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  1. which means they are compatable with ecc but so is ryzen no?
  2. hyper threading is prefered if possable
  3. got a motherboard to pair with it?
  4. I was hoping around 300 CAD at most for the proccessor.(give or take)
  5. So i plan on building a Pc that will more or less act as a server box for hosting gaming servers that me and my friend will want to play. Heavily modded minecraft (with intensive builds) and ark are the most recent examples with other games we could latch on to in the future. Im a bit unsure of where to start with a processor before I decide on the rest of the pc. I do want this to hold its weight under fairly intensive loads. Hard drive type is another thing im unsure of. I was thinking a few WD reds in raid if i cant get a decent sized SSD at the time. Ram i was thinking about about 16gb. (which i know is excessive but if i have to run more then one at a time for different things then i have breathing room)
  6. so dumbass me found out that when i moved the pc and put it down it was enough force to knock the stupidly long cpu fan cable out of the corner it was wedged in and thus it was kissing the spinning fan.
  7. no harm in asking though.
  8. on an intel heatsync. This is the one that came with the processer.
  9. i say soon but i mean by the end of the year
  10. i am getting sick of it real quick and iwould prefer not buying stuff to replace the thing when i plan to upgrade soon
  11. so no matter what turning it off is a bad idea. god damn it
  12. so i cleaned out my pcwhile i after i moved it and now the fan on the heat sinc is making a clicking noise. would it be fine if i disabled it. Its came with the intel processer
  13. Mabey build one system with an i7 for gaming and another with an 1700 (OCed) for capturing and encoding.
  14. Im debating on getting a 1700 for the extra cores. Though call me an intel fanboy but im not super big on the idea of getting an AMD chip so i will prob get a 6700k or 7700k.
  15. Personally if you dont have an i7 at minimal i say dont stream. If you wanna game, capture and encode all on one system