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  1. Slow Raid 10 on MSI X370 Gaming Pro Carbon

    somthing in the uefi mabey?
  2. Which part should I upgrade first?

    take a look at used for the short term
  3. sounds like its switching to more of a read mode only mode.
  4. i find that a 500gb-ish level is the best for general use. I have a crucial 525gb and i have every thing on it. though i did get it back befor the chip shortage started. (november last year)
  5. if you end up getting a new SSD get an 240 gb level ssd. (or bigger)
  6. I have to restart PC 4-5 times for mouse to work erveytime

    if its not the usb port or the mouse its self then mabey do a software reinstall or a malwarebytes scan?
  7. To buy piece by piece or all at once.

    issue with that is i dont know wherei will buy the parts from. Some prob from amazon but others from newegg or ncix
  8. To buy piece by piece or all at once.

    ok os mabey i should have said it might cause a possable legal issue.
  9. To buy piece by piece or all at once.

    Thats not possable for personal reasons.
  10. To buy piece by piece or all at once.

    i have planns for main storage with an 1tb ssd but that will happen alot later. ill prob carry over my current ssd after a cleaning.
  11. To buy piece by piece or all at once.

    Also open to hearing why you think abotu which ever you picked
  12. So im planning on building an almost whole new system with coffee lake and its hopefully sexy i7 with 6 cores. I would preferably like to buy all at once but im not the best to hold on to money in the long run (just a bad habit). I am curious on what people think i should do.
  13. Gaming server box

    which means they are compatable with ecc but so is ryzen no?
  14. Gaming server box

    hyper threading is prefered if possable
  15. Gaming server box

    got a motherboard to pair with it?