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  1. Fullscreen Video Lag

    oops forgot to list 6600k 16gb ddr4 Ram gtx 1080 not sure if relevant but OS is on ssd
  2. Fullscreen Video Lag

    Hey, Every time I put a YouTube or twitch video full screen it starts to lag. It works perfectly fine when in theater or normal view. I have 2 indentical 1080p monitors. Normal videos that are played through VLC work as normal it's only when I am on browser. I currently use chrome. Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this it is very annoying. Thanks. e/ think i fixed it, my tv was also plugged in but not on. As soon as I unplugged it seems to have fixed.
  3. LF GTA v steam friends

    nah any, my social club is: Rhilander
  4. LF GTA v steam friends

    Australia UTC+8 hours Im on a lot as uni is on break feel free to add my steam or social club
  5. LF GTA v steam friends

    my steam is Perrichicken my social club is: Rhilander
  6. LF GTA v steam friends

    just recently started, only level 75. down to do whatever, would be cool if had like discord or something steam: Perrichicken
  7. Dual Cpu mobo

    Yeah this is nice also, but the z800 looks like my best option
  8. Dual Cpu mobo

    Like i would need to acquire a different 24 pin mobo connector etc? the motherboard mounting I can handle
  9. Dual Cpu mobo

    Hey all, struggling to find a decent 2x socket 1366 mobo with pcie slots im using 2x xeon w3690 been looking at ebay and the best price vs performance mobo that I could find thus far that also looks good is the z800 here is a link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-HP-Z800-Workstation-Motherboard-Systemboard-Dual-LGA-1366-576202-001-/230658365549 anyone ever used this board or see any problems I may occur? I have built several pcs before but never on the xeon side of things.
  10. What would I need to run these drives?

    thank you, when i did some research I had no idea what I was looking at
  11. What would I need to run these drives?

    xOnly reason I ask is that someone is selling them to me 38x for $200. They are all working, so I was gonna mess around with them but would it be too difficult for someone with zero experience with server related setups?
  12. Hey, thinking about making a NAS what would I need to run these types of drives? Seagate Cheetah NS.2 SCSI 600GB 10K RPM Thanks.
  13. What do you think about this hdd?

    The ad doesn't say anything about not working which I would of thought is something you would say, just says removed from old NAS, he has 38x for sale, surely all 38 arent working.
  14. What do you think about this hdd?

    Wow okay I had no idea,I am going to assume not then, are they enterprise quality? , its 4 am atm so I cant ask him
  15. What do you think about this hdd?

    Seagate Cheetah NS.2 SCSI 600GB 10K RPM They are selling for $5 each, in good condition apparently Does this seem like a good deal? Are these HDDs good for a NAS or desktop? was looking to get a few From a local listing Thanks