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    BC, Canada
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    My PC Specs~
    0. SSD - Crucial MX300 525gb
    1. HDD - 2TB Harddrive
    2. Core - Intel Core i5-4570 CPU @ 3.20GHz
    3. Ram - Corsair vengeance (BLUE) 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit
    4. GFX Card - GTX 970 FTW
    5. MOBO - MSI Z87-G41


    Editing : 1. Sony Vegas Pro 12
    2. Audacity

    Streaming : 1. (Primary) Open Broadcaster Software

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  1. EmoChipmonk

    Suggestions and tips for a SSD

    3d nand as far as I know is the best type at the moment. You would have to look up that specific ssd (usually reviews) for of it has a dram cache on it. I personally never care about warranties. I wouldnt want to use an ssd more then 3-5 years at a time befor upgrading my personal rig. But they can last way longer. Most ssds can handle somthing like 50 or 60 gb of writes per day every day for like a couple years which is an unusual work load for such a cheap solution. So you should be fine.
  2. EmoChipmonk

    Suggestions and tips for a SSD

    TLC will ware out faster then mlc and slc. (but is faster then mlc and slc) Make sure it has a Dram cache on it (most decent ones do). Trim support helps maintain the preformance of the drive over time. I have a crucial mx300 that i have had for 3years now and its still going strong. Honestly since there isnt much difference in speed i would prob go with whats cheap in that list. Sata3 is the current and standard of sata and is what most drives use to my knowlage. Triple layer chip (3 layers) = faster but wears out quickist. Multilayer chip (2 Layers) = bit faster but wears out quicker Single layer chip (1 layer) = slower but lasts longer My friend has a 120gb ssd that hes had for around 7 years and it still works just fine. Its tlc so honestly dont worry too much. As long as it works with sata 3 then its good to go. Kingston usually works just fine. Its what i bought to drop in my fathers machine.
  3. EmoChipmonk

    What keyboard is closest?

    It can be annoying to me so if i could circumvent it that would be preferable. but im not sure ill blow 200$ on getting the change.
  4. EmoChipmonk

    What keyboard is closest?

    Im looking for a keyboard that is closest to the logitech G613 (i plan on getting the logitech g703 or 903 to match) Im looking for somthing with marcos and can be both wireless or wired like the logitech mice. RGB is nice but not really a need or a want. i mostly want macros and never needing to change a set of batteries but still being able to be wireless
  5. EmoChipmonk

    How much tubing should i get?

    that is a beautiful build. if mine is atleast half that nice ill be happy with it. though it will be in the THE TOWER 900 soo it better be
  6. EmoChipmonk

    How much tubing should i get?

    half the time i channel murphies law so its prob best to take the better route.
  7. EmoChipmonk

    How much tubing should i get?

    Every time i think of new hard line water cooler i think back to science studio and his grave yard.
  8. EmoChipmonk

    How much tubing should i get?

    Right.... Better learn how to bend some tubes
  9. EmoChipmonk

    How much tubing should i get?

    Are they any huge downsides to using fittings for corners? (dont plan on it but curious)
  10. So im looking at my case and theres going to be a fair amount of tubing. I am planning on doing Hardline watercooling even though its going to be my first attempt. Im ok with wasting tubing. Whats the general rule for stocking up on tubing? Get 3 times the amount? 4? Its not that expensive So i dont Really care about having extra.
  11. Unless ivelake give a 15 or more preformance uplife from coffee lake then you should just stick with what you got till what comes after ice lake.
  12. Honestly Your pc is quite good. Unless you plan on really wanting to use Ray tracing then mabey wait to upgrade to the amphere 80ti card when it comes out next year (Prob like may at the earlyest). Other wise maybe just focus on peripherals.
  13. EmoChipmonk

    Can't decide on a PSU!

    Corsair RM line is fairly good but if not i would prob get the gigabyte.
  14. EmoChipmonk

    gsync triple moniter viable?

    So im looking around at moniters and when i end up buying some (prob not this year unfortunatly. admitedly im just killing time. Any threads i look at for triple moniter gsync gaming say that its kind of a Shit show. Most of those threads were old so can any one else say that triple moniter gsync works fine now a days or is it still a shit show? (for context i like triple moniter gaming instead of ultra wide moniters because its more compatable with my own personal plans for my new rig.) (Also i know. i am nothing if not excessive) (Also im asking as to weather consider it or just say screw it.)
  15. If you are worried about ram prices then i would get atleast the ram some time soon and wait till cyber monday to get the rest. Mabey a new psu while your at it.