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  1. If you're not competitive you probably won't notice or mind a lower quality sensor, or wireless input lag on inferior mouses so you should probably focus on shape. Personally speaking I'm using a g403 and its super comfy if you have large hands
  2. I'd love to know how loud it is, the PSU looks like a 1u one and those are quite loud iirc.
  3. Temperature I think. The lower the better
  4. Here's some supplied testing http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?220874-More-Radiator-Sandwich-testing
  5. As in 2 rads with 1 set of fans? Don't do that, iirc it performs the same as just 1 rad.
  6. Nice duck! You like in a nutshell?

    1. Silencer


      /kurzgesagt. Was actually supposed to change it a while ago

    2. Xanthe_2871


      Right, kurzgathazmat. I just say in a nutshell because that's a crazy word!

  7. Should be an option in bios. Forgot what tab but the setting should be something like audio leds. Whoops! Wrong lga. Seems like you can't turn it off
  8. With win7, with some assistance from the windows dialup key activation people, its possible to transfer an OEM license to a different motherboard
  9. See if you bought a gigabyte board you could just summon the powers of the backup bios. You don't necessarily need to take out the battery, if you have a jumper just put it on the clear CMOS pins. If you don't, just short out the pins with a screwdriver
  10. Maybe an autohotkey script that pastes in a number and adds 1 to a counter every time you do so. Not really fimiliar with ahk but should be a fairly simple task.
  11. Is there an erp setting in the bios? Often its the reset button or USB hub or something like that
  12. Yeah pccg is basically everyone's go to. Although apparently people have had issues with their return services etc. There's also msy who have great prices but pretty terrible customer service
  13. Okay thanks for all your help. Really appreciate it