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  1. nah any, my social club is: Rhilander
  2. Australia UTC+8 hours Im on a lot as uni is on break feel free to add my steam or social club
  3. my steam is Perrichicken my social club is: Rhilander
  4. just recently started, only level 75. down to do whatever, would be cool if had like discord or something steam: Perrichicken
  5. Yeah this is nice also, but the z800 looks like my best option
  6. Like i would need to acquire a different 24 pin mobo connector etc? the motherboard mounting I can handle
  7. Hey all, struggling to find a decent 2x socket 1366 mobo with pcie slots im using 2x xeon w3690 been looking at ebay and the best price vs performance mobo that I could find thus far that also looks good is the z800 here is a link: anyone ever used this board or see any problems I may occur? I have built several pcs before but never on the xeon side of things.
  8. thank you, when i did some research I had no idea what I was looking at
  9. xOnly reason I ask is that someone is selling them to me 38x for $200. They are all working, so I was gonna mess around with them but would it be too difficult for someone with zero experience with server related setups?
  10. Hey, thinking about making a NAS what would I need to run these types of drives? Seagate Cheetah NS.2 SCSI 600GB 10K RPM Thanks.
  11. The ad doesn't say anything about not working which I would of thought is something you would say, just says removed from old NAS, he has 38x for sale, surely all 38 arent working.
  12. Wow okay I had no idea,I am going to assume not then, are they enterprise quality? , its 4 am atm so I cant ask him
  13. Seagate Cheetah NS.2 SCSI 600GB 10K RPM They are selling for $5 each, in good condition apparently Does this seem like a good deal? Are these HDDs good for a NAS or desktop? was looking to get a few From a local listing Thanks
  14. ty
  15. Got a guy selling 2x Titan X maxwells in good condition for the same price as I could sell my 1080. Is this a good deal?