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  1. i think LTT had a chip that had liquid metal eventually spill on to the substrate.
  2. it said it was enabled. ill have to try things out in the morning ill update on what happens. A part of me thinks it just hates that laptop
  3. I have tried every thing i can think of. I have tried cent os 7 and fedora 32. I know the service that should be running it is working but it doesn't wanna FUDGING WORK. It was on a switch that i have had problems with in the past so i took it off and hooked it up to the isp router/modem combo along with the device thats going to be acessing it and that didnt fix it. Im not sure if theres a setting in the router that would be stopping this or what but i am completly floored and have no idea what i can try any more. I am running this on an old laptop. NOT A RASP PI.
  4. Formula is quite expensive and is an extra tuming run though that's not why I would count it out. I think most water blocks are ugly for a cpu. Just how it is for me. Mono block scream overkill and that's attractive to me. Also they are a huge chunk on the mobo rather then some dinky little thing.
  5. a shallow part of me has the ROG brand as a requierment but if i can find a mono block for that kind of a mobo i deff may consider it
  6. Cant find an aqua. very limited run. Waterforce one dosnt exist for amd from what i can tell. These are very limited run boards and were released so long ago
  7. Cant find an aqua. very limited run. Waterforce one dosnt exist for amd from what i can tell
  8. The idea of the build is over kill since the case is overkill. I think mono blocks look way better then any normal waterblock. My case requires watercooling and would be very poor for air cooling.
  9. it will be watercooled. If a single noctua fails it shouldnt affect preformance of the other 3 on that loop. From what every one ahs said the chipset fans are known to fail after a few years (also again its a noise thing to) Where as a case fan i have never seen fail let alone a noctua one that was. This is a machine thats being built for the long term.
  10. honestly i would prob be ok with that as long as it has al lthe features of the x570, no chipset block, and gets monoblocks made for them
  11. b550 dosnt so i imagine that with pcie gen 4 being more mature by now they should have worked out how to get it, that or some one decides to make nice chipset waterblocks
  12. well i dont have gpu fans or hdds so i dont have to worry about those. As for case fans i would be surprised if 8 noctua fans died
  13. well i have to wait. i cant use x570 for the long term as i cant trust that crappy little fan so if i can help it i want to avoid doing x570 out right. Als othat little fan is a noise hazard.
  14. I mean they have without fail for each of the other generations so it would be a bit unusuall to break the streak of having a BRAND NEW mobo line with a new cpu.