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  1. Im looking to upgrade my Thermaltake chaser mark 1 to a be quiet! Silent Base 800 for the rebuilt project. I plan on getting a bequiet dark rock pro 3 on a I7 7700k. What im interested in is a case thats silent like the one i plan on useing but im curious on what suggestions people have for a silent case. (also looking to the dark base proo 900 but i doubt ill get that) Edit : Looking for a case in the silent base 800 price range
  2. IF he has a chance to change that to a i5 6600 (k or otherwise) i would.
  3. I would get a samsung galexy 7 because i like expandable storage (main reason), Im more familiar with android OS (minor reason), and a headphone jack (mid reason). Though dont get an edge. Its a fairly sized price bump for not much gain. (i actually planned to get an S7 because of my reasons but money became an issue)
  4. Samsung galexy 5 neo (for a cheap phone bill may upgrade later )
  5. Just do a fresh install. thats my only recommendation
  6. Crucial works good. I use the 525GB drive.
  7. Sound can be worth it though. Im buying a Silent base 800 or a Dark base pro 900 (among other upgrades i really need) just because im tired of noisy fans. Originally iwas just going to get an NZXT S340.
  8. It might not be but that fans kinda asking to be put down. Its got so much caked on it its not funny. A replacment and a dusting of the case would happen sooner or later might as well do it now.
  9. It should say which one it is on the site. As for the one on your case. It should say on it. If not google your case and look up what the top fan mounts are.
  10. If you want a recommendation get a BE QUIET! pure wings 2. Its quiet and should be quite cheap. On ncix here its 13 canadian.
  11. aida 64 extream should be fine. Just use the trial. But it should be fine till you can buy a new one.
  12. I would keep an eye on temps while you do intensive tasks and see if it starts to over heat. If it does it will start to feel slugish. If not then keep it on a light workload till you can buy another one
  13. Over kill? : Yes Sexy as Hell? : HELL YES. The envy is real. Any thoughts on getting some WD red drives for long term storage (or getting a nas or somthing)
  14. If its of the intel 1151 socket and a z170 or z270 then yes. If its a z170 then a bios update was most likely released before kaby lake came out.
  15. The card was most likly defective. MAke sure you used the right adapter with your PSU as Salazar studio killed his system with wrong adaptors to power his hue+