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  1. Mabey build one system with an i7 for gaming and another with an 1700 (OCed) for capturing and encoding.
  2. Im debating on getting a 1700 for the extra cores. Though call me an intel fanboy but im not super big on the idea of getting an AMD chip so i will prob get a 6700k or 7700k.
  3. Personally if you dont have an i7 at minimal i say dont stream. If you wanna game, capture and encode all on one system
  4. I find most streaming software does that, Its why i wanna build a second pc to do all my capturing and encoding.
  5. I prefer obs classic as well. Just wanted to see if it would work in the newer software.
  6. see if this works on OBS studio
  7. i5 6600k and this mobo https://www.amazon.ca/Gigabyte-2-Way-CrossFire-Motherboards-GA-Z170-HD3/dp/B012AQGKXC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1489826944&sr=8-1&keywords=z170
  8. And all proper cables?
  9. take back the psu? and replace it? if it worked befor the change then it could be faulty. Make sure the cables your useing are all from the new psu. Salazar studio accidently did missed that up and fryed alot.
  10. give an update on how this gos in the end
  11. Flash chip shortage. SSDs got the same price jump
  12. It would be worth it to save a bit more and get the 1700
  13. I got the s5 neo and its great. Most phone carriors up here have them fir free on cheap contracts. (would have loved an s7 but life gets in the way)
  14. If i had to guess it might be that the drivers for that card arnt compatable or in some way conflict with your new one.
  15. Make sure the power is fully plugged on the card. Then delete your drivers and install it (assuming your core has intigrated gfx) then download the newest drivers.