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  1. AIO cooler Installation

    Hey all, I have this AIO cooler that I am reusing and I can't quite figure it out. Do I need a backplate or do I just simply screw it into the motherboard? There is no manual. Thanks
  2. lga1366 motherboard

    Thanks for your help
  3. lga1366 motherboard

    Okay I just found this specs are here seems to support every thing doesnt it?
  4. lga1366 motherboard

    hmm ok interesting, how do I know if it supports ecc memory? For example, this board says ddr3 1600 memory supported... does it have to specifically state ecc support?
  5. lga1366 motherboard

    this is pretty decent thank you for this, I will have a look around ebay
  6. lga1366 motherboard

    Yeah im starting to feel that way when you say "standard form factor" do you mean to fit into standard atx cases? because I dont plan on using a case if that makes a difference
  7. Hey, I currently have a xeon w3690, 24gb ddr3 1600 ecc ram and a gtx 1060 lying around and wanted to make a cheap desktop All I need is a motherboard. Does anyone know of or can reccomend a cheap motherboard that could support all these 3 components? I am having trouble finding one. The cpu socket is lga1366. I have found a few old server ones but I remember seeing something in a previous thread about the pcie lanes not good enough for a 1060 (my knowledge is somewhat limited so I am not sure the validity of this) Thanks
  8. Fullscreen Video Lag

    oops forgot to list 6600k 16gb ddr4 Ram gtx 1080 not sure if relevant but OS is on ssd
  9. Fullscreen Video Lag

    Hey, Every time I put a YouTube or twitch video full screen it starts to lag. It works perfectly fine when in theater or normal view. I have 2 indentical 1080p monitors. Normal videos that are played through VLC work as normal it's only when I am on browser. I currently use chrome. Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this it is very annoying. Thanks. e/ think i fixed it, my tv was also plugged in but not on. As soon as I unplugged it seems to have fixed.
  10. LF GTA v steam friends

    nah any, my social club is: Rhilander
  11. LF GTA v steam friends

    Australia UTC+8 hours Im on a lot as uni is on break feel free to add my steam or social club
  12. LF GTA v steam friends

    my steam is Perrichicken my social club is: Rhilander
  13. LF GTA v steam friends

    just recently started, only level 75. down to do whatever, would be cool if had like discord or something steam: Perrichicken
  14. Dual Cpu mobo

    Yeah this is nice also, but the z800 looks like my best option
  15. Dual Cpu mobo

    Like i would need to acquire a different 24 pin mobo connector etc? the motherboard mounting I can handle