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  1. I have an adata m.2 drive with a thin xpg heatspteader that I've already attached. My x570 pro prime motherboard has a m.2 heatsink. Both heatsinks together do fit... However do I need to remove the thermal pad plastic covering the mobo heatsink? Will a problem arise because I have the oem adata heatsink up against that plastic and not the thermal interface directly? I didn't want to get the top of the m.2 oem heatsink all sticky if it wasn't necessary.
  2. Yeah I need it for some of the case stuff (old case that I'm re-purposing). Thank you for asking though. And ahh, yeah even though I've been building my own computer since 2008 I never built one with a floppy drive makes sense now. Was thinking about going male sata to molex adapter but I'm just going to use my cable from 860i, I'll never need a second. Thank you so much.
  3. RIght, like I said in my post I think they are compatible after looking at that exact chart. But I want to double check because I don't want to ruin anything.
  4. Ok, I got a CX550M for really cheap used. It doesn't come with all the needed cables. I also have a AX860i that I bought brand new a long time ago, it has all the cables. I need a PATA cable for my CX550M. As far as I am aware the PATA cable for both of these power supples is "Type 3" and that means I can use my PATA cable from my AX860i on my CX550M. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Corsair's PSU compatibility chart makes me think I'm right.. HOWEVER, I don't want to use my PATA cable from my AX860i if I can help it. So thusly I have two questions. My first question, is where can I get these cables besides eBay? A quick look and that was all I saw. Secondly my AXi came with this one male molex to female 4 pin cable. I've seen these cables before and I have NO idea what they are for. They look like a female 4pin PWM cable but they are just similar to that, not exactly like that. They look like they could be some kind of PATA power from the motherboard, I have no idea. I've seen them throughout my life and never knew what they were exactly. Don't even know what to call them. Image below for reference... The two cables closest to the power supply in that picture.
  5. Ryzen 3600X - CPU - Processor MasterLiquid 240 RGB Liquid AIO CPU Cooler Asus ROG STRIX B450-f Gaming - Motherboard - MOBO G.Skill Trident Z RGB DDR4 - RAM 500GB - SSD - Solid State Drive 1TB - HDD Nvidia MSI GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER - GPU - Graphics Card NZXT H510 Tempered Glass - Case - Chassis Corsair TX750w - PSU - Power Supply 2 RGB Fans Or the same build with a 2070 (regular) switched out from a 2080 Super
  6. I did that! My computer came out to 1450 USD, and his 900USD, so I actually thought I was getting a bit better of the deal with 600 extra.
  7. Thanks, appreciate the input!
  8. If this is the wrong subforum please let me know, couldn't find one that fit well. I'm looking to trade my overkill guest computer 3700x 240mm aio Asus Prime X570-P 16gb GSkill Ripjaw V 3000 1TB Team L5 SSD 512GB 660p NVME Zotac 2070 Super AMP Extreme NZXT S340 Elite Case Gamdia Astrape P1 650w 80+ Gold PSU for this computer, plus 600 cash i5-9400 120mm aio asus tuf b360m plus gaming s 16gb of adata xpg z1 2 tb hdd 500gb ssd gigabyte geforce 2060 NZXT H510 and some no name psu I'll probably replace Is that a fair trade for both parties?
  9. Does ANYONE know where I can buy this in USD? I cannot find it anywhere. Or even a reputable place that isn't USD.
  10. And then I remembered he was the reason I even made a Youtube account. Not sure if this belongs in off-topic, but I felt I had to get it out there. Like 9 years ago I e-mailed Linus through Youtube (when I'm sure he wasn't swamped in popularity) and helped me with a big life decision that has changed everything for me. Genuinely an amazing dude. Wishing him the best in whatever choices he makes.
  11. How does this work? Do the devices just pair to the fastest one, is it only on "initial connection"?
  12. Thank you for trying to help me out. I honestly give up. My thought is that the monitor wants to force a resolution that the adapters are not capable of handling. I'm just going to use a crappy old monitor as my second monitor, it pains me.
  13. What do you mean option for the other card? I'm using the same dvi cable that works. Multiple monitor is on. Primary is PCI-e, not igpu. There is no input button, the monitor only has one input. Cant turn it on in either display settings or nvidia panel. For giggles I tried to put my Quadro 2000 in the computer just to see if that would work and have two display adapters... but Windows didn't like that.
  14. Like the cable is giving a hz it doesn't need? I'm not sure what else to try.. I think my best bet is to try getting the iGPU setting in the BIOS to work, but I have it enabled it doesn't work though. Through doing quite a bit of research it seems all these adapter actually can't do more than 1080p and my monitor is 1440p, maybe that could be the reason, but it should still come up as 1080p, and it doesn't. So not sure if that is the cause but it could be. Still doesn't explain why I can't get the motherboard to work. If I go to advanced display settings it does say "Display 2: Digital" but says "Display 2 isn't active".
  15. Monitor works just fine if I switch the 2080 out with my 1070 and use the DVI connection there.