a ASUS Z97 Formula MoBo and a 4790K. I bought this back in 14' and when I was building it I noticed that it had both a 4 pin and 8 pin CPU power. I didn't read the manual like a excited like kid and over looked the CPU power plug and thought the 4 pin was just for overclocking and should be fine with just the 8 pin connected. It did boot and I ran it like that up till about 3 weeks ago. I did finally plug in the 4 pin and the board is a hell of a lot more stable now (I was always wondering why it was randomly crashing on me (I'm a dumb ass)), I'm wondering if I did any long term damage to the VRMS that run off the 8 pin power. What are your thoughts???
  7. I found why my mic wasn't working on any of my PC's Here it's all in the privacy settings. I made a video about it here
  8. Man, when I glanced at his license plate I thought it had my gamer tag (Feeterican) on it (witch is the only one in the world). I listened to his PC build stream with Maingear and found I really like the fella. I would love to hang with him for a day and bounce ideas back and forth about music and gaming (I've been a drummer for over 20 years and gaming for 12).
  9. Last year I had to RMA my EVGA GTX 480 and cause of there warranty they sent me a GTX 960. That was a sweet deal since it was, what, 5-6 years later. It was probably the easiest RMA I've done and it was only a week turn around. That GTX 960 stomps all over that GTX 480 in so many ways, I was really happy with the exchange ( thought it would have really been kick ass if they sent me a GTX 980 )
  10. Can anyone name all the cards they have used and still have? Here's my line up since 2002. Ti 4200 FX 5700 Ultra 7600 GTS 7800 GTX 8400 GS (using) 8800 GTS 8800 GT 3 9800 GTX+ (I had only 1 9800 GTX+ and still have 2 of the non plus) GTX 480 2 GTX 680 (still have them and currently using 1) GTX 960 (using) GTX 1080 (using)
  11. I'm currently using the 2015 Razer Blackwidow Chroma and Deathadder Chroma with a Sphex Mouse Pad. I don't use headphones at home but I do use them at work. Funny story about mouse pads. Back in 2004 I discovered that using the reverse side of the plastic cover on my 5 star notebook worked awesome as a mouse pad but I couldn't find any other type of material that was anything like it. I even contacted Mead also looked around at McMaster Carr. I finally gave up after about 6 months with no resources or money to put into making my own brand of mouse pad so I emailed Razer and told them what I used as a mouse pad. I got no response, but a few years later I was at Microcenter and they had a PC being demoed and can you (anyone reading this) guess what mouse pad they were using???? The Sphex!! The same material I was using years before, The reverse side of the plastic front cover of a Mead 5 Star Notebook. UGH!!!!
  12. That vid was EPIC. I would truly put that device to good use if I were to win. That would be awesome for on the go and watching movies and gaming outside.
  13. I thought the $30,000 rig was impressive but this thing is freakin boss.
  14. I don't know if anyone else tried this but, remember back in the 90's when you crossed your eyes and focused to see the hidden image in the poster or what have you? Well I did that while the demo was running and it was in full 3D, I could see actual depth. I mean sure the image what small but it worked all the same. It was kind of cool actually.